Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Orange eyes, take two

After that last failed attempt at getting color on my eyes, I hit the internuts and ordered a bunch of crap from china. And I love it!  The seller was named hittime_hk, but charged under the name Buyincoins, which runs a bunch of chinese ebay sellers.  I got a 168 color eye pallet, 12 nail brushes (which did a fabulous job at lining my eyes), and a 12 piece glitter mineral eyeshadow pot set.

So first I tried out the pots for the play, and they were really nice.  I put a cobalt blue on my lids and purple above the crease, with some ivory highlight.  It was really nice and bright and showed up well for the play.

Today I went all out for work and pulled out the pallet and the brushes.   I used column 7, row 9 wet to line the top of my eyes, 5:1 for the bottom, 6:8 the inner corners, 7:1 dry lids, and 6:9 dry above crease.  The colors pop really nice!

I took the first pictures with my camera and the last with my phone.  You can kind of get the gist.  The best thing, other than them being visible, is that they don't irritate my eyes, so I barely notice I have anything on.

A++, would buy again.