Friday, December 26, 2014

Deep fried alcoholic cake balls

There's this recipe going around Pinterest where people take angel food cake and cut it into cubes, then soak them in tequila and deepfry them.  Well, it works!  And it is dead simple and pretty fool proof.

1 box mixed up cake mix
1 cup coordinating booze
2" frying oil

I got a Baby Cakes Cake Ball Maker a few years ago that I never use that came in very handy!  I mixed a box of Duncan Hines Devils Food Cake and mixed according to the instructions, then spooned in to the ball maker.

Once cooked, the balls were soaked in amaretto or Captain Morgan, or both, and toss in a tall pot with 2" of hot peanut oil that was left over from the turkey.

Fry until crispy!

Let drip and cool, and then devour.