Monday, January 12, 2015

Curiously shaped purse

I had a last minute invite to an SCA event this saturday and only had one day to make something.  A 16th century dress was out of the question, mostly because I hadn't yet settled on what I wanted.  I have way too many dreams!  But something is starting to congeal >:}

So, instead, I made a... pouch.  In my studies I found a reference to three extant "lute shaped" purses.

Apparently some Italian decided that they wanted to hang a dick off their belt.  Who wouldn't?

I loosely followed the wonderful Morgan Donner's plans and made my own in about four hours.  I started with the cardboard from a 24 pack of Monsters and cut it into four full shapes (a six pack each) and three... girth expanders.

I glued all the layers together and covered them with a fake suede scrap I had in the bin.

As for the pouch, I measured the circumference of the... sac... and used it as the diameter of the semi-circle.  Finished it with a simple rolled hem.

I used a lot of glue and a lot of pins to stick a bias strip of fabric all around the edge.  The double thickness helped cover some of the glue stains.

I finished it off with golden beads along the edge and a finger braided cord.  

It went through the pleated sack and then pierced through the cardboard to tie in front.

Shit wasn't going all too awesome and I ran out of time to attach an appropriate pearl strap.

I learned a lot from this prototype.  First of all, it is necessary to embroider and bead the fabric before attaching it to the body.  Second, it is a bitch to sew through dried glue.  Lots of dried glue.  Penis Purse v. 2.0 will be made of black velvet (to match the gorgeous dress I am planning!), heavily decorated, and with some batting or padding.  The hard cardboard looks too uninviting.  Oh, and definitely needs the acorn tip.

Victorian Christmas 2014

It is fantastic to be able to dress up in fun clothes, get drunk, and harass Santa.  

This year I made Victorian skirt from scratch.


One of the best parts was the pocket I put in to the bumroll that may or may not fit a flask.

At the end of the night, I had to gird my loins to leave.

Eventually I'll get a good picture of the skirt and add it to this post.