Sunday, July 10, 2022

Scribal Roundup

 I have made a handful of scrolls over the years, and apparently never recorded them in my blog.  Let's see how many I can hunt down!

20190713 Bog 3 Day: Baron Cormacc mac Gilla Brigde was summoned to attend Their Majesties. His Majesty spoke of the joy His Excellency exhibits in his fighting, and of the dedication he has shown, and of his prowess as a result. His Majesty further revealed that there were others who felt this deserving of recognition, whereupon, He called for the Noble Order of the Gage to join Him. With their affirmation, His Excellency was presented with a medallion made by Lord Snorri skyti Bjarnarson, and added to their number. Scroll by Lady Magdalena Txoperena de Guerra, calligraphed by THLady Shirin al-Sussiyya, on a text by THLord Arias Beltran del Valle.

20190927 Harvest Raids: The base art was created by multiple scribes at the Retreat.  I added the diner details and calligraphy.
After that, Their Majesties called for Guy of Heronter, words having reached their ears of his prowess at both fencing and service, he was Awarded Arms from their hands, with a gorgeous scroll from Lady Magdelena Txoperena.

20200328 12th Night

20200328 12th Night: Sycamore, I did the concept and art and seem to be missing a second scroll.
Lady Allison Motherwell - Sycamore - Scroll by Lady Magdalena
Lord Hunda-dorir called the Pintsman - Sycamore - Scroll by Lady Magdalena with words by Master Po

2020711 Dani's Fleur.  Sarah did the art and I did the calligraphy and badges. I am very happy with how this turned out!
Lady Fede di Fiore was then called into Their Majesties’ Court. Before all witnesses here assembled, Their Majesties inducted Lady Fede into the Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc for her outstanding and continuing work in tailoring garments, clothing and teaching the art of the seamstress. Scroll Border limning by Lady Serena Milani, Scrivened and Medallions painted by Lady Magdalena Txoperena, Parchment prepared by Lady Niccola Beese, upon a text by Don Jehan le Blanc.


20210710 Bog 3 Day Iron Scribe competition.  Four hours from theme to "finish".  Not my best work, but I enjoyed the challenge, and really want to do this correctly one day.

20210925 Harvest Raids, again: Lady Magdelena Txoperena was invited into the Court and she begged the boon of being granted Æthelmearc Citizenship as work had once again called her out of Æthelmearc into the East. Their Majesties eagerly replied that They and Their Heirs would gladly assist her in her application for Citizenship. However while They had her in Court, Their Majesties presented her with the Æthelmearc Award of Excellence for her invaluable service to Æthelmearc during the time of the plague as Kingdom Deputy Webminister for Zoom and online classes.

20220521 Promissory note made for Elena's Fleur. I helped make the parchment at the last Pennsic, Cas helped me find inspiration, and I did everything else.  And then I got COVID and couldn't give it out at War Practice in person.
Next, Their Majesties gave leave to The Honorable Lady Vika Viborgskaya to recognize those who taught classes during the event. However, it was noted that one who taught many of the classes had not come forward to collect a token. Thus, Their Majestied compelled Baroness Elena de la Palma to present herself before Them. Remarking on the number of lessons Her Excellency had taught at War Practice and many other events, Their Majesties sought the input of others who had a similarly high opinion of her: The Order of the Fleur D'Æthelmearc. Upon their confirmed acclaim, They inducted her into their company. Promissory scroll #1 by The Honorable Lady Rachel Daliceaux; Promissory scroll #2 by Lady Magdalena Txoperena de Guerra upon research by The Honorable Lord Cassiano da Castello.

20220528 Keystone given out at Melee Madness, all (except words) by me.
Their Majesties next required the attendance of Lady Abby Rose. By virtue of the fact that Lady Abby had also been recognized by both Baron Stefano and Baroness Fiona's court and by Baron Nicolo and Baroness Magge's court, They were reassured in Their decision to bestow upon her further accolades. Thus they named her a Companion of the Order of the Keystone, in testament whereof, Mistress Ríoghnach ní Rose (aka Mom) provided her own medallion. Scroll by Lady Magdalena Txoperena.

20220709 AOA, words by Nicolo dei Gaetani, Baron of Endless Hills, helped by Astrid to transliterate to Younger Futhark, all ink by me.