Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I did the thing! But she'll probably score the points.

A girl recently transferred to SCAR from California and decided to change her skate name to Zombabe.  I told her she should totally paint her helmet into a brain, but apparently people charge a shitload to do this, and she claimed she didn't have the skill to do it herself.  So I jumped in head first.

1) First, I cleaned off the helmet with alcohol. Simple enough.
2) I traced some pencil lines where I wanted the folds to go, and then filled it in with paint markers.  I didn't particularly like how this looked, but I figured it would adhere pretty well to the helmet and give a good base layer.

3) Clearcoat
4) Clearcoat
5) Clearcoat

6) The easiest thing for me to use was acrylic paint.  It comes in all colors, and it is pretty stable once it dries.  I had to do about three layers overall to get full coverage and good detail.

7) Clearcoat
8) Clearcoat
9) Did I mention Clearcoat?  I even did a light layer after the first acrylic layer.  I want this paint job to survive being banged up in a gear bag.

10) I wanted to add a sblechy red jelly feel to it between the folds, so I caked on red glitter glue.  Again, it took a few layers to build up well, and I probably did a couple of clearcoats in between, for good measure.

11) I added the green shading with a translucent acrylic made for stained glass.  I'm not too thrilled that there wasn't black in my set, so the green came out pretty neon.  But it looked pretty cool all in all.  With probably eight more clearcoats.

12)  In the end, she added name stickers.  I think they fit well.

I did not add a penis.  I have no idea what you are talking about!  Get your mind out of the gutter.

 The vulva is totally legit.

Also, the clearcoat is just Rust-oleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover Gloss in Clear.  Maybe less than half a can?  And the beauty is that each coat didn't have to be perfect, since I put so many on in the end.  Just give it about 20 minutes between each coat.