Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Red Beet Eggs, Kelda Edition


2 cans 15oz sliced beets, saving the juices
1/2 cup dried onion
1 tsp red pepper flakes
1 tsp ground black pepper
1 tsp whole cloves (about 30)
1 tsp salt
33 eggs
2-3 cups water
2 cups apple cider vinegar

  • Boil and peel 3 dozen eggs. Donate three eggs to science!  Or have them explode in the pot, because one always commits sepuku.
  • Combine the juice from the beets and all the spices and bring to a simmer.  Let sit until onions are reconstituted.
  • Alternate layers of sliced beets, eggs, and onions in a gallon pickle jar, trying to get a decent distribution.
  • Pour remaining onion mixture, water, and vinegar into jar.  Add some water if you need to reach the shoulder.  Flip lightly a few times to get the liquids mixed in.
  • Place in a pot of water (on a stand so the jar doesn't touch the bottom) and heat up until egg mixture is almost boiling, with the lid OFF.  Once hot, remove from heat and replace the lid, let cool at room temperature.  This will help create a vacuum seal once it cools down, after which you can store in the pantry or fridge. 


What, the recipe at the beginning?  BURN THE WITCH!

Yeah, it pisses me off when I can't find how to make something until scrolling through seventy three pages of memories and pictures.  I can just add them at the end.

Like I recently posted, I've been getting back into the SCA quite a bit and will be feastocrating a vigil this Pennsic for my friend Kelda.  I saw her at Crown Tourney three weeks ago and was complaining that I had hardboiled 90 eggs and very few were eaten at the event because it was so freakishly hot for early May, so I was thinking about pickling them.  Luckily, she said she loves pickled eggs, so now I've made five dozen for her this week!  The last three dozen are in that beet jar, and the first couple went into Pickled Ramp juice that I got from Astrid at Aethelmeark War Practice a couple of weeks ago.  She said she mostly followed this recipe and they were beyond amazing!  Should do a good job with eggs, too.

After complaining to a coworker about peeling them, he suggested I steam the eggs (I normally bake them when in large quantities) and then tumble them in the bowl after they are cold to lightly "bruise the shells".  This apparently makes even the freshest eggs come off very easily.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019


So what do you do when you get guilted into participating in a brewing competition and only have four days?  You make a cordial! Limoncello isn't completely "period", but there's enough speculation around it not-not being period.


10 lemons
1 naval orange
1 blood orange
1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1 cup water
750ml vodka

  • Strip all of the citrus of their gorgeous skins, avoiding as much pith as possible.
  • Macerate the peels with enough sugar to extract a lot of the oils through abrasion.
  • Transfer sugared peels to a sealed container that can be closed and rubbed, like a ziplock freezer bag, along with half a cup of water and half a cup of vodka, and place in hot-but-not-boiling water for a few hours to coax more oils to release.  I used a closed steamer basket to keep the bag from touching the bottom of the pot.
  • Let sit in a dark place for a couple of days (or as long as possible) to continue extracting.
  • Throw the mixture into a blender for further maceration.
  • Extract all the liquid from the peels by passing through a sieve and then a fabric filter (like a clean bar towel or cheese cloth).
  • Throw the peel solids in the blender with enough water and/or vodka and extract three more times.  Between each iteration, taste to see which of the three is necessary.  Later extractions will get mellower, sweeter, and less tart.
  • Once you have enough liquid and are pleased with the flavor profile, make sure you have filtered as much of the solids. I didn't manage to get it to go through a coffee filter because of the combination of oils and water surface tension.

I had a blast participating at the Brewer's Competition at AE War Practice XXX, despite having no idea of what I was getting myself into.  I've had experience in the past with making a simple strawberry cordial and krupnik, but they take at least a couple of weeks to get a proper extraction.  This one only took three days in a cupboard and a couple of hours the first and last days for peeling and filtering.

It went well; I won the cordial competition!  Mostly because I was the only entry, but I got very good reviews despite that.  I got a little medallion from Anna Leigh at court and a sweet bar rag that I plan on embroidering with the event name.

Oddly enough, I never blogged about the Strawberry Ghosts (Pennsic 2014) or the Mexican Krupnik (Pennsic 2017) that were also very well received.

Strawberry Ghosts were pretty fantastic!  I put a pound of frozen strawberries in a container covered with vodka and left them in a closet for four weeks.  Eventually I was left with the souls of the strawberries in a beautiful liquid to which I added I think a cup of simple syrup and called it a day.  The leftover strawberry corpses were just little bursts of vodka that were very entertaining to eat.

The krupnik was for a competition at Caledonia that I also happened to win.  To the best of my knowledge, I stewed a pound of honey with cacao nibs, chili peppers, and dried mangos, and ultimately mixed it with Luksusowa potato vodka.  I got a nifty sipping crown out of it and I need to organize this year's competition (because I completely forgot to do it last year >.>)

Oh yeah!  Almost forgot.  I also volunteered to help run the Boozy Food division at next year's War Practice...

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

100 Days of SCA lite

A bunch of friends do A&S challenges, but as much as I love crafting, I also love service.  So after having taken an LOA from derby for the month of May, I realized I had done something SCAdianish every single day.  Here are some of the smaller things and a calendar I will be updating as I go.
  1.  Done on April 30 instead of May 1st because I had to give out my final exam. 
    • Started to plan a Spanish Trenzado coif.
  2. Researched bobbin lace patterns.
  3. Pulled out my pillow (purchased and last used in 2008 >.> ) and made my first foot of lace!

  4. Saturday, went to Queen's Rapier Championship
    • Did some kamikaze calligraphy over someone else's art.  Not my best work, but I blame it on not having my own equipment and having to cram too many words in a very small space with a failing marker.

  5. Found out that the hat I want to make follows the pattern for a St Birgitta Coif.
  6. Found patterns and fabric for the coif.
  7. Went to the Spinners Guild meeting and talked with some weavers about the AEWP class I was planning. 
    • Hunted down tubers for soups for sideboard.
  8. Pinterest hole researching bobbin lace.  
    • Found sources for weaving silk.
  9. Nithgaard business meeting
    • Sliced up All The Tubers.
  10. CLEANED.  
    • Hardboiled 90 eggs for Crown Tourney. 
    • Worked on blanket stitching the edge of the braid case.
  11. Crown Tourney, worked kitchen and setup, shenanigans.
  12. Peeled and steeped lemons for Limoncello. 
  13. Drafted Venetian bodice from saturday's fitting, realized I missed a couple of points >:[
  14. Bought some embroidery books at the PSU book sale
    • Went to Joanne's for bobbin lace thread.
  15. Got 10 books out of the library to use in my weaving class. 
    • Decanted and refilled limoncello peels.
  16. Nithgaard A&S meeting.  
    • Drafted up my weaving class while Andreas taught calligraphy. 
    • Finished up limoncello and balanced the flavors.
  17. Went to Æ War Practice!  
    • Taught my first class "Whatcha' Wanna Weave?".
    • Participated in the Brewer's Competition, won the Cordial category (only participant), got good reviews.  Volunteered to start the Boozy Food category.
    • Was the Resident Scribe and found supplies for Maddoc to sign in an apprentice.
  18. Worked the Scribal breakfast.
    • Carved my first soap stone medallion! Thoroughly enjoyed Shea's class and giving him just enough hell for a new teacher to learn. 
    • Went to the Brewer's mead tasting class and learned how to give an evaluation.
    • Got great tokens at Court for teaching and winning the competition, and a nifty bar towel that I want to embroider the event on for participating.
    • Found amazing pickling recipe!
    • Made contacts with a pig farmer.
  19. Worked the Scribal breakfast, again.
    • Caught people to measure for dresses.
  20. Made AEWP recap post.
    • Researched linen for dresses.
    • Made a list of all the projects I need to complete for Pennsic -____-
  21. Started making scroll cases from leftover breakfast bread boxes.
  22. Bought and washed linen for two kitchen dresses and two chemises.
  23. Cut cardboard for 8 scroll cases.
  24. Test out camping equipment for Pennsic.
  25. Bought fiber for project
  26. SCAdian family party.
  27. Spent way too much money I don't have on stuff I will probably only ever use for Pennsic (got a roof rack!), dried out the tent.
  28. Beet pickled motherfucking three dozen eggs.
  30. Get 50 cigar boxes for scribal retreat.
  31. Sew scroll cases.
  32. (June 1) Scribal retreatMacclesfield Psalter Pg 161

  33. (2) Scribal retreat Part 2: Macclesfield Psalter Pg 170
  34. (3) Put away everything from the past three weekends, start coordinating feast
  35. (4) Ball up weaving silk
  36. (5) Emotional Support Drea, talk through summer plans
  37. (6) Nithgaard meeting, continue balling up silk
  38. (7) Make a bliaut
  39. (8) Scarlet Guard Inn
    Image may contain: 2 people, including Cassie Konkle, people smiling, people standing, child, outdoor and nature
  40. (9) Go to Pittsburgh Pride, scare Heavy fighters
  41. (10) Make SCA resume
  42. (11) Warp and start weaving
  43. (12) Weave
  44. (13) Nithgaard meeting, weave
  45. (14) Didn't want to tame my hair, so I made a Birgitta coif and inset the first bobbin lace.
  46. (15) Æthelmearc Æcademy 
  47. (16) Beer Pickled Eggs
  48. (17) Weave
  49. (18) Finish weaving!
  50. (19) Research "Ancient Deviled Eggs" and krupnik
  51. (20) Meeting with Italian White Vine class! Start Om krupnik.
  52. (21) Try to sell helmets
  53. (22) Read about wild fermentation
  54. (23) Read about Basque names, order library book
  55. (24) Hood class outline
  56. (25) Hibiscus mango krupnik, name research, print old handouts
  57. (26) Coffee krupnik, Vigil organizing
  58. (27) Spicy pickled eggs
  59. (28) Make new shirt for Dave
  60. (29) Kingdom For My Horse (so much fun!)
  61. (30) 
  62. (July 1) Buy way too much linen
  63. (2) Cut out Helga Ball dress
  64. (3) Sew together Helga Ball dress
  65. (4) Hand finish seams
  66. (5) Pack for PAX, fit dress
  67. (6) PAX Interruptus, retaining
  68. (7) Add gusset to Helga Ball dress, hunt down pizzelle press
  69. (8) Jump on Jen's elevation dress
  70. (9) Meet with Jen for fitting
  71. (10) Orangello, dress bodice lining
  72. (11) Honey Anise eggs, dress kickplate, Nithgaard potluck
  73. (12) Bog Three Day, kitchen prep
  74. (13) Bog Three Day, kitchen and retaining
  75. (14) Venetian bodice
  76. (15) Soy eggs, bodice
  77. (16) Blueberry cordial, bodice
  78. (17) Bodice
  79. (18) Chipotle honey mango eggs, bodice
  80. (19) National Museum of Art: 16c research
  81. (20) Drive back from DC, post pictures
  82. (21) Line bodice
  83. (22) Line bodice
  84. (23) Finish lining bodice
  85. (24) Sleeve panels, viking underdress
  86. (25) Decant boozes, Sleeve panels, viking underdress
  87. (26) Class handout, Sleeve panels, viking underdress
  88. (27) Tiki!viking dress and underdress
  89. (28) Last viking under dress, and PENNSIC!
  90. (29) Æthelmeark hospitality
  91. (30) Get weighted loom form Hrolfr, start new set of garters.
  92. (31) Take classes (Aztec Illumination)
  93. (August 1) continue weaving
  94. (2) Morning Troll, airport
  95. (3) Archery, Process at Opening Ceremonies with BMDL, man radios at the Watch
  96. (4) Finish apron dress, stamp cabbages on 28 aprons, HOLY SHIT SERVE VIGIL
  97. (5) Finish weaving garters, stage makeup for Comedia
  98. (6) Retain for TRH at Great Court
  99. (7) Teach class, Cartridge pleat Venetian, serve Seven Pearls dinner
  100. (8) Attach skirt to bodice, party like a Roman
  101. (9) Tear down Æthelmeark Royal, host krupnic "competition"
  102. (10) Close up camp and drive home.
  103. (11) Three loads of laundry, two of dishes, put bulk items away
Plus so many things I forgot at Pennsic. I took Owen's whitework illumination class, Nicola's died parchment class, Aztec illumination and costuming, and German hats!  It was exhausting, amazing, and probably going to continue.