Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tea Swap!

~~Are you willing to ship internationally?
Not particularly, but could in a pinch.

~~What would you absolutely love to receive?
A big ass french press travel mug that can fit ALL OF THE TEA! I’ve also never gotten a duck.

~~What would you absolutely hate to receive?
Knicknacks, dust collectors, and crap that is purely decorative.

~~Do you have any allergies?
Soaps, candles, lotions, and anything “scented”.

~~Do you have any allergens (cats, dogs, smoke, smoking cats or dogs)?

~~Would you be opposed to received baked goods in your package?
If you can make them carb free (there are some beautiful recipes out there!), go right ahead.

~~What is your favourite type of tea?
I’ve been on a huge chai kick since last year. Before that I hated anything even remotely tea-plant based.
~~Do you knit, crochet or spin?
And then some.

~Do you do any “other” crafty things?
Sew and stash.

~~Favourite colours?

~~Least favourite colours?
Pasteles are boring.

~~Favourite fibers?
Anything natural, depending on the use. Maximum of 20% acrylic in sock yarns.

~~Least favourite fibers?
Anything synthetic, novelty yarns, and I’m growing quite irked by Peaches & Cream-like cotton twines.

~~Favourite kind of projects to make?

~~Favourite kind of project to receive?
Thoughtful and that shows proper stalking.

~~Favourite snacks?
SF chocolates and plain almonds.

~~Have you swapped with anyone in this swap before?
Huh, I don’t think so? But let me actually research this.

~~Is there anything that you would like your swap partner to know?
I’m pretty straight forward in my blog and all other swap threads as to what I like.

~~What # is your post in the Wish List thread? (Don’t forget to update it…)

~~Have you read and agree to abide by our rules? Do you understand that the quarterly check-ins, thank yous, and delivery confirmation(if you are shipping domestically) are all mandatory?
Yessiree ^_^

~~What’s your favorite type of tea?
Currently, chai. Often, mexican chamomile or cinnamon. Used to be, anything fruity with a hibiscus base. I just recently started enjoying the tea plant because I sucked at steeping.

~~What do you love about tea?
The warmth.

~~Why did you start drinking tea?
I’ve always adored infusions, but only started liking actual tea when my anal retentive roommate finally taught me how to properly steep it.

~~Are there any tea types you aren’t fond of?
I find smoked to be abhorrent. I could do without rooibus and ceremonial green.

~~Caffeine, Decaf, or No-caf?
I’m immune to caffeine, so I don’t care. Less processed is better.

~~Do you have a teapot?
I have a kettle.

~~Do you use drink coasters?

~~What tea-related cultures interest you: China, Japan, tea ceremony, India, the East India Company, Regency or Victorian or more modern England? The homey country cup of tea  ? Others?
Never put any thought into this. None of them turn me off, though. And I do have a great love for the TARDIS.

~~Loose leaf or bag or both?
High preference for loose, but sometimes a bag is just there.

~~Is your kettle cozy, and does it want to be? What about your travel mugs, favorite mug, or electronic devices? (please include model or dimensions)
I have nothing cozy-worthy.

~~Tea snacks: what kind do you favor?
There are tea-specific snacks?

~~Do you enjoy baking? Would you like a tea-themed cookbook or tea sandwich recipe cards?
I absolutely adore baking and cooking, but I am carb-free. Recipes are always welcome, though, especially if they cater to dietary restrictions.

~~How precise are you when brewing tea; do you use a thermometer or timer?
I have recently started using a timer, and a thermometer would be quite a lovely addition.

~~Is the idea of herbal bath tea (herbs in a bag that you steep for one’s bath) relaxing or blasphemy?
Sounds relaxing, if I ever found time for a bath.

~~ Are you on steepster?

~~Do you have any dietary concerns/ quirks/ allergies that would limit your enjoyment of baking goods/ tea?
Absolutely, positively, carb free.

~~Anything that you especially love?
Cream and bacon.

~~Do you currently own any novelty tea infusers?
I have a ball and a basket you set atop your mug, but it doesn’t seem to get enough contact with the water. My favorite was a french press travel mug I got at Starbucks a decade ago, but it shows its age.

~~Are there any novelty tea infusers you would really love to have? Or would you really hate it if I sent you one?
I can’t really think of what these would be, but I am intrigued.

~~Do you do any costumey things with your tea-related era? (e.g., anime cosplay for Japan, period dancing, steampunkery)?
I love steampunk (smashing watches and putting goggles on your forehead is very much not steampunk), I’m a late period SCAdian, and all around nerd.

~~What crafts do you do? Would you like supplies? Anything particular you’d realllllly like to receive?
Organizational items for knitting, crocheting or sewing are always appreciated.

~~What crafts don’t you do that you would either like to try or that you would like to receive a handmade of that craft?
I have more crafts than I can handle, but I am fond of this kind of handmade jewelry:

~~Do you prefer subtle/understated or fun/quirky with your purse or laptop bags?
I am bold and proud of my nerdities.

~~Do you use totes for knitting bags or some other style?
All of the above. I love bags of all sizes and purposes.

~~Do you wear jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ankle bracelets)? What lengths do you wear?
I poses jewelry that I forget to use.

~~Hairstuff: Do you use barrettes, headbands, clippies, banana clips, wooden sticks, or fascinators? Would you like a thematic one or one with hints of your favorite tea era?
I love hairstuffs, as long as it can survive Cthulhu-like hair. My hair has eaten more than its fair share of ties, sticks and adornments.

~~When do you call tea time? Are you a cup in the morning, cup at night, weekender, only when its cool/cold outside, for ailments, or a “seriously I’m obsessed with tea, ok?!! I have a TEAmergency kit with me wherever I go.”?
I’ll drink tea whenever. Mostly if I have time to ponder the liking of a cup, often when it is cold (which it already is here).

~~Yarn/fiber dyed with tea: heresy or excellence?

~~If you had to choose: favorite brand vs. locally mixed tea/tisane?
If I had to choose a favorite, it would be adagio, but that’s just because I jump in on Dan’s bulk orders.

~~Would you use reusable tea sachets? (The empty type that you fill/refill)

~~Sugar cubes? Y/N
If you found some carb-free.

~~Cold brew tea? Y/N
When it is hot out.

~~Dieters tea? Anyone try before? Did/does it work?
I know hibiscus is a good diuretic, but so is any irritant like caffeine.

~~Are you in a craft group or tea group?
Centre County Spinners Guild, and Crafty Bitches

~~Do you have, or would you like, a TEAmergency kit?
This might work.

~~Lemon, lime or neither?
Natural lemon is nice.

~~Do you garden outdoors or have plants indoors? Wanna try?
Nope, I have a cat.

~~Do you like books with tea-related things? Like the mad tea party in Alice in Wonderland?
I love Alice ^_^

~~What do you put in your tea? Honey? Milk? Cream? (& of course, sugar, lime, lemon have already been asked) Just generally, rather than 8 questions about it. What goes in your tea cup at any given time? =)

~~Do you drink a cup of tea  or a mug of tea?
I don’t half ass my beverages. Go big or go home. Even if you are at home.

~~How do you store your tea?
They come in nice ziptop bags, but I do like fancy little cans.

~~Do you use tea towels? Would you like one?
No thank you.

~~What time of teapot cozy do you like? Snuggy or Dome?
I have no teapot.

~~What are some of your favorite online tea shops?

~~Are there any tea related publications that you like or would like to read?
I’m not that well versed. A good, thick manual wouldn’t be bad. Scratch and sniff!

~~Do you need any non-teapot kitchen cozies: toaster, coffeemaker, toaster oven, knifeblock… something else?

~~What about teatime-themed spinning wheel covers to keep curious paws and fingers out? Electronics?
My cat is an asshole and should know better by now than to poke at my Hitchhiker.

~~How many tea drinkers are in your home? (and will you share the spoils with them?)
There are two of us, but Dan is very particular as to what he drinks. He’s a purist and often prefers green tea. I like anything I manage to not screw up the steeping for.

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