Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Keto progress notes, the third

So, after six straight weeks of keeping strict keto, I'd finally managed to inch down to 161.8 saturday before my bout.  In celebration (and because the waitress gave us a free beer (and it was Dave's birthday on monday)), I decided to take sunday off.  This resulted with me waking up at 167.8 on tuesday.  I was less than pleased, but figured it was just bloat from going off sunday and a really intense three hour practice monday night.  Today I was only down to 165.8...  I'm going to continue and watch if there was any permanent damage, but there were some important observations I made as to what I like and don't like anymore.

- Beer is the nectar of gods.  A good beer will probably be worth breaking keto for after parties, which will happen about once a month.

- Ice Cream is also perfect.

- Pop corn is really good, but much better if it comes from the movie theater.

- There was no pizza this weekend, but I think I can safely put it on the MUST EAT list.

- Fruits and corn will also forever be a favorite of mine.

- The "apple nachos a la mode" from Quaker Steak fall into both the fruit and ice cream clauses.

- Baked sweets, though, I'm pretty indifferent towards.  I had a couple of cookies that I enjoyed, but was done after just a couple.  I didn't even want to try the cupcakes, or anything glazed/frosted.

- A good sourdough and olive oil (or grilled cheese) should fall under the pretty cool category, but were not tested in this round.

- Kildare's "irish nachos" with home made potato chips were down right not worth it.  If you put sour cream ruffles in front of me, though, all bets are off.

So yeah, there is a remarkable trend in things I'm just not interested in anymore after not having them in my regular diet.  I still want fat with everything, especially if it is creamy, but there are very few instances of sugar I really care about, and only then when associated with milk fat.  HFCS is definitely out of the question.  Wheat I could give or take, but I will shank a bitch for corn.