Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Buffy swap, the Third

Jewellery, do you wear any? What would you like/hate to receive? Do you have pierced ears?
I have jewelry and my ears pierced, and I like it, I just forget to wear it. I’m too bulky for very fine things, and I tend to prefer bracelets and things that can serve a function other than decoration.

metal tones, which ones do you prefer?
All, depending on the piece.

I’m from Germany, any special treats you’d like to receive from here?
Nothing with sugar or carbs, please.

What is your greatest fan love apart from Buffy or any Whedon show?
Oh wait, other than Buffy or Whedon… I derby. It has taken over my life. I also love Doctor Who and way too many nerdities that I can’t currently congeal into words.

Anyone have any favorite Japanese candies/goodies??
Not particularly. We have several great oriental markets in town. Again, anything without sugar or carbs. I love trying random things!

Besides stitch markers, what small tools are lacking in your knitting/crochet bag?? Or maybe are you in need of a new project bag, even?
Project bags of all sizes are always appreciated (and normally used instead of a purse). I can’t find my needle gauge, and a pattern keeper could be nice.

Which character in the BTVS series do you most identify with?
Anya, by far. I’ve always been the outsider (and token foreigner) that just doesn’t get the fine nuances to human interaction. I’m far from anti-social, but I always respond -oddly-.

How would you describe your personal style? (not limited to fashion)
Odd works. I don’t really have one style. I’m a tremendous geek, a tree hugging dirty hippy, scientist, compulsive crafter, and I have my gothy moments.

When knitting you an item for your present, is it ok to take something off your favorites or queue? (I know some people use the differently than I do.) Also is there anything (keeping in mind the deadlines for this swap) that you wouldn’t knit for yourself but would love someone else to knit for you? Or something you don’t want others to knit for you?
Faves are just stuff I’ve liked that others have made. Queue is stuff I intend on making Some Day. I try to keep good notes on them, and whether I already have yarn for anything. I don’t currently have any plans to knit anything during the rest of the year, other than two baby presents, the two swaps, and a form fitting sweater with 2” stripes that I’ve had to frog twice already -_-;;

What’s your favorite knitted item to be gifted? Which ones do you have no use for? (For example you live scarves and socks but never ever wear hats or cowls… Something like that)
Hmmm, the only thing I’ve gotten that I don’t really wear is a pair of wool socks. They are a bit big and very warm, so they make my feet swampy. I always get around eventually to using all the scarves and shawls and mitts. I have no use for washcloths. It snows seven months out of the year here, so I love any and all knitwear. I’ve never gotten anything with sleeves! (or arm holes)

What sort of things do you love receiving but maybe don’t often get in swaps?
I love quirky things that show I’ve been properly stalked. Something that is personal and shows my swapper cared enough to do their research. I really hate getting things I specifically (in many locations!) have said I don’t want/can’t use/don’t need, like dust catchers and body products. At least I can force feed candy to guests. Have you read I don’t like baby melting acrylic? Yeah, I’ve mentioned it here or there just a couple of times…

Would you accept a gently used book if it’s on your wishlist?
I would love a gently or less-than-gently used book, even not on my list! I’m a huge dirty hippie/compulsive data collector, so anything that helps me learn something while saving the planet is awesome. This also goes for electronic versions over printouts.

What’s your preferred form of footwear (socks, no socks, flip flops, heels, flats, etc)?
I am barefoot whenever possible, but in the lab I always wear my old, beat up adidas or one of my many pairs of Docs normally with thin cotton socks (again because of the swamping)

What is your absolute favorite part of Halloween?
That it exists! I effin LOVE halloween. I love the autumn chill, and fantastic colors, and the warm snacks/beverages, and cuddling up, and that it is acceptable to think about death without people freaking out I might be suicidal. I also love the imagery of death and (being Mexican) the veneration, celebration and remembrance of those who have past.

Any Buffy related DVDs you’d like to receive?
I have the movie, the Buffy Box and the individual Angel seasons, but I think my Angel season 2 is scratched.

Since this is a Halloween swap, would you prefer something for everyday wear or a more costume like item?
I have dressed up as An Angel Of The Charlie Variety, but would prefer a better pair of striped shorts, and one day I’ll dress up as an easter bunny! But I would also rock anything, from freak to mundane.

Do you have any internet wish lists (knit picks, WEBS, Amazon, etc) that may be helpful for your giver???
My blog is very detailed.

Is there a tiny someone else in your house that would like to get something special?
Nope, I’m greedy.

What are your favorite yarn brands?
I’m a yarn snob. I absolutely HATEHATEHATE acrylic, Noro, and zauberball. I do love, though, indie dyers and home dyed stuff, and have yet to have issues with Knitpicks.

Are you a Disney fan? I’m going to Disneyland this month and might be able to pick up something smallish for a swap (all the halloween stuff should be out)
Yes! I was at Disneyworld for the first halloween parade two years ago and wanted EVERYTHING. Alice In Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars, Muppets… yeah, a bunch of stuff.

Would you rather have candy or a nice piece or arm candy?
Ooo! Arm candy ^_^
Or Band Candy ^_~

Is there a brand or type of yarn you have not tried but would love to? Even if it’s just a little bit…like 20-30 yards?
The yarn with a wire in it?

I might dye some character yarn for you, which is your favourite character and why? Do you identify a specific colour or combination with that character? Or a certain outfit?
Very much Anya. I can’t think of any specific color combination, but anything you can reference or justify works. I love hand dyed yarn! As long as it is mostly solid or has very long repeats -_-;;

Let’s talk about socks… What’s your shoe size, do you have wide or narrow feet? How long do you like the leg of your socks to be? 
UK 42, nothing standard in american. 10” long, normal around, any height, but my calves are monstrously big! (15” around)

How do you feel about candles and homebaked items? 
No candles, please. Baked goods only if they are carb and sugar free.

Do you want or have any Buffy books or comics?
I would not mind finding this in my swap package, at all :D
Or any other books, for that matter. I finally found I have the first 3 books of S8!

When you are saying you have the 1st season 8 book or the 2nd etc. do you mean the actual comic or the collected trade paper back?
I have the first three TPB.

Also for those interested in receiving comics, would you prefer a TPB or a single issue? oh! And if I happen to be able to get an artist or writer to sign it at the con (I’ll have to check who will be there-- not Whedon for sure) would you want that even if it wasn’t in the particular story arc or a TPB.
TPBs are better, since they are less flimsy, and autographs would be pretty cool.
would you want that even if it wasn’t in the particular story arc or a TPB.

Do you have favorite Halloween non-candy items?
ALL OF THEM. I really love halloween. I love dressing up, but I also just love morbid thematics in everything.

Is anyone else trying something new for halloween or would like something you would like to try but can’t get or don’t have the time to do?
Not that I can think of.

If you were to be gifted a project bag, what’s the best size for your average project?
Most of my bags are about 8x8x10 and I end up adopting them as full fledged purses. This works well for me, but I love all kinds of bags! I just got a HUGE project bag in the Star Wars swap that I can’t wait to have a huge project to stick in it ^_^

What’s your favorite fall flavor?
Caramel Apple Everything!

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