Monday, April 22, 2019

Viking (and Cranach)

 Yesterday was Easter, but the previous two weekends I went to SCA events.  The first one was Coronation and Anna Leigh's Strawberry Party, for which I made a Viking apron dress.  I lucked out and got the pink wool from Cassie because it was too scratchy for her, and it matched Ye Olde Bliaut I've been working on for five year enough to use it as an under dress.  I used the beads I strung for my Valhalla Back Girl costume from Rollercon last year and the ones I made myself about three Pennsics ago? Unfortunately that string broke at the Strawberry Pizza Party and I had to restring them for Ice Dragon, but Vera Fischer was amazing and gave me three new beads!  I also got a fantastic shot glass from Honnoria Thescorre (Gayle A. Erwin) with a mermaid and boobies ^_^ that is now hanging on a chatelaine. 

Because I am super vain and don't particularly care for Viking attire, I completely cheated.  Yes, they would have used pleating to store up excess fabric that can be let out when pregnant, and I used it to hide in princess seams.  They look straight up and down, but the secret is in how you tuck the fabric inside the pleat.  

I also wove trim!  Simple tablet chevrons.  I learned a lot about decisions I need to make before starting a new weaving project and I want to teach it at War Practice.  I need to get my shit together -_____-  But I'm glad that this all came together in just one week.  I'm impressed!

I also finally managed to wear my Cranach for Coronation!  And I forgot to pack the padded bra it was sized with.  It looked ok, but I have so many ideas of things I want to improve.  Of course.


Yesterday was easter, and I planned to take a cheat day for the past six weeks for a pierogie party.  First it was only going to be sunday, but Dave woke up and heated up sausages and grilled pineapple, so, welp.  I realized A LOT of things that made me feel gross and just not worth it.

- GF GS cookies - too sweet

- home made peanut butter eggs - meh, again too sweet
- candy - why bother?  There are great SF versions I can eat a piece a day
- cupcakes - never that fond of them, just tasted boring
- HFCS rootbeer - for as much as I love SF Barqs, the regular stuff left me nonplussed.

Mostly, what made me feel gross was the drive sugar produced in me to eat everything in sight.  So while maybe one cookie would have been ok, I had to rip myself away half a sleeve in.  I also found that I needed salt in everything, and that unsalted sweet things just didn't appeal to me, but that's pretty standard for me.  Unsalted butter is for animals.

 - Pierogies - duh.
 - Chinese Wok
 - Pizza - yes, even bad pizza is better than no pizza
 - Bailey's
 - Cake batter - really good when mixed with vodka >.>
 - Peanuts and chips - aaaaaalllll of the chiiiiips is not the right answer
 - Krupnic - again, in sips, not half a glass
 - Ice cream - I can probably be more discriminate with this
 - Beer - I nursed a Winter Warmer for two days.  It was odd. It might be different with other kinds.
 - Jello - So. Many. Shots.

The things I did like were also impossible to put down, and I definitely felt worse and worse the more I ate them.  I don't know if this is more caused by the caloric restriction or the keto.  The next scheduled day off I have is in four weeks and will be War Practice, at which I have been invited to the Brewer's Guild Party. I plan on eating whatever I want, just forcing me to not snack or binge.

These last two times I've gone off keto I've jumped from 159-170-161-170.  It takes me about four days to get back to the bottom weight, and even then I didn't get all the way back to pre-binge.  I think I'm plateauing at 160 and definitely need to amp up the exercise.  Luckily I'm on Review Week and I get time back to myself soon!