Sunday, April 8, 2018

Happy 2 Year Housiversary!

In true form, I have been over committing myself all year to do a bunch of stuff I barely had time to do, including derby, SCA, the house, and maybe even my job.  Over Winter Break, we tore down the wall between the middle room and the upstairs hall and put up drywall and five power outlets and painted it Shark Fin and Dark Currant. We also installed the same floor as in the back room, and it has been quite pleasant as Dave's office.  And, because why not, we found live knob and tube in the floorboards that ran the fans downstairs.

We spent New Years with friends, only to come home to a frozen water meter.  This prompted the next project: replumbing the house.  Over Spring Break we bought a new water heater and Dave replumbed everything with PEX.  It is quite nice to have an all inclusive manifold that can turn off every individual output in the house.

Over the summer, I am supposed to rewrite the book for EMCH 316.  Hopefully I can also finish off the hall-side of that wall >.> and the rest of the flooring upstairs.  The only things that will be missing then will be putting in useful shelves in the bathroom and a couple of lights that were disconnected from the knob-and-tube.
Oh! I'm supposed to be getting a new roof in four weeks, if the contractor gets his shit together.