Thursday, March 14, 2019


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I didn't make the final roster for BotAS (first alt), but I've decided to keep going with the diet for a while, at least Rollercon.  There hasn't been much progress, but it is existent.  The five pounds I gained in Columbia didn't stick and left with the glucose flush (~10lbs?), and I've managed to lose a legitimate five pounds in the past 2.5 months.  I think I was a bit slow in january because I found way too many excuses to drink vodka.  Cheats have only been Dave's b-day/cabin trip and Mardi Gras; next one will be easter. I'm also starting to lift again, and today is finally warm enough that I want to go jogging outside!  So despite the diet shamers, I'm going to keep with the progress.

Oh! And I managed to wear the dress I bought for Fer's wedding Oct 2017 that I had hulked out of that winter, and I think it fits me better now than when I bought it.  I'll update if I find a picture.  Mostly I think I like how the lack of glucose looks on me and gives me a better shape, more than the actual weight loss.

Also, fuck guys who always brag that "a 30x34 is always a 30x34" when talking about pant sizes.  I keep trying them on because I want pockets, damnit, and they still fluctuate (admittedly less drastically) from style to style.