Monday, December 12, 2016

Tailcoat V2.0

Despite all the shit that I have experienced this year, I have still been excitedly looking forward to Victorian Christmas. Especially now that I live in Bellefonte! I haven't really made anything for myself, but I was tasked in making a tailcoat for Cas, and I'm not failing at it! I used the same 1950's pattern I'd used for Dan a couple of years ago for Rocky, and made some modifications.

First of all, Cas is significantly straighter up-and-down than Dorito Back Dan, and it would be nice if the shape preceded the pattern by, oh, 60 years. The easiest fix for both of these was to change it from a one-button to a three-button front, and to make the tails rounded and not pointy.

And then there's the fabric. Oh, the fabric! Surplus City had this gorgeous greenish teal/oxford grey cross weave wool blend that has such a nice hand to it. The interfacing isn't giving it as much structure as I had wished, but the lining steps up to the challenge. And oh what lining ::swoon::

Dapper AF

Sleeves can still go fuck themselves.

I ended up not affixing these buttons because they were too big for the proportions of the coat, and I (mostly Dani) didn't have anything 3/4" in stash.  But that will be a quick fix one of these days.  I also made a cravat out of the leftovers of my Idris dress.  The crosswoven blue looked fantastic!  But damn did those fucking fabrics refuse to iron flat -_-

As for my dress, Dani and I went Thursday to The State Theatre for an early showing of the new PBS show Victoria, and a test run of our dresses.

I felt the beaver was four inches too long and kept getting caught in the bustle, so of course I woke up at 8 am and made myself a new circle skirt and let Nicole wear this one.