Friday, October 28, 2011

Winter Madness Swap

Yeah, I know. I haven't even started on the TARDIS swap yet, but I've got ideas!

meglw2008 > TARDIS September 2011 > Pinksonia
Big Damn Heroes September 2011 - Aranov
JustAKnitWit > Buffy August 2011 > maureenbr
meredithparker > Steampunk June 2011 > Caitinc

henchwench > Hennson April 2011 > Melinda77520
Sparkleshan > DotD September 2010 > JoanC2
Lalsox > zombie 2010 > therowantree
divamaglia > Buffy August 2010 > Saberpirate

Ocean angel July 2010 > lycanthropica
ladyval75 > Firefly May 2010 > drewbird
heathen13 > DHSAB May 2010 > swamps42
Twilight April 2010 - xmasangel69

Neighbors: cephalogal, isilzha
Friends IRL: nanonukie, snowpony, scarletampersand

Favorite Color(s): blood red
Favourite Colour Combination(s): red+olive, jewel tones, or autumn colors
Favorite Snack(s)/ Beverage(s): I’m on a no-carb diet, so it gets kind of difficult to snack.
Do you knit, crochet, spin, etc? YES.
Favourite (and not-so-favourite) fiber(s): Anything natural with a maximum of 25% acrylic. I can’t stand acrylic in anything other than amis. Preferably in a lace-to-worsted weight. I also have no clue what to do with art yarn, and cannot find the appeal for Noro.
Favorite type of project? Anything that is a challenge. I like texture/structure work rather than color work, and use mainly solidish colored yarns.
Do you have any allergies? Scented things, like candles and commercial body products.
Do you have any pets? Monster of a cat.
Do you have a post in the “wish list” thread? 249
What holiday do you celebrate? I don’t celebrate anything, but I offer moral support to my roommate with his family travels. Christmas, if anything, but my family has a history of making plans without me.
Do you collect any holiday motif? Does Dia de los Muertos count? Yeah, not really.


How do we feel about paper vs. PDF patterns? I technically prefer PDF, since I don’t print them until I’m actually going to use them, and then I’ll lose them and need to print them again. Books and other print media, though, are quite cool.

What type of project bag do you like the best? (Zippered, drawstring, box bag, etc.) I have never found a project bag I didn’t like. I have SO MANY UFOs that they just sit in their own bags, ready to be picked up at any moment.

Square, Circle, Triangle, Octagon, or Rectangle? Every shape has its place. I’m an equal opportunity shaper.

Straights, DPNs, or Circulars? Never straights. Small projects on DPNs, anything larger on circulars. I have both AddiClick and KnitPicks interchangable sets, but I’m growing fond of fixed circs. Either way, always metal!

Magic Loop, DPN, or Two circs? Magic Loop always gives me ladders, and two circs gets tedious when redrawing the cord. I love just one circ, or DPNs if I can pull them off.

What material do you like for your needles/hooks? METAL. I am far from dainty.

What style of stitch markers do you prefer? Flexible wire, hard metal ring, rubber ring, etc? Earring hook, lobster clasp, etc? I have love for all stitch markers. Flexible wire are nice because they are the most inconspicuous. As long as all the ends are well tucked in and snag free, I’m fine.

What knit/crochet/spinning notions have you been secretly lusting after but probably wouldn’t buy yourself? Ooo… hmmm… I don’t know; I’m pretty impulsive.

Stollen? Do you know what it is? Do you love it, hate it, want to try it? Aw man, that sounds amazing, but I’m on a no-carb sugar-free diet :/

Do you have a yarn winder already? Nope.

Do you want your project yarn wound, or would you prefer it left in a hank if it comes that way? As is. I usually borrow my friend’s winder and she borrows my swift.

Mulled Wine or Egg Nog? Cider!

What level of knitter/crocheter are you? Jump first, ask never. Highly experimental. As long as I can find a description of how to do the individual steps, I’m fine.

Nostepinne? Niddy Noddy? Yarn gauge (wpi)? Needle gauge? I could use a niddy noddy.

Do you have any unique holiday traditions? Just for New Years, but everybody in this country looks at me like I have seven heads.

When do you (if you do) start decorating for the holidays? What kinds of things are a must as far as decorations go? Never. The cat eats EVERYTHING that isn’t bolted down.

Would you like to receive recipes for Christmas cookies or traditional holiday food from your spoiler? Even though I can’t eat them, I love making them for other people! I have a huge book of cookies, but I love anything that is traditional or local.

What’s the best holiday present you got as a kid? Tied between Barbie’s Rock Stage and ice cream Parlor (with ice cream making machine!)

For recipes - can you handle weight measurements? Metric? Cups? I are engineer. Me math good.

Aside from the winter holidays, what do you love about winter? I’m not much of a winter person. I come from a tropical climate, so snow is still odd to me. Probably the food. I love turkey and ham!

Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker? Or do you swing both ways? What kind(s) do you prefer? I’ll drink them, but I’m not a -drinker- per se. I stay away from black tea and highly favor herbals. As far as coffee, anything that has some rich and creamy flavoring, like caramel or nuts.

What is one seasonal treat that you rarely if ever allow yourself (foodstuff/dessert/beverage)? Meh? I don’t really hold back. Or at least I didn’t until three months ago when I started this diet.

How do you feel about mohair? See post #1537 for more details. I, um, don’t have a preference? I liked knitting with lambspride, and snowpony just gave me a basketball sized loop of something burnt red and fluffy which I plan on making into a sweater. I guess I like it, but haven’t had a reason to actively seek it out.

I’ve been making a lot of jams. Do you like jam and jelly? (I’m making more so this list could change). Which do you prefer: apple butter, plum jam, fruit-hot pepper jelly or watermelon rind preserves? (or a surprise!) Ooo, fuit-hot pepper!

When knitting accessories for yourself, what kind of style fits you best - are you a girly, girl? classic styles? Tom boy? Other ideas? I'm a chameleon. I'm mostly a tomboy, and I'm big on classic, but sometimes you just have to go all out and be as girly as humanly possible!

Is there anyone/something else living with you, the we need to take into consideration when sending your package? For example - please entertain, choose one/all - the kids, dog, cat, pet, husband/wife, significant other while I am opening my package with catnip toy, doggy treats, husband/wife/kids - suggest something? Nope. Swap packages are all for me!

Have you any interest in/ use for those super short circs, you know, those 9” ones? Never tried them, so maybe? Perhaps as a pair?

Hand Lotions: good, bad, indifferent? scented or not scented? If scented, what scents do you prefer? Floral, Foodie (ie. vanilla, peppermint), musky (sandalwood, etc)? Unless you made it yourself from petroleum-free ingredients, no thank you. I'm a dirty hippy and I don't use commercial bath products. I'm also very touchy with scents, but more because of their intensity than their contents. I prefer fresher floral/fruit/sweet scents, and honeysuckle is my favorite!

Candles: yes, no? Same scent question as above. No thank you, I have a cat.

What top 3 patterns would you like to receive? Hrm, not sure?

Are you in with the craze that is the bee keepers quilt or hexi puffing or any other remnant project? If yes would you like mini skeins of items? No, but if you have leftovers, I can always find something to use them for.

Big Damn Heroes swap

I got my package from Aranov!!! I was very happy when I got home yesterday to find a soaking wet box, which luckily kept everything inside of it dry.

I got two balls of Serenity Yarns in Yo-Saf-Bridge, which is totally closer to Kaylee’s parasol!
A pair of fingerless mitts in a cotton yarn that are really interesting, with ties up the side.
A tin with my favorite rebel-turned-smuggler instead of the smuggler-turned-rebel,
And a super awesome olive green bag with Kaylee’s bear patch, geisha lining and safety belt strap. I wore it last night to No Refund Theater's presentation of Little Shop Of Horrors and my friends loved it.

This was a non-secret swap, which was kind of difficult! How can you stalk someone and ask questions, if they know you're asking directly of them? In the end, I used a friend of hers that was also in the swap as my mole. I sent her:

A very cunning shrug, two dinosaurs, chocolate and some Shimmer.