Thursday, May 26, 2016

This is why you never leave me unsupervised.

No, like seriously.  Don't leave me unattended or I pop the bubble in the old paint and try to remove all the flaking wallpaper.

And then the old and ruined plaster crumbles off and I have a 12x8" hole.

And then I end up at Home Depot ten minutes before they close with a five gallon bucket of plaster.

A few layers and a week later, it fills in nice.  Meanwhile, I find another mass of loose wallpaper near the door and obviously pick at it.

The archaeological dig is fascinating!

Eventually I manage to get paint on the actual walls.

And stain the wood for the trim.  I am beyond happy with how this looks.

Three layers of paint later, I try to hand the wainscotting.  Welp, metal nails don't want to go in through the plaster, and the walls aren't flat enough for Liquid Nails to make enough contact.

That is a full tube of glue.  I ended up taping it to the wall and maybe the top left third ended attaching.  Will the next pieces manage to stick up?  Who knows!  But I haven't burned the house down yet.  I just want something that will survive 3-5 years while I restore some of my savings and redo the kitchen (which takes much higher priority).

Oh, the flooring has finally started!

Sunday, May 8, 2016


I bought a house exactly a month ago.  As I understand, it is a Queen Anne Vernacular style of Victorian house built in 1890.  It has fantastic spaces and enormous potential, and it is going to take me forever to fix it in true Victorian form -_-; And, as a wonderful coincidence, my friend Yana lived in it growing up, as it belonged to her grand mother and then her aunt. I really hope to get all of the information about it from her soon, including old pictures.

The attic window look out over Talleyrand Park directly at the Bellefonte court house.

The first main project we are tackling is the floor.  Paraphrasing Les Luthiers: Por que la gallinita dijo parquet?  POR QUE?!?  The parquet has been around longer than Yana's family can remember, and was stuck down with way too much tar. While yes, I have more experience that one person could ever need in removing bituminous materials, this is way too much to dissolve.  Luckily, it is so old and vitrified that I've been able to chisel some of it off where needed.  Dave and I plan on leveling it out as much as possible before laying a floating laminate to get us through the first several years until I can recover from the purchase and install a substantial hard wood floor.

Unfortunately, there may be a bit of a Pandora's Box in the walls.  A) the electricity is overlaid and may or may not be grounded.  This isn't a total problem since it is easy to rip it out and wire it correctly.  And I'm ok with it being superficial since that will allow me to put in as many outlets as my little black heart desires.  B) There are a couple of dodgy spots in the plaster.  There is this one specific patch behind a kickboard that is a good 1/4" thicker than the surrounding wall and is starting to crumble.  On the wall opposite of this patch was a radiator that missed a significant number of paint layers over the decades and also looks questionable.  The closet they installed in the corner is built around the previously existing kickboard, and half a sheet of the same bead board is installed opposite of it next to the front door of the room. We are considering continuing the bead board in a chair rail around the rest of the room in order to hold the walls in for a few years until we have enough money to go whole hog on each individual room.  Yes, I know this is a dangerous proposition and that most people forget and never come back to do it right, but I really need to get this floor serviceable so we can finish moving in.

There are things that must be done, things that need to be done, things that can be done, and things I want to do.  Budgeting for all of these is going to be a bitch, especially when all of these can be done for right now so we can use the space, well and can last a long time, and mega super upgraded for ever.   nnnnng

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I did the thing! But she'll probably score the points.

A girl recently transferred to SCAR from California and decided to change her skate name to Zombabe.  I told her she should totally paint her helmet into a brain, but apparently people charge a shitload to do this, and she claimed she didn't have the skill to do it herself.  So I jumped in head first.

1) First, I cleaned off the helmet with alcohol. Simple enough.
2) I traced some pencil lines where I wanted the folds to go, and then filled it in with paint markers.  I didn't particularly like how this looked, but I figured it would adhere pretty well to the helmet and give a good base layer.

3) Clearcoat
4) Clearcoat
5) Clearcoat

6) The easiest thing for me to use was acrylic paint.  It comes in all colors, and it is pretty stable once it dries.  I had to do about three layers overall to get full coverage and good detail.

7) Clearcoat
8) Clearcoat
9) Did I mention Clearcoat?  I even did a light layer after the first acrylic layer.  I want this paint job to survive being banged up in a gear bag.

10) I wanted to add a sblechy red jelly feel to it between the folds, so I caked on red glitter glue.  Again, it took a few layers to build up well, and I probably did a couple of clearcoats in between, for good measure.

11) I added the green shading with a translucent acrylic made for stained glass.  I'm not too thrilled that there wasn't black in my set, so the green came out pretty neon.  But it looked pretty cool all in all.  With probably eight more clearcoats.

12)  In the end, she added name stickers.  I think they fit well.

I did not add a penis.  I have no idea what you are talking about!  Get your mind out of the gutter.

 The vulva is totally legit.

Also, the clearcoat is just Rust-oleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover Gloss in Clear.  Maybe less than half a can?  And the beauty is that each coat didn't have to be perfect, since I put so many on in the end.  Just give it about 20 minutes between each coat.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Adventures in Protein Balls

Dan goes through a shittone of Quest bars and one day discovered that they make an unflavored protein powder that is stable for baking. Being as how I fucking hate how sweet every motherfucking bar is, I figured this would be a fabulous thing to try out.  As a first impression, the Quest whey powder is atrocious by itself in shake form. Mixed up, though, it isn't half bad.

So first, Dan dissolved about 60 g inulin powder in hot water until getting a saturated syrup. He then mixed in 2 oz of Quest powder, 3 oz of milked almond pulp*, and 1 tbsp of dark cocoa powder. Mix well and divide into 12 balls, 1 tbsp each.

Per ball:
5 g inulin - 20 cals, 0 fat, 5g carbs (5g dietary fiber), 0 protein
1/3oz Quest powder - 33 cals, 0 fat, 0.3g carb, 8g protein
1/2oz almond pulp - 10 cal, 1g fat, 0.5g carb (0.28g fiber), 0.5g protein
1/12 tbsp cocoa powder - 0.8 cals, 0.4g fat, 0.25g carb (1/6g fiber), 1/12g protein

Total per ball -  61.8 cals, 1.4g fat, 6 carbs (5.5 fiber), 8.6g protein
Three balls (45g) - 185.4 cals, 4.2g fat, 18g carbs (16.5 fiber), 25.8g protein
Cookie dough Quest Bar (60g) - 190 cals, 9g fat, 20g carb (14g fiber (2g erithritol), >1g sugar), 21g protein

Well, the balls aren't OMG AWESOME, but they are definitely a fantastic first shot in the dark.  The next iteration will have more inulin, since these were a bit bland in the flavor department, and probably some form of nut butter to add flavor. I also want to add more almond pulp since it really doesn't offer many calories but does add volume.  Yay first try!

*The almond pulp was the solids leftover from when I made almond milk. Apparently all of the nutritional values are taken in the milk.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another season, another weight panic.

Time and time again, I get to a point where I feel fat and inconvenienced by my size/weight.  Two weeks ago I had quite an atrocious practice that lead me to the gym in a frustrated determination to run a mile.  Just out of the blue, I ran.  Since then, I have been avoiding alcohol and logging my intake.  I even bought a vívofit to track my movement (and lack of sleep) which unfortunately I can't fully exploit because I have a Chromebook.  Maybe some day.  In the meantime, here are my measurements, compared to feb 12, 2013 (the last full log I have) and jan 23, 2015 for the basic MFP stuff.

Weight 181.2 lbs (down from 184.6 the monday two weeks ago that I got triggered)
Chest 38" > > 40.5"
Arms 10.75" > > 11.75"
Hips 36" > 40" > 41"
Waist  > 37.5" > 41.5"
Natural Waist 32.5" > 32" > 35.25"
Thighs 20.75" > > 21.125"
Calves 15.75" > 16" > 16.125"
Forearms  9" > > 10.25"
Shoulders 42" > > 43.5"
Neck 13.5" > > 14"

Oh yeah, I got cast as the Narrator in Rocky Horror Show.  I have 3.3 months left to do something about this.  I guess it isn't as atrocious as if I had been cast anybody else.  They don't specifically expect the Narrator to prance around in underwear.  I also really just want to get my balance back when I skate -_-;;

So, I'm counting calories and logging food (Dan claims he'll help me recalculate BMR), skating mon/wed, playing pick up soccer on tuesdays, and trying to do as much gym/skate/jog/ingress on the other four days.  And I've been drinking water like it is going out of style.  Mio and Lippton drops are like crack.