Sunday, October 21, 2012

[recipe] GF/SF/Wheat Free Cookies

I really love cookies.  They are one of the easiest things to make!  Especially when I can control myself enough to not eat all of the dough before they are baked. Today I am experimenting with reincorporating quinoa back into my diet, hoping it doesn't completely knock me out of keto.  I started with this Chewy Chocolate Chip recipe from Sacred Lightning as inspiration, and substituted some almond meal like from this Elana's Pantry Primal Gluten Free cookie recipe I devoured a few months ago.  So far, the raw dough is So Good! 


1.5 c quinoa flour (previously toasted) 
0.75 c almond meal 
0.5 tsp baking soda 
0.5 c butter (salted is preferred) 
0.5 c coconut oil 
1.5 c baking Splenda 
1 tsp salt 
2 tsps vanilla extract 
2 eggs 

Preheat oven to 350°F and lay parchment on a cookie sheet. 

Mix flour, meal and soda in a dry bowl and set aside. 
Beat butter, oil and Splenda in mixer until fluffy. Add salt, vanilla and eggs until homogeneous. Incorporate dry ingredients a little at a time. I'm making an emphasis on adding them slowly because I always add them all at once and end up having to scrape them off the ceiling. 

Scoop 1" balls onto cookie sheet, 2" appart, and flatten. The amount of fiber in these cookies will not allow them to spread on their own, which is why the lower level looks straight out of the ice cream scooper.  Bake for ten minutes, give or take. They will not change color and look crispy due to the lack of sugar and wheat, but the outside will dry out and give a nice shell. You might want to wait for the molten core to cool down before eating, but who am I kidding.  Makes about three dozen (if you stop eating all the dough!)

In the spirit of ever improving, I plan on substituting some of the Splenda with soluble fiber to decrease the sweetness, without compromising the bulk.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Swap Partnerz

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IRL: nanonukie, snowpony, scarletampersand

Wish List Post 227

Head: 22.5”
Neck: 13”
Shoulders: 44”
Upper arm: 11”?
Sleeve: 25”
Sleevespan: 60”
BOOBS! 38”
“natural waist”: 32.5”
Bellybutton: 36”
Hip bones: 34”
Widest part of ass: 38”
Thigh: 22”
Calf: 15”
Foot: 10”
Floor to knee: 20”
Belt to knee: 21”
Collar to belt: 19”
Wrist: 6.5”
Wrist to tip of middle finger: 7.5”
Palm: 4”
Around knuckles: 7.5”

Tea Swap!

~~Are you willing to ship internationally?
Not particularly, but could in a pinch.

~~What would you absolutely love to receive?
A big ass french press travel mug that can fit ALL OF THE TEA! I’ve also never gotten a duck.

~~What would you absolutely hate to receive?
Knicknacks, dust collectors, and crap that is purely decorative.

~~Do you have any allergies?
Soaps, candles, lotions, and anything “scented”.

~~Do you have any allergens (cats, dogs, smoke, smoking cats or dogs)?

~~Would you be opposed to received baked goods in your package?
If you can make them carb free (there are some beautiful recipes out there!), go right ahead.

~~What is your favourite type of tea?
I’ve been on a huge chai kick since last year. Before that I hated anything even remotely tea-plant based.
~~Do you knit, crochet or spin?
And then some.

~Do you do any “other” crafty things?
Sew and stash.

~~Favourite colours?

~~Least favourite colours?
Pasteles are boring.

~~Favourite fibers?
Anything natural, depending on the use. Maximum of 20% acrylic in sock yarns.

~~Least favourite fibers?
Anything synthetic, novelty yarns, and I’m growing quite irked by Peaches & Cream-like cotton twines.

~~Favourite kind of projects to make?

~~Favourite kind of project to receive?
Thoughtful and that shows proper stalking.

~~Favourite snacks?
SF chocolates and plain almonds.

~~Have you swapped with anyone in this swap before?
Huh, I don’t think so? But let me actually research this.

~~Is there anything that you would like your swap partner to know?
I’m pretty straight forward in my blog and all other swap threads as to what I like.

~~What # is your post in the Wish List thread? (Don’t forget to update it…)

~~Have you read and agree to abide by our rules? Do you understand that the quarterly check-ins, thank yous, and delivery confirmation(if you are shipping domestically) are all mandatory?
Yessiree ^_^

~~What’s your favorite type of tea?
Currently, chai. Often, mexican chamomile or cinnamon. Used to be, anything fruity with a hibiscus base. I just recently started enjoying the tea plant because I sucked at steeping.

~~What do you love about tea?
The warmth.

~~Why did you start drinking tea?
I’ve always adored infusions, but only started liking actual tea when my anal retentive roommate finally taught me how to properly steep it.

~~Are there any tea types you aren’t fond of?
I find smoked to be abhorrent. I could do without rooibus and ceremonial green.

~~Caffeine, Decaf, or No-caf?
I’m immune to caffeine, so I don’t care. Less processed is better.

~~Do you have a teapot?
I have a kettle.

~~Do you use drink coasters?

~~What tea-related cultures interest you: China, Japan, tea ceremony, India, the East India Company, Regency or Victorian or more modern England? The homey country cup of tea  ? Others?
Never put any thought into this. None of them turn me off, though. And I do have a great love for the TARDIS.

~~Loose leaf or bag or both?
High preference for loose, but sometimes a bag is just there.

~~Is your kettle cozy, and does it want to be? What about your travel mugs, favorite mug, or electronic devices? (please include model or dimensions)
I have nothing cozy-worthy.

~~Tea snacks: what kind do you favor?
There are tea-specific snacks?

~~Do you enjoy baking? Would you like a tea-themed cookbook or tea sandwich recipe cards?
I absolutely adore baking and cooking, but I am carb-free. Recipes are always welcome, though, especially if they cater to dietary restrictions.

~~How precise are you when brewing tea; do you use a thermometer or timer?
I have recently started using a timer, and a thermometer would be quite a lovely addition.

~~Is the idea of herbal bath tea (herbs in a bag that you steep for one’s bath) relaxing or blasphemy?
Sounds relaxing, if I ever found time for a bath.

~~ Are you on steepster?

~~Do you have any dietary concerns/ quirks/ allergies that would limit your enjoyment of baking goods/ tea?
Absolutely, positively, carb free.

~~Anything that you especially love?
Cream and bacon.

~~Do you currently own any novelty tea infusers?
I have a ball and a basket you set atop your mug, but it doesn’t seem to get enough contact with the water. My favorite was a french press travel mug I got at Starbucks a decade ago, but it shows its age.

~~Are there any novelty tea infusers you would really love to have? Or would you really hate it if I sent you one?
I can’t really think of what these would be, but I am intrigued.

~~Do you do any costumey things with your tea-related era? (e.g., anime cosplay for Japan, period dancing, steampunkery)?
I love steampunk (smashing watches and putting goggles on your forehead is very much not steampunk), I’m a late period SCAdian, and all around nerd.

~~What crafts do you do? Would you like supplies? Anything particular you’d realllllly like to receive?
Organizational items for knitting, crocheting or sewing are always appreciated.

~~What crafts don’t you do that you would either like to try or that you would like to receive a handmade of that craft?
I have more crafts than I can handle, but I am fond of this kind of handmade jewelry:

~~Do you prefer subtle/understated or fun/quirky with your purse or laptop bags?
I am bold and proud of my nerdities.

~~Do you use totes for knitting bags or some other style?
All of the above. I love bags of all sizes and purposes.

~~Do you wear jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ankle bracelets)? What lengths do you wear?
I poses jewelry that I forget to use.

~~Hairstuff: Do you use barrettes, headbands, clippies, banana clips, wooden sticks, or fascinators? Would you like a thematic one or one with hints of your favorite tea era?
I love hairstuffs, as long as it can survive Cthulhu-like hair. My hair has eaten more than its fair share of ties, sticks and adornments.

~~When do you call tea time? Are you a cup in the morning, cup at night, weekender, only when its cool/cold outside, for ailments, or a “seriously I’m obsessed with tea, ok?!! I have a TEAmergency kit with me wherever I go.”?
I’ll drink tea whenever. Mostly if I have time to ponder the liking of a cup, often when it is cold (which it already is here).

~~Yarn/fiber dyed with tea: heresy or excellence?

~~If you had to choose: favorite brand vs. locally mixed tea/tisane?
If I had to choose a favorite, it would be adagio, but that’s just because I jump in on Dan’s bulk orders.

~~Would you use reusable tea sachets? (The empty type that you fill/refill)

~~Sugar cubes? Y/N
If you found some carb-free.

~~Cold brew tea? Y/N
When it is hot out.

~~Dieters tea? Anyone try before? Did/does it work?
I know hibiscus is a good diuretic, but so is any irritant like caffeine.

~~Are you in a craft group or tea group?
Centre County Spinners Guild, and Crafty Bitches

~~Do you have, or would you like, a TEAmergency kit?
This might work.

~~Lemon, lime or neither?
Natural lemon is nice.

~~Do you garden outdoors or have plants indoors? Wanna try?
Nope, I have a cat.

~~Do you like books with tea-related things? Like the mad tea party in Alice in Wonderland?
I love Alice ^_^

~~What do you put in your tea? Honey? Milk? Cream? (& of course, sugar, lime, lemon have already been asked) Just generally, rather than 8 questions about it. What goes in your tea cup at any given time? =)

~~Do you drink a cup of tea  or a mug of tea?
I don’t half ass my beverages. Go big or go home. Even if you are at home.

~~How do you store your tea?
They come in nice ziptop bags, but I do like fancy little cans.

~~Do you use tea towels? Would you like one?
No thank you.

~~What time of teapot cozy do you like? Snuggy or Dome?
I have no teapot.

~~What are some of your favorite online tea shops?

~~Are there any tea related publications that you like or would like to read?
I’m not that well versed. A good, thick manual wouldn’t be bad. Scratch and sniff!

~~Do you need any non-teapot kitchen cozies: toaster, coffeemaker, toaster oven, knifeblock… something else?

~~What about teatime-themed spinning wheel covers to keep curious paws and fingers out? Electronics?
My cat is an asshole and should know better by now than to poke at my Hitchhiker.

~~How many tea drinkers are in your home? (and will you share the spoils with them?)
There are two of us, but Dan is very particular as to what he drinks. He’s a purist and often prefers green tea. I like anything I manage to not screw up the steeping for.

Roller Derby Swap

We like our tacos H.A.R.D!

How long have you been involved with derby?
The first proof I have of a bout was feb 2009 HARD vs Canadia, though I loved watching Rollergirls in 2005 and was constantly dreaming of derby. My first practice was August 23, 2010 ^_^

What’s your favorite position?
Girl on top.
Wait, you mean derby, don’t you? 4 (back outer blocker). As an NSO I love being in the penalty crew and tracking or running the box.

Do you have another job with your league?
Trying to not replace the black sheep that have recently defected/quit. Other than that, I am the new webmaster at Harrisburg Area Roller Derby.

Any derby-related crafty projects to show off?
Not yet. I made a denudu hat for our head ref, but nothing yet for me or specifically derby related.
Oh yeah! I sewed some helmet panties for my old league, and I made some bearing in resin necklaces once. And bake sales. Lots of bake sales.

Allergies/Allergens to Cats/Smoke/Anything else? - please list everything
I am allergic to scents (candles, body products, soaks)

Do you have pets? If so, what kind?
Big ass cat!

If you have fluffy pets, can you keep their fluffies out of your handmades/yarn/package?
Mostly. He’s not allowed into the attic where I have my craft room.

If you or anyone in your household smokes inside/outside? Can you keep the smoke out of your work/yarn?
No smoke here.

Anyone here you’ve swapped with (sent to or received from) before?

Do you have shipping preferences/additional mailing/delivery instructions that your partner had better know about, or if you may intend to change address?

Favorite yarns:
 indie dyed, natural fibers, less than 20% acrylic.
Favorite fibers: anything that isn’t scratchy, and NO SYNTHETICS.
Favorite color (ONE): scarlet
Favorite color in combo with your Favorite color: black or army green
Any other favorite things you wish to divulge: I am a big damn nerd! Details are onmy blog under the swap tag.

Least Favs- 
Least favorite fibers:
 Did I mention acrylic yet? I’m also meh about cotton, but specifically Peaches and Cream.
Other least favorite “things” and/or have enough of: zauberball is splitty and noro is horribly scratchy.

Do you knit/crochet/spin/weave/something else? Knit, crochet, spin and sew.

Coffee: coffee maker, single cup cone, french press, iced, hot? Crappy two cup coffee maker, hot, light roast, flavors allowed.

Tea: pot, cup, loose, bag, iced, hot? Loose, kettle, hot, chai! I could kill for a very large french press travel mug (for both coffee and/or tea).

Snack/Flavor preferences – salty and /or sweet suggestions: I live carb free, so I’m ok without snacks due to logistics.

Fragrance preferences likes/dislikes: I like chamomile and honeysuckle but get saturation headaches easily.

Which post in the Wish List thread is yours (indicate number and link)? 277

Do you have any wishlists at any online stores (link)? Just what I have mentioned on my blog.

Can you think of anything else your partner should know? I’ve been in a lot of swaps, and the one thing that is the worst insult is when a package is generic and steril, and goes specifically against things a swapee has explained.

What is your position in Derby?
 2 and 4 (outside blocker), multi purpose NSO with a preference for penalty tracking/enforcing

Your favorite team & their colors? Harrisburg Area Roller Derby, nuclear green!

Your team & colors if you play? NSO pink is also appreciated.

What Derby athlete would you most like to meet? already met Joan of Dark, and everybody else already has enough smoke being blown up their ass.

Who is the coolest Derby person you have gotten an autograph from? Not my thing.

Have you read the rules page and the rules thread?
 Yes ma’am!
Do you understand that check in is mandatory on the required dates listed at the top of this thread? Yeppers.
Do you understand that posting a “Thank You” (in the thank you thread) is mandatory upon receipt of your package (pictures can be added at a later date)?Very much so.
Do you understand that it is mandatory to PM to me your Delivery Confirmation # or Customs Form number upon shipping? Mhm.
Do you know what you will need to do if you are unable to complete this swap and what will happen to your ability to swap with us in the future if you do not follow some/any/all of the rules? Yes.

How long have you been involved with derby?
The first proof I have of a bout was feb 2009 HARD vs Canadia, though I loved watching Rollergirls in 2005 and was constantly dreaming of derby. My first practice was August 23, 2010 ^_^

What’s your favorite position?
Girl on top.
Wait, you mean derby, don’t you? 4 (back outer blocker). As an NSO I love being in the penalty crew and tracking or running the box.

Do you have another job with your league?
Trying to not replace the black sheep that have recently defected/quit. Other than that, I am the new webmaster at Harrisburg Area Roller Derby.

Any derby-related crafty projects to show off?
Not yet. I made a denudu hat for our head ref, but nothing yet for me or specifically derby related.
Oh yeah! I sewed some helmet panties for my old league, and I made some bearing in resin necklaces once. And bake sales. Lots of bake sales.

What notions do you like/need/want?
I love project bags of all sizes! I normally end up using them as a purse until they fall appart. I like anything cute, like a pretty needle gauge or tape measure, and I can always use counters/rosaries and stitch markers. I wouldn’t mind an organizing case for my knitpicks interchangeables and the 20 cables I have for them.

What notions do you hate/have too many of/just don’t need?
I keep getting dropped stitch hook keychains.

What’s your derby name/number, if you have one?
Anya Arson, 0

Do you like/wear jewelry? If so, what?
I like it, but I forget to put it on because I don’t like taking it off at the rink.

What are your fave patterns from Knockdown Knits?
I love Joan and appreciate the book, but the patterns are not my cup of tea . The felted skate bag is nice if it actually fits my whole gear. If not, it’s still a nice project bag.

Do you want local league merch? If so, what kinds of things do you like (shirts, buttons, stickers, etc)?
I don’t collect swag, but I might start pinning up a hat I was gifted.

Do you like purses/bags/totes?
YES. I can never have enough bags of any size!

How do you feel about hats?
I lurves hattts!

Have you ever gone by another Ravelry name and if so what was it?
Nope. I’m choperena everywhere (other than derby and SCA).

What’s the story behind your derby name (if you have one)?
When I first started watching derby, I wanted to be Mexi Cans (I was a 38G back then), until Madhouse Mexi joined the league I watched and now play for. My second choice was Moctezuma’s Revenge, but the girl I co-founded a different league with vetoed it vehemently. I finally came up with Anya Arson because I am a complete Buffy fanatic, I relate way too much with Anyanka’s character and past, I love fire, and I love the “on your arse” pun. I also went out of my way to not choose something sexual because at the time I was getting a teaching cert and didn’t want anything… compromising.

Skulls? Love ‘em, they’re okay, or not really a fan?
I love morbid art, including sculls.

How do you like to accessorize for bouts? (Colors, themes,etc.)
Nuclear Green uniform top, black flame capri DerbySkinz (which I absolutely hate because the girl can’t measure herself out of a paper bag), and a red-yellow gradient bandana. I’ve tried doing makeup, but I haven’t found anything intense enough to show up on my face. My skin is just a chameleon when it comes to color.

How do you feel about leg warmers?
I like them for everyday wear, but I overheat on the track. My calves are 15” around.

Derby Wife
I kind of had a derby wife when I started, until she pushed me out of the league. I got a proposal when I moved to my current league, but she stopped coming to practice before I could give her an answer. Now I’m dating her ex boyfriend.

What is your favourite yarn weight to work with?
Anything in the “sock” range. I also double up on lace to achieve adequate thicknesses.

Talk to me about wheels. Are you a wheel junky? Do you need a way to keep all your wheels in order? Would you prefer a cube bag, or a sausage bag, or an infinite screw, or an idea that I have that reminds me ofmeccanos, or a briefcase, or something completely different? How many sets of wheels do you need to keep? 
I only have four sets of wheels, and any system would work.

How would you feel about a bag that can serve as skate bag and double as a large project bag? Would you want a messenger bag, backpack or dufflebag? Pockets? While I have a skate bag, I wouldn’t mind one that’s purdy. I’d only need a main compartment, a smaller one for a change of clothes, and another small one for a couple of tools/bandaids.

How did you first get into roller derby?
Roller derby was always something I knew my much older sister wanted to do when I was little. When I moved to the US in 2005, I became addicted to the A&E Rollergirls show, and thought it would be an awesome thing to do. Late 2008, my roommate found out about a league 90 miles away in Harrisburg that we decided to go watch (I have pictures of a merby bout february 2009). It was a blast! I made every effort to go down every month, and vowed that one day, I was going to have a Big Girl Job, with a Big Girl Paycheck, in a Big Girl Town, with a Big Girl League, and I was going to join derby!
Fastforward to august 2010. It was my 30th birthday, I’d gone down to watch an intraleague bout, and I realized I wasn’t getting any younger (and I still don’t have that Big Girl Job). So on my ride back, I facebooked that I was joining HARD! Of course, that one person that you barely know and never responds, mentioned Williamsport had just started a league the previous month. Well, that’s only 60 miles away! So with two acquaintances (that tagged along after reading my fb) in tow, I drove over to Williamsport that wednesday and joined derby.
A couple of practices later, one of the girls was horribly intimidated by the skills of a couple of girls, and decided she wanted to start “our own” league in State College. We agreed to help her, and put in duty with both leagues for the first couple of months, until the intimidated girl decided that she didn’t want to put effort into training people that are just going to skate for another league. So when she asked us to sign an exclusivity contract (to skate with a league where nobody knew anything that wasn’t on youtube), we decided to only skate with Williamsport.
Fastforward to the spring, where yet again there were too many people with too many interests, that nothing was getting done, and I got accused of “usurping” other people’s jobs. So I got sick of the bullshit and went with my initial gut decision (of a year prior) and transfered down to Harrisburg that fall.
Of course, this league isn’t perfect either. We have had a severe turnover this year, but I have hope that the people that are left want it to succeed. So I’m running for a board position this week, and hopefully by the end of the month I’ll be able to be loud and obnoxious and influential and usurping and shit all over again. Because I want this league to grow, or die trying.

I should have done this ages ago.
Head: 22.5”
Neck: 13”
Shoulders: 44”
Upper arm: 11”?
Sleeve: 25”
Sleevespan: 60”
BOOBS! 38”
“natural waist”: 32.5”
Bellybutton: 36”
Hip bones: 34”
Widest part of ass: 38”
Thigh: 22”
Calf: 15”
Foot: 10”
Floor to knee: 20”
Belt to knee: 21”
Collar to belt: 19”
Wrist: 6.5”
Wrist to tip of middle finger: 7.5”
Palm: 4”
Around knuckles: 7.5”
Did I miss anything?

Tee shirts: 
Large/xl in a ladies shirt, small (or medium) in unisex (though I prefer the lower neckline of a babydoll).

Buffy swap, the Third

Jewellery, do you wear any? What would you like/hate to receive? Do you have pierced ears?
I have jewelry and my ears pierced, and I like it, I just forget to wear it. I’m too bulky for very fine things, and I tend to prefer bracelets and things that can serve a function other than decoration.

metal tones, which ones do you prefer?
All, depending on the piece.

I’m from Germany, any special treats you’d like to receive from here?
Nothing with sugar or carbs, please.

What is your greatest fan love apart from Buffy or any Whedon show?
Oh wait, other than Buffy or Whedon… I derby. It has taken over my life. I also love Doctor Who and way too many nerdities that I can’t currently congeal into words.

Anyone have any favorite Japanese candies/goodies??
Not particularly. We have several great oriental markets in town. Again, anything without sugar or carbs. I love trying random things!

Besides stitch markers, what small tools are lacking in your knitting/crochet bag?? Or maybe are you in need of a new project bag, even?
Project bags of all sizes are always appreciated (and normally used instead of a purse). I can’t find my needle gauge, and a pattern keeper could be nice.

Which character in the BTVS series do you most identify with?
Anya, by far. I’ve always been the outsider (and token foreigner) that just doesn’t get the fine nuances to human interaction. I’m far from anti-social, but I always respond -oddly-.

How would you describe your personal style? (not limited to fashion)
Odd works. I don’t really have one style. I’m a tremendous geek, a tree hugging dirty hippy, scientist, compulsive crafter, and I have my gothy moments.

When knitting you an item for your present, is it ok to take something off your favorites or queue? (I know some people use the differently than I do.) Also is there anything (keeping in mind the deadlines for this swap) that you wouldn’t knit for yourself but would love someone else to knit for you? Or something you don’t want others to knit for you?
Faves are just stuff I’ve liked that others have made. Queue is stuff I intend on making Some Day. I try to keep good notes on them, and whether I already have yarn for anything. I don’t currently have any plans to knit anything during the rest of the year, other than two baby presents, the two swaps, and a form fitting sweater with 2” stripes that I’ve had to frog twice already -_-;;

What’s your favorite knitted item to be gifted? Which ones do you have no use for? (For example you live scarves and socks but never ever wear hats or cowls… Something like that)
Hmmm, the only thing I’ve gotten that I don’t really wear is a pair of wool socks. They are a bit big and very warm, so they make my feet swampy. I always get around eventually to using all the scarves and shawls and mitts. I have no use for washcloths. It snows seven months out of the year here, so I love any and all knitwear. I’ve never gotten anything with sleeves! (or arm holes)

What sort of things do you love receiving but maybe don’t often get in swaps?
I love quirky things that show I’ve been properly stalked. Something that is personal and shows my swapper cared enough to do their research. I really hate getting things I specifically (in many locations!) have said I don’t want/can’t use/don’t need, like dust catchers and body products. At least I can force feed candy to guests. Have you read I don’t like baby melting acrylic? Yeah, I’ve mentioned it here or there just a couple of times…

Would you accept a gently used book if it’s on your wishlist?
I would love a gently or less-than-gently used book, even not on my list! I’m a huge dirty hippie/compulsive data collector, so anything that helps me learn something while saving the planet is awesome. This also goes for electronic versions over printouts.

What’s your preferred form of footwear (socks, no socks, flip flops, heels, flats, etc)?
I am barefoot whenever possible, but in the lab I always wear my old, beat up adidas or one of my many pairs of Docs normally with thin cotton socks (again because of the swamping)

What is your absolute favorite part of Halloween?
That it exists! I effin LOVE halloween. I love the autumn chill, and fantastic colors, and the warm snacks/beverages, and cuddling up, and that it is acceptable to think about death without people freaking out I might be suicidal. I also love the imagery of death and (being Mexican) the veneration, celebration and remembrance of those who have past.

Any Buffy related DVDs you’d like to receive?
I have the movie, the Buffy Box and the individual Angel seasons, but I think my Angel season 2 is scratched.

Since this is a Halloween swap, would you prefer something for everyday wear or a more costume like item?
I have dressed up as An Angel Of The Charlie Variety, but would prefer a better pair of striped shorts, and one day I’ll dress up as an easter bunny! But I would also rock anything, from freak to mundane.

Do you have any internet wish lists (knit picks, WEBS, Amazon, etc) that may be helpful for your giver???
My blog is very detailed.

Is there a tiny someone else in your house that would like to get something special?
Nope, I’m greedy.

What are your favorite yarn brands?
I’m a yarn snob. I absolutely HATEHATEHATE acrylic, Noro, and zauberball. I do love, though, indie dyers and home dyed stuff, and have yet to have issues with Knitpicks.

Are you a Disney fan? I’m going to Disneyland this month and might be able to pick up something smallish for a swap (all the halloween stuff should be out)
Yes! I was at Disneyworld for the first halloween parade two years ago and wanted EVERYTHING. Alice In Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars, Muppets… yeah, a bunch of stuff.

Would you rather have candy or a nice piece or arm candy?
Ooo! Arm candy ^_^
Or Band Candy ^_~

Is there a brand or type of yarn you have not tried but would love to? Even if it’s just a little bit…like 20-30 yards?
The yarn with a wire in it?

I might dye some character yarn for you, which is your favourite character and why? Do you identify a specific colour or combination with that character? Or a certain outfit?
Very much Anya. I can’t think of any specific color combination, but anything you can reference or justify works. I love hand dyed yarn! As long as it is mostly solid or has very long repeats -_-;;

Let’s talk about socks… What’s your shoe size, do you have wide or narrow feet? How long do you like the leg of your socks to be? 
UK 42, nothing standard in american. 10” long, normal around, any height, but my calves are monstrously big! (15” around)

How do you feel about candles and homebaked items? 
No candles, please. Baked goods only if they are carb and sugar free.

Do you want or have any Buffy books or comics?
I would not mind finding this in my swap package, at all :D
Or any other books, for that matter. I finally found I have the first 3 books of S8!

When you are saying you have the 1st season 8 book or the 2nd etc. do you mean the actual comic or the collected trade paper back?
I have the first three TPB.

Also for those interested in receiving comics, would you prefer a TPB or a single issue? oh! And if I happen to be able to get an artist or writer to sign it at the con (I’ll have to check who will be there-- not Whedon for sure) would you want that even if it wasn’t in the particular story arc or a TPB.
TPBs are better, since they are less flimsy, and autographs would be pretty cool.
would you want that even if it wasn’t in the particular story arc or a TPB.

Do you have favorite Halloween non-candy items?
ALL OF THEM. I really love halloween. I love dressing up, but I also just love morbid thematics in everything.

Is anyone else trying something new for halloween or would like something you would like to try but can’t get or don’t have the time to do?
Not that I can think of.

If you were to be gifted a project bag, what’s the best size for your average project?
Most of my bags are about 8x8x10 and I end up adopting them as full fledged purses. This works well for me, but I love all kinds of bags! I just got a HUGE project bag in the Star Wars swap that I can’t wait to have a huge project to stick in it ^_^

What’s your favorite fall flavor?
Caramel Apple Everything!