Monday, August 15, 2011

Pennsic XL

This year was a blast! I was very insecure to sign up, since prereg was around when I was at my most depressed, but I'm very glad I managed to suck it up and jump head first anyway.

Due to Otakon being just a week before, I didn't have time to get into the groove until very late. I was very lucky to find dabasque on Odd Ducks and have her walk me through so many details of basque clothing! Unfortunately, I had trouble translating it to real life. I spent monday crying in my room because I couldn't manage to make a pattern from scratch and get it to work for me by myself. Luckily, my friend Nicole helped me on wednesday and we got a really good mock up. Thursday was spent making the dress out of the mockup, and I'm very happy with how it turned out, except that I left too much allowance for the seams that I didn't take up, and the bodice ended up being an inch or two too big. Meh, it still worked!

Friday I went home early from work and packed and finished things up, before going to game at Nicole's. I finally finished my Tilting TARDIS shawl, which took me a whole week to bind off -_-;; and then woke up at 6:30 am to make up two chemises and a pair of linen bloomers. OMG, dabasque was so right! I wore my biker shorts one day, which I wear on a regular basis under skirts, and felt completely swamped. Linen bloomers, though, were amazing!

Bad flash is bad.

I think I lucked out this year with classes. Rumor has it that they want to make Pennsic XLI Spanish themed, so I got to take six or seven classes about Spanish clothing of the 13c and 16c, along with Visigoth lettering. Someone suggested to that teacher (Doña Violante de Sant Sebastian) that she should teach a class on abbreviations next year, and I think she should also teach one on words of Moorish origin. dabasque, also known as Josefina del Torre, was going to teach a class on alpargatas, but had family health issues and had to cancel. I was very excited for that class, and I will definitely find a way to shake it out of her!

Things I purchased:
A Uniquely You memory foam dress form which I had been lusting over for three years. I am so excited to finally be able to make clothes without having to beg for people to pin me in.
Two period dress patterns and reeds to make a verduguera.

Two mead kits, again, which I better use this time!
A bowl and mug from Charlie, cephalogal's potter on retainer.
A custom ~morion helmet!!! I am so excited to finally get back into fighting! Well, once I get it in a few months.

I controlled myself and didn't buy a $240 carved wood chest, which was awesome and had a skeleton laying on the lid. But I just might next year... Along with a canvas tent.