Friday, October 28, 2011

Winter Madness Swap

Yeah, I know. I haven't even started on the TARDIS swap yet, but I've got ideas!

meglw2008 > TARDIS September 2011 > Pinksonia
Big Damn Heroes September 2011 - Aranov
JustAKnitWit > Buffy August 2011 > maureenbr
meredithparker > Steampunk June 2011 > Caitinc

henchwench > Hennson April 2011 > Melinda77520
Sparkleshan > DotD September 2010 > JoanC2
Lalsox > zombie 2010 > therowantree
divamaglia > Buffy August 2010 > Saberpirate

Ocean angel July 2010 > lycanthropica
ladyval75 > Firefly May 2010 > drewbird
heathen13 > DHSAB May 2010 > swamps42
Twilight April 2010 - xmasangel69

Neighbors: cephalogal, isilzha
Friends IRL: nanonukie, snowpony, scarletampersand

Favorite Color(s): blood red
Favourite Colour Combination(s): red+olive, jewel tones, or autumn colors
Favorite Snack(s)/ Beverage(s): I’m on a no-carb diet, so it gets kind of difficult to snack.
Do you knit, crochet, spin, etc? YES.
Favourite (and not-so-favourite) fiber(s): Anything natural with a maximum of 25% acrylic. I can’t stand acrylic in anything other than amis. Preferably in a lace-to-worsted weight. I also have no clue what to do with art yarn, and cannot find the appeal for Noro.
Favorite type of project? Anything that is a challenge. I like texture/structure work rather than color work, and use mainly solidish colored yarns.
Do you have any allergies? Scented things, like candles and commercial body products.
Do you have any pets? Monster of a cat.
Do you have a post in the “wish list” thread? 249
What holiday do you celebrate? I don’t celebrate anything, but I offer moral support to my roommate with his family travels. Christmas, if anything, but my family has a history of making plans without me.
Do you collect any holiday motif? Does Dia de los Muertos count? Yeah, not really.


How do we feel about paper vs. PDF patterns? I technically prefer PDF, since I don’t print them until I’m actually going to use them, and then I’ll lose them and need to print them again. Books and other print media, though, are quite cool.

What type of project bag do you like the best? (Zippered, drawstring, box bag, etc.) I have never found a project bag I didn’t like. I have SO MANY UFOs that they just sit in their own bags, ready to be picked up at any moment.

Square, Circle, Triangle, Octagon, or Rectangle? Every shape has its place. I’m an equal opportunity shaper.

Straights, DPNs, or Circulars? Never straights. Small projects on DPNs, anything larger on circulars. I have both AddiClick and KnitPicks interchangable sets, but I’m growing fond of fixed circs. Either way, always metal!

Magic Loop, DPN, or Two circs? Magic Loop always gives me ladders, and two circs gets tedious when redrawing the cord. I love just one circ, or DPNs if I can pull them off.

What material do you like for your needles/hooks? METAL. I am far from dainty.

What style of stitch markers do you prefer? Flexible wire, hard metal ring, rubber ring, etc? Earring hook, lobster clasp, etc? I have love for all stitch markers. Flexible wire are nice because they are the most inconspicuous. As long as all the ends are well tucked in and snag free, I’m fine.

What knit/crochet/spinning notions have you been secretly lusting after but probably wouldn’t buy yourself? Ooo… hmmm… I don’t know; I’m pretty impulsive.

Stollen? Do you know what it is? Do you love it, hate it, want to try it? Aw man, that sounds amazing, but I’m on a no-carb sugar-free diet :/

Do you have a yarn winder already? Nope.

Do you want your project yarn wound, or would you prefer it left in a hank if it comes that way? As is. I usually borrow my friend’s winder and she borrows my swift.

Mulled Wine or Egg Nog? Cider!

What level of knitter/crocheter are you? Jump first, ask never. Highly experimental. As long as I can find a description of how to do the individual steps, I’m fine.

Nostepinne? Niddy Noddy? Yarn gauge (wpi)? Needle gauge? I could use a niddy noddy.

Do you have any unique holiday traditions? Just for New Years, but everybody in this country looks at me like I have seven heads.

When do you (if you do) start decorating for the holidays? What kinds of things are a must as far as decorations go? Never. The cat eats EVERYTHING that isn’t bolted down.

Would you like to receive recipes for Christmas cookies or traditional holiday food from your spoiler? Even though I can’t eat them, I love making them for other people! I have a huge book of cookies, but I love anything that is traditional or local.

What’s the best holiday present you got as a kid? Tied between Barbie’s Rock Stage and ice cream Parlor (with ice cream making machine!)

For recipes - can you handle weight measurements? Metric? Cups? I are engineer. Me math good.

Aside from the winter holidays, what do you love about winter? I’m not much of a winter person. I come from a tropical climate, so snow is still odd to me. Probably the food. I love turkey and ham!

Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker? Or do you swing both ways? What kind(s) do you prefer? I’ll drink them, but I’m not a -drinker- per se. I stay away from black tea and highly favor herbals. As far as coffee, anything that has some rich and creamy flavoring, like caramel or nuts.

What is one seasonal treat that you rarely if ever allow yourself (foodstuff/dessert/beverage)? Meh? I don’t really hold back. Or at least I didn’t until three months ago when I started this diet.

How do you feel about mohair? See post #1537 for more details. I, um, don’t have a preference? I liked knitting with lambspride, and snowpony just gave me a basketball sized loop of something burnt red and fluffy which I plan on making into a sweater. I guess I like it, but haven’t had a reason to actively seek it out.

I’ve been making a lot of jams. Do you like jam and jelly? (I’m making more so this list could change). Which do you prefer: apple butter, plum jam, fruit-hot pepper jelly or watermelon rind preserves? (or a surprise!) Ooo, fuit-hot pepper!

When knitting accessories for yourself, what kind of style fits you best - are you a girly, girl? classic styles? Tom boy? Other ideas? I'm a chameleon. I'm mostly a tomboy, and I'm big on classic, but sometimes you just have to go all out and be as girly as humanly possible!

Is there anyone/something else living with you, the we need to take into consideration when sending your package? For example - please entertain, choose one/all - the kids, dog, cat, pet, husband/wife, significant other while I am opening my package with catnip toy, doggy treats, husband/wife/kids - suggest something? Nope. Swap packages are all for me!

Have you any interest in/ use for those super short circs, you know, those 9” ones? Never tried them, so maybe? Perhaps as a pair?

Hand Lotions: good, bad, indifferent? scented or not scented? If scented, what scents do you prefer? Floral, Foodie (ie. vanilla, peppermint), musky (sandalwood, etc)? Unless you made it yourself from petroleum-free ingredients, no thank you. I'm a dirty hippy and I don't use commercial bath products. I'm also very touchy with scents, but more because of their intensity than their contents. I prefer fresher floral/fruit/sweet scents, and honeysuckle is my favorite!

Candles: yes, no? Same scent question as above. No thank you, I have a cat.

What top 3 patterns would you like to receive? Hrm, not sure?

Are you in with the craze that is the bee keepers quilt or hexi puffing or any other remnant project? If yes would you like mini skeins of items? No, but if you have leftovers, I can always find something to use them for.

Big Damn Heroes swap

I got my package from Aranov!!! I was very happy when I got home yesterday to find a soaking wet box, which luckily kept everything inside of it dry.

I got two balls of Serenity Yarns in Yo-Saf-Bridge, which is totally closer to Kaylee’s parasol!
A pair of fingerless mitts in a cotton yarn that are really interesting, with ties up the side.
A tin with my favorite rebel-turned-smuggler instead of the smuggler-turned-rebel,
And a super awesome olive green bag with Kaylee’s bear patch, geisha lining and safety belt strap. I wore it last night to No Refund Theater's presentation of Little Shop Of Horrors and my friends loved it.

This was a non-secret swap, which was kind of difficult! How can you stalk someone and ask questions, if they know you're asking directly of them? In the end, I used a friend of hers that was also in the swap as my mole. I sent her:

A very cunning shrug, two dinosaurs, chocolate and some Shimmer.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I figured I'd start making a catalogue of all the Docs I own...

1999: Brown 8 holes, with a more square toebox. I outgrew them before I ever wore them down.

~2000: the only pair I ever got rid of. Got them small because they were the only size in stock, before everything had a zipper. I took them to many concerts, but didn't love them as much because the leather was always too stiff and bent into my achilles.

2007: I got these for fighting in beige with a grass and butterfly lazer print. They are the softest leather and very nice, but the zipper is a bitch to all my socks.

2008: Christina. Damn, I love these shoes! I have worn through half the heel in the last three years because I wear them so much!

2008 (same purchase) or 2009: Thema. Gorgeous. I love these boots, but they are annoying to put on because of my heel getting stuck in the straps.

2010: 1914 Triumph. They are the first I ever saw that are lined and fold over. Very comfy!

2010: Same purchase. Darcie, cherry red rub off. I like them, they are comfortable, they aren't my favorite. I don't know why...

This week I plan on purchasing another pair of 1914 Triumphs; brown with flowered lining. I also want a pair of 8 holes in black flowered canvas, and a pair of plain green 8 holes, but I should probably draw the line somewhere...

ETA: Yeah, I drew the line. One pair farther than that.

Monday, September 12, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things.

I am a nerd. Seriously, nerdy things make me extremely giddy. If something related to any of these things finds itself into one of my packages, I will squee very loud.

- Buffy
- Firefly
- Dollhouse
- Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog
- Anything Joss Whedon (including Roseanne)
- New Doctor Who (someday I'll pay more attention to the old stuff)
- Star Wars
- Dungeons and Dragons (though not 4E)
- Society for Creative Anachronism, focusing on early 16th century Spain, preferably Basque
- Spiderman
- Wolverine
- Rogue
- Phoenix
- the rest of the X-Men
- Iron Man
- the new series of movies leading up to the Avengers
- Hello Kitty
- Metroid (Samus Aran has green hair bob damnit!)
- treehugging
- more fiber crafts than I will ever have time to complete
- cooking
- force feeding people

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Doctor Who Duck Pond swap

Favorite Doctor: Tennant was my first, but I am really loving Smith!

Favorite Companion: I loved Donna ever since I watched their RND skit, and Sara Jane Smith was very charismatic. I love Rory’s heart, and River just keeps getting better and better!

Favorite Baddie: Angels!

Favorite Master: 8.5 and his Dalek bumps!

Do you anti-love any Doctors, companions, or baddies? If I never see another Dalek or Ciberman, it will be too soon. Though the worst Who baddie is RTD.

Are you mainly a new Who fan (8 and up), a classic Who fan (1-8), or both? I love New Who, and have seen very little old, though I’d like to watch it all one day. I think Three was the one with a good ass…

Have you enjoyed Doctor Who in any medium besides the TV series (or fan-fiction or private musings)? Other than Brit!Torchwood and RND specials, no.

Do you like tea, coffee, and/or cocoa? Not particularly.

What do you like to nibble with your beverage(s) of choice? Get detailed. Go on, make us drool! While I do love any home made baked goods and candies, I am currently on a no-carb diet :(

Hrm, difficult. I’m not much of a planner, and I love just jumping in head first when I travel, so I’d very much love for the TARDIS to take me wherever she wants me to be. As far as which Doctor, Tennant would be very caring and educational, but Smith would be spastic and entertaining!

All of my electronics are already cozified, but I can always use more project bags of all sizes!This one is always difficult for me. I currently do many fiber crafts, including sew, knit, crochet, spin, drop spin, dye, and tablet/inkle weave. I have been known in the past to cross stitch, embroider, chainmail, fimo, blow glass and make jewelry for other people (including stitch markers). I will throw paint on a project and am really good at copying an image, but I don’t draw or paint for the sake of “art”.
I have touched so many bases in the past that I know how to appreciate all kinds of hand mades, and I wouldn’t mind glass beads for a change.

Chucks: Ditto with the red.

DVD regions I have machines for 1 and 4, but my roommate can play anything on his computer.

Cozies: I think everything is properly cozied at the moment. I have a black 15” MacBook which may or may not be replaced in the who knows how near future, and an iPhone4 that wouldn’t mind a proper protective skin or case.

Crafts: I try to limit myself to fiber crafts, since my basement is beginning to overflow with stash. I currently spin, knit/crochet and sew. I don’t need any random notions, but can always have more bags of all sizes, organizational cases, stitch markers, AddiCircs or books.

Yes, I love cosplaying. This Otakon I dressed up as Bellatrix, Kaylee and Idris. I was missing a couple of details, but I think I managed to get it pretty accurate. The bodice was a bit of a pain to fit completely because I didn’t have a dress form, but I finally remedied that at Pennsic. The Kaylee suit was only missing an accurate pink pagoda shirt, an accurate parasol, and the wooden flipflops, but a kid stopped by to take my picture at the same time as this one wearing a pair, overheard my lament and sold them to me! Next year, I’m making the pink frilly dress with all nine frills! And hopefully there’ll be another cool DW thing to dress up as.Other than Otakon, I am a SCAdian. I do early 16th century Spain, though I’d prefer to focus on Basque if only I could find enough info.With as much as I love Halloween, I never find any decent parties to go to, so I don’t do standard costumes, but my everyday wardrobe is pretty interesting and costumish. Those were originally my Going Out coveralls from when I was in college.

What’s your Whovian Rainbow, ie, what color/item combos say “Doctor Who” to you? And if there’s a color in there you want no part of, please say so!
Pink: I know there’s a chick around four or so that dresses up like the Doctor, only does it in pinks. This is cute, but I have watched very limited Old Who.
Red: This evokes the fez and the dress on the robot in The Girl In The Fireplace. I love red. I love red a lot. I even love red alot! It also reminds me of Donna. Oh! And yummy, yummy James Marsters!
Orange/peach: I don’t have a Whovian memory, but I likes. Probably Amy. The Flesh would be peach, but I felt they shouldn’t have taken two episodes on it.
Yellow: Regeneration.
Green: The forest and River’s name leaf. Smith’s screwdriver.
Teal: Well, the closest thing I can think of is Jack’s coat, which is a tealy grey.
Blue: TARDIS, Idris, space. Blue is wonderful in many of its shades and just essential to Who.
Purple: Reminds me of Rose and Martha. I love the color, but really don’t care for Rose.
Brown: Ten, most definitely Ten. And this is where the teal comes in! Derp.
White: Was it six or seven that had the sweater vest with the question marks? And I think the poodle was white.
Black: Black is also ever present in Who. I immediately think of the first two or three Doctors that were all somber looking, and Eckleston’s leather jacket.
Multicolor: The scarf and the technicolor dream coat. And then the skittle Daleks. I highly dislike the Daleks and their constant “oh you did away with all of us but they couldn’t think of another enemy for this week”ed ness.
I’m going to add Grey: The Angels! I love the Angels!
ETA: As far as what to wear, I love all colors as long as they commit to being a color. I’m not big on wishywashy.


Which other swaps have you been in at this point in your timeline? Please provide a link to the thread for any non-Duck swaps. Who were your spoiler and spoilee for the previous Odd Duck Who swap, if you participated?

Big Damn Heroes September 2011- Aranov
?} Buffy August 2011} ?
meredithparker} Steampunk June 2011} Caitinc

henchwench} Hennson April 2011} Melinda77520

Sparkleshan} DotD September 2010} JoanC2

Lalsox} zombie 2010} therowantree
divamaglia} Buffy August 2010} Saberpirate

Ocean angel July 2010} lycanthropica

ladyval75 } Firefly May 2010} drewbird

heathen13} DHSAB May 2010} swamps42

Twilight April 2010 - xmasangel69

Neighbors: cephalogal, isilzha
Friends IRL: nanonukie, snowpony

Are you willing to ship internationally/do you have shipping preferences? Not currently.

Please list your allergies (pets, smoke, spices, fibers, metals, alien technologies) Scents, smoke, baby melting acrylic.

Do you or anyone in your household smoke (tobacco or bio-combustive processes)? Nope

Do you or anyone in your household have pets? If so, what kind? C.A.T.

What is your favorite icon of the series? As in graphic design, or personality? Can I say Van Gohs' Exploding Tardis?

Do you welcome a small item or two for the other members of your household? If so, what should it be: something for your SO or roomies, candy for kids, pet toys, etc? Nope, the other two are too spoiled. All for me!!!

What’s your favorite DW episode (or 3) and what about them did you particularly like? Least favorite(s) and why? Blink and The Doctor's Wife. The first one was a perfect Monster Of the Week. Self contained, and can be understood by someone that has never encountered the mythos. The latter is just wonderfully written and directed. I am a huge fan of Moffat's writing, and I love what he is doing with Smith. I also really loved Tennant, and the strength that both of them portray. I very much hate RTD, the daleks and the cibermen, and find them to be cheap copouts for when they can't think of any interesting enemies.

Should your spoiler look in your fave patterns or queue for ideas of what to make? Are there tags s/he should look for? My faves are only things I like, but have nothing to do with me. My queue is well organized and has been tagged with "me" if I "plan" on making it, some with yarn ideas. I only put it into my projects when I've actually committed to making something.

What length is your hair, and do you like hair toys? Mid back, very thick and growing, and I love them!

Would you like to receive patterns from your wishlist? Would it disappoint you to get the pattern rather than the made-up item? Either would be lovely.

What are your favorite things about Dr. Who (the actors, the writing, the time-travel, the drama, the comedy…)? I love brit humor. I am dry and snarky and I love the imaginativeness of the show. I enjoy some stand alone episodes, but I am more passionate about the long story arks and trying to figure them out.

Type to me of jewelry. Do you wear earrings? Bracelets? Necklaces? Anklets? Belly chains? What styles do you like? Supply 3 adjectives as a starting point. What metals do/don’t you wear? Meh? I love jewelry, but always forget to wear it. I only wear one necklace that my mom gave me with a Mexican coin and my birthdate engraved in the back, but can pair it up with something very long. I prefer bracelets and rings and earrings, and functional is my favorite descriptor! No allergies.

Bowtie, scarf, both, or neither? Love both, have none.

What is your favorite yarn weight to use for yourself? lace - worsted, mostly sock.

Favorite color(s)? strong, vibrant colors

Favorite fiber(s)? NOT ACRYLIC

In honor of Amy Pond: nail polish? What colors do you want and which colors do you have enough of? I have tons of red, and many other colors. I'll take any!

How do you feel about yarn bowls? Small tray-plates for holding beads and stitch markers and such while you work? Are there any other craft supplies or working aids that you’d love in some Whovian version? No need for a bowl or plates, but I love any kind of beaded counter/marker.

What snacks do you like? I'm on a carb-free diet...

Measurements, and I mean the kind involving numbers, cuz “average” or “big” means totally different things to different people. Imagine a Silurian trying to make mitts for an “average” Slitheen! hands, wrists, feet, neck, head. lol. Check the blog.

Do you have wishlists at Etsy, Knitpicks, Amazon, Audible, or other online places your spoilee might like to see for a sampling of your tastes? If so, please provide linkage! Yarrrrn.

Anything else your spoiler should know about you and your interests? My blog is the best link to who I am, and I'll try to add stuff as it becomes pertinent.

Big reminder-type things:
Have you re-read the first two posts in this thread and the Odd Duck rules (page and thread!) and agree to follow them? Yus.
Do you agree to check for DMs and reply to any mod-passed-along questions at least weekly throughout the swap? Yus.
Do you agree to answer all questions in this thread by the next check-in date, which includes weekly checkins for the first month? This includes ALL questions in post #2’s summary, even if you’re pretty sure that they’re not from your spoiler due to geography. Yus!
Have you updated your Odd Duck wishlist within the last 3 months (requirement!!)? What number is your post in that thread? In process, but mostly accurate. #249
Do you agree to ship on time, use Delivery Confirmation (USPS requirement) and send that number to the mod when you ship, or, if you reallllly need an extension, to talk with the mod about that before the shipping deadline? Yus.
Do you understand that not fulfilling the big-reminder-type things may result in your being removed from the swap and cursed with a black spot (ie, blacklisted)? Yus.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Second Annual Buffy Swap

I am still putting the finishing touches on my steampunk swap, and I've already had my Buffy partner for two weeks -_-;; I know exactly what I'm making (still kind of dubious on the yarn), so I shouldn't be too far behind. Since BDK will be announcing partners tonight, I better get a crackin'.

Here will be my compilation of questions asked in both Buffy swap threads. Don't forget to look through the rest of my blog if you have any other curiosities!

1) What kind of crafting do you do?
Knit, crochet, spin and sew, mainly.

2) Fav colors/combinations
Check the blog and the wishlist, but I love blood red, autumn/fire colors, and jewel tones. Anything that is strong!

3) Least favorite colors
pastels and pink

4) Favorite fibers/yarns
anything natural, with a maximum of 20% nylon if need be (for socks).
Check the yarn post I made a couple of days ago.

5) List some Small items you would like to have
I can never have enough stitch markers or bags of all sizes!

7) Things you don’t need or want
Other knitting notions are already taken care of.

8) List as many sizes as you can
Full body measurements are also on blog

9) What is something you would like to receive in this swap? (keep price limits in mind
something creative, definitely useful, preferably wearable. I don’t have display space, and my cat eats everything. I’d love something that showed off my love of the Buffyverse to the whole world!

10) Would you like the package to be a more detailed buffy theme or random buffy?
Either can be interesting.

11) Where do you stand on things like make up, nail polish, jewelry, and hair items?
I very rarely wear make up (and I have more than enough!) or nail polish (though I love it) or jewelry (no necklaces, please), but I love stuff for my hair! I also specifically don’t use bath products or lip balm/gloss that I didn’t make myself because (I am a dirty hippie) the scents are almost always too overpowering. If you make it yourself, go right ahead!

12) Do you have any hobbies (other then fiber ones lol ex: reading, writing, photography, drawing ect.)
Roller derby and reading.

13) Do you have pets or children who like to receive little things as well?
No thanks, he’s more than spoiled already!

14) List anything else you think useful (we want your partner to have as much to go on as possible in order to make your package amazing and just right for you!)
My blog is pretty indicative of who I am.

15) Do you promise to be a good partner, fulfill all obligations, and send out a package made with just as much time care and love as the one you would like to receive?
You’re darn tootin!

Partner Assignment
1) What are your favorite snacks, treats or drinks?
I am currently on a ketogenic diet, so I don’t eat any carbs or sugars. I wouldn’t trust anything premade, since even diabetic candies are only -low- in sugar, but have much more than I can eat. Um, no-carb protein shakes and bars? Yeah, sorry about that.

2) What types of things do you knit or crochet?
I mostly knit for swaps and other people. I love lace and texture, and stay away from self striping yarns or yarns with quick and abrupt color changes. Amigurumis, shawls, scarfs, socks, gloves, whatever project is required!

3) What one pattern from your faves or queue are you itching to make but you haven’t the time, skill or supplies?
I have a huge stash, so supplies have never been an issue, but I’ve never had time to knit anything bigger than a hat for myself. I’d love one of the MMario shawls or a sweater.

4) And if you have a wishlist somewhere else like etsy, amazon, knitpicks, etc. please post a link for easy stalking. :-)
I don’t have any wishlists, but my blog is pretty indicative of what I like. I’ve started posts that list yarns that I want and things that I want for swaps.

5) Do you have an anti-wish list? Like allergies, annoyances, colors/fibers and overstocked notions.
I don’t do art yarn or fun fur or acrylic. Yarns components need to be > 80% natural, but I don’t mind their nature or origin. As far as colors, I knit with solid, semi-solid, transitional/gradients, or anything that won’t look odd when knit in a lacy fashion. As far as allergies, I am very sensitive to scents and soaps, so please no bath products, chapsticks, or highly scented things.

September 3
1) Fav Buffy character/ why
While I am quite passionate about the whole ensemble, and have an intense love/hate relationship with each one of the characters, Anyanka is the one I have found the most to relate to. I’ve been living in the US for six years now, and I still can’t quite put my finger on how people function here. I’m just that perpetual outsider that constantly manages to stick a foot in her mouth.

2) Fav season
I’m big on 6. I love how everything that is happening is just -normal-. Yeah, it’s great to have evilness with super powers, but it’s surviving the little things that really matters.

3) Fav episode
One? Damn. OMwF? I love all of the classics, like Hush, Dopplegangland, Zeppo, Band Candy, Smile Time. The Body makes me cry like a little baby every single time.

4) Have you read or would you be interested in the comics?
I have the first couple of comics and have been meaning to read them, but can’t seem to get around to them. I wouldn’t mind a compilation of them.

5) Buffy books?
Never read any of them. Color me intrigued.

6) Buffyverse Quotes you use often?
OMG, did it sing?
Don’t speak latin infront of the books!
Beer good.
The hardest part of life is living it.
They got the mustard out.
Bored now.

7) Fav big bad?

8) Do you like the show Angel as well as Buffy?
Angel had wonderful standalone episodes and characters, and the first and last season were really good, but there were several main plots I just didn’t care for.

9) Do you like buffy with Angle or Spike?

10) Do you have any other fav character relationships?
This goes back to me loving/hating everybody on the show. After the fifth watch through, you really notice everybody’s flaws. Willow/Oz, then that stupid werewolf interferes. Willow/Tara, then Willow becomes a junkie. Buffy/Angel, then he gets all mopey and leaves. Buffy/Spike, but she never allows herself to let go and feel. Giles/Joyce, then they kill her. Xander/Anya, but he’s an idiot. Xander/Cordelia, but he’s an idiot. Spike/Dru, but then she is insane… Fred/Wesley, but then she goes all demony and crap.

Handmades: I love ALL handmades! I’m a bit obsessed. And since I always end up giving away the things I make, I don’t really have many for myself. I’m in PA, and it snows 7/12 months. I love anything shawl/glove/hat related, but wool socks make my feet swampy. I’m willing to try something thin, like cotton or bamboo ones, but I do love leg warmers!As far as toys, I have a huge cat that devours EVERYTHING. So please no toys, and especially no dust catcher! (unless it is a Smile Time puppet, then I can be persuaded)

Collect: I love things that are useful, and if anything I collect big mugs.

Media: I have the Buffy and Angel sets, and the first couple of comics. I’d love anything else!

Do you have any specifications for how you like you gloves, socks, hats or shawls? i.e. length, thickness, materials
As far as socks, 100% wool makes my feet swampy, but I'd love to try any other more breathable/wicking material. Any length would be nice. I also like them tighter rather than looser. Gloves are all ok, preferably at least mid forearm or longer. Hats are very nice, and I like them like anything I've already knit or in my queue. Shawls are also all wonderful!

How do you feel about blingy, sparkly, or other “novelty” yarns? Not just typical novelties like fun fur, but also those with stellina content (Blue Heron Rayon Metallic, DIC Starry, Stroll Glimmer) or other “additives.”
I normally hate novelty yarns, but I'm ok with stellina and minor additives. As long as it looks even as I knit it, I'm fine. I've also been jonesing for Astral in Sexy and Regenerate.

Do you like/will you use straight knitting needles? Are you a circ only fan? How bout DPNs?
I only use circs and DPNs. I have an AddiClick set and a few AddiCircs for socks. Straight needles just always felt cumbersome, since I can always use DPNs for smaller projects and circs for heavier ones.

If you have a pattern book (or any book) on a wishlist, will you accept a gently used version?
I am a dirty hippy, so anything that has been pre-loved (well, ok, there are definitely a couple of things that don’t apply…) is always a plus. I especially love used books that have annotations in them, since I love trying to imagine what the previous owner was thinking when they wrote it.

Would you like your swap partner to knit/crochet/create something out of your favorites, or should we leave that stuff to you?
Ooo, favorites. When I tag something as favorite, it doesn’t necessarily mean I want it for myself. I normally am appreciating the work or like some detail from it. My queue, on the other hand, is well tagged with things I actually want for myself. I would love something from my queue! I “plan” on making them one day, but unless it is already on my project page, I don’t actually have -plans- to make it.

Would you like to receive something by/starring a cast/crew member of Buffy? For example and SMG film, other Joss project etc?
I make an effort to watch things that involve Whedonites. I have Buffy and Angel, and have already watched/bought most SMG movies. “Timer” was really cool, too! As much as I enjoy these random productions, it’s not the same if Joss isn’t part of it. I absolutely adore Roseanne, Firefly, DHSAB and Dollhouse, so anything that might sneak in is fine.And Buffy Staked Edward, The End.I love the saying, but I already have the shirt :P I wouldn’t mind it on anything else, though!

Scarves: As well as shawls, I like them all. It snows 7/12 months here and they are predicting a harsh winter this year. As long as it isn’t too stiff, I likes ^_^

Coasters/potholders: I’ll toss in washcloths/scrubbies and say no thank you.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Yarn Wish List

These are some of the things I want. Expect the list to grow as I discover new dyers ^_^

Light Brown Hare - Moro I'd love a sweater in these colors! Like a juicy peach ^_^ Maybe dyed in the fiber instead of the yarn so that the color changes aren't so abrupt.

So many swaps, so little time.

Well, hello there! For those of you that haven't noticed, I am insane. I am currently participating in just a few swaps. I have this weekend to finish up my Steampunk box over on Odd Ducks (all I'm missing is the turtle's top hat and bacon toffee) and I'll make a proper post once the package is received.

A week ago, I got my partner assigned for the Second Annual Buffy swap, which is smaller than the OD swaps and I'll be able to finish in just a couple of weeks of quick knitting. In two weeks, I should be getting my partner for the TARDIS Day swap, which -is- OD and will be a bit more complicated, but I have a bunch of ideas for DW. (I haven't posted pictures of my shawl or Otakon. I should get on that...) This weekend, I should be getting my partner for the Big Damn Knitters' Firefly swap, which is a bit different from what I'm used to. It runs on a point system, so I have a feeling it will end up being closer in size to the Buffy swap than the OD ones.

So yeah, I'm going to be a bit busy for the next couple of months. The two small boxes need to be sent out October 24th, and the bigger one November 15th, so yeah, I really should get back to that top hat...

Buffy Aug 27-Oct 24
Firefly Sep 4-Oct 24
TARDIS Sep 15-Nov 15

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pennsic XL

This year was a blast! I was very insecure to sign up, since prereg was around when I was at my most depressed, but I'm very glad I managed to suck it up and jump head first anyway.

Due to Otakon being just a week before, I didn't have time to get into the groove until very late. I was very lucky to find dabasque on Odd Ducks and have her walk me through so many details of basque clothing! Unfortunately, I had trouble translating it to real life. I spent monday crying in my room because I couldn't manage to make a pattern from scratch and get it to work for me by myself. Luckily, my friend Nicole helped me on wednesday and we got a really good mock up. Thursday was spent making the dress out of the mockup, and I'm very happy with how it turned out, except that I left too much allowance for the seams that I didn't take up, and the bodice ended up being an inch or two too big. Meh, it still worked!

Friday I went home early from work and packed and finished things up, before going to game at Nicole's. I finally finished my Tilting TARDIS shawl, which took me a whole week to bind off -_-;; and then woke up at 6:30 am to make up two chemises and a pair of linen bloomers. OMG, dabasque was so right! I wore my biker shorts one day, which I wear on a regular basis under skirts, and felt completely swamped. Linen bloomers, though, were amazing!

Bad flash is bad.

I think I lucked out this year with classes. Rumor has it that they want to make Pennsic XLI Spanish themed, so I got to take six or seven classes about Spanish clothing of the 13c and 16c, along with Visigoth lettering. Someone suggested to that teacher (Doña Violante de Sant Sebastian) that she should teach a class on abbreviations next year, and I think she should also teach one on words of Moorish origin. dabasque, also known as Josefina del Torre, was going to teach a class on alpargatas, but had family health issues and had to cancel. I was very excited for that class, and I will definitely find a way to shake it out of her!

Things I purchased:
A Uniquely You memory foam dress form which I had been lusting over for three years. I am so excited to finally be able to make clothes without having to beg for people to pin me in.
Two period dress patterns and reeds to make a verduguera.

Two mead kits, again, which I better use this time!
A bowl and mug from Charlie, cephalogal's potter on retainer.
A custom ~morion helmet!!! I am so excited to finally get back into fighting! Well, once I get it in a few months.

I controlled myself and didn't buy a $240 carved wood chest, which was awesome and had a skeleton laying on the lid. But I just might next year... Along with a canvas tent.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clone me!

So, every swap I'm in always asks for the oddest measurements. I also tend to sew some odd things, so I'm going to take a bunch of measurements, starting from the top!

Hat band = 58 cm
Head band = 40 cm
Neck circumference = 35 cm
Neck lenght = 10 cm

Shoulders, flat (front) = 45 cm
Shoulders, around = 106 cm
Over chest = 98 cm
Chest (with bra) = 106 cm
Nipple to nipple = 20 cm
Under breast = 90 cm
Natural waist = 87 cm
Pants waist = 101 cm
Clavicle to breast = 22 cm
Clavicle to navel = 44 cm
Back of neck to natural waist = 34 cm

Shoulder to elbow = 33 cm
Elbow to wrist = 28 cm
Sleeve = 65 cm
Arm pit up = 45 cm
Arm pit around = 31 cm
Wrist = 17 cm

Wrist to fingers = 10 cm
Middle finger = 8 cm
Around hand and thumb = 23 cm
Around hand, under thumb = 19 cm
Inner thumb length = 6 cm
Pinky length = 5.5 cm

Hips = 100 cm
Thigh = 59 cm
Mid thigh = 53 cm
Knee = 37 cm
Calf = 40 cm
Ankle = 22.5 cm
Wide ankle = 29 cm
Bridge of foot = 24 cm
Ball of foot = 22 cm
Print length = 25 cm
Floor to knee = 48 cm
Knee to hip = 44 cm
Floor to mid thigh = 67 cm
Floor to widest calf = 32 cm

Did I miss anything?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Steampunk Swap

list of previous swappees:
henchwench} Hennson} Melinda77520
divamaglia} Buffy} Saberpirate
Sparkleshan} DotD} JoanC2
Lalsox} zombie} therowantree
Ocean angel} lycanthropica
ladyval75 } Firefly} drewbird
heathen13} DHSAB} swamps42
Twilight} xmasangel69

Neighbors: cephalogal, nanonukie, isilzha and snowpony

In which country do you live? Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA
Are you willing to ship internationally? Sorry, but not this time.
Do you have any allergies? Just to smoke and scented products.
What is your favorite thing about Steampunk? I love the inventiveness of steampunk, and the engineerial approach to the “alternate steam-powered reality”, along with the constant desire to explore. Victorian aesthetics are beautiful, and even better when you add science! It completely loses me, though, when people start smashing clocks and using gears willynilly in a purely decorative fashion. The key to true steampunk is functionality!
Is this your first Odd Duck swap? no, very much no
Do you know what you are getting in to? Unfortunately.
Do you have a wishlist(s)? 249, and my profile and blog are pretty indicative
Have you answered the questions linked at the top of the thread page? I, um… link? I seem to be a bit slow today. I’ve answered all the questions as they’ve come up…
Describe yourself in ten words or less: Mexican, athlete, engineer, Odd, NERD, morbid, curious, militant treehugger, Odd
Are you hardcore Steampunk? probably not to the extent of others, but I really like it
Do you consider Steampunk a daily lifestyle or a weekend/occasional activity? It bleeds into my daily life, with some occasional intense bursts
Have you read the rules? Yessiry
Do you agree to abide by all of the rules, especially the NO DRAMA one? aw shucks, if I must :(
Do you accept that violation of any of the group rules will get you kicked out of the swap, and maybe even the group? yes’m
Are you aware of CaptnHook’s reputed lack of flexibility when dealing with the rules? I am now. Boob squishies?

Mod/Check-in Questions
none yet...

Fellow Swappers' Questions

Are you: Victorian? Scientist? Air Pirate? Goth? Explorer/Safari? Tech Mod?I got Diplomat or Spy, too :/
6 Urban, -7 Physical, -10 Technophobic, 5 Belligerent and 13 HighClass!

I would say I’m a better fit for mechanic, scientist, programmer and/or explorer with a victorian/goth/tech mod bend. (That eye thing sounds really interesting!)

Do you like this tshirt from ript? its the shirt for today, Friday June 2
Cute, but meh.

On the subject of cogs, how do people feel about ‘stick a cog on it’? Are you, “THE COGS MUST WORK!” or “I think they’re pretty, slap ‘em on stuff!”
COGS MUST WORK, DAMNIT! But being an engineer, I love watching how they work. They are very pretty. And no goggle on foreheads.

Ok, I probably exaggerated. I don’t hate goggles, I just hate it when people use goggles as an excuse to no try harder. I do draw the line at destroying watches, though! I love the aesthetics of cogs, as long as they are doing something.

what’s your favorite steampunk book or writer?
Never read anything steampunk. I normally focus on fantasy, with witches/wizzards and/or vampires/werewolves.

stitchmarkers, what makes them steampunk?
For me, steampunk also includes spirals, keys, actual clocks that tell time, and flowers. Materials are a big thing I’d focus on, too, like making the flowers out of metals. Things that invoke discovery, be it science, sea or space.

You can also use clocks for other accessories, like as part of a knitting rosary, or a combination watch fob/stitch marker holder.

What are your feelings on receiving an altered book? Are pretty, but I’d be very sad if it took away the fact that it is a book, and books should be read. (see also: don’t randomly destroy watches)

Where would you carry your gun? Between the girls (boobs)? On the Thigh Like Lara Croft? Small of your back? Inside the thigh like an olde time saloon girl? any other place I didn’t think of?
I already carry too much stuff in my boobs. I’d definitely carry mine on the thigh in a garter. Though it would be awesome if I could somehow manage to tangle one up into my hair in a bun…

It isn’t steampunk unless it contains _____________? If your spoiler decides to spoil you with goggles, would you prefer the sort to wear on your head/hat or the sort to wear on your face? Also, if you normally wear glasses, could you hack wearing goggles for a while?
Alternate technology and curiosity! And I don't wear glasses, but I would kill for a nifty pair of chem lab goggles.

How do you feel about brass? Lurves it.

Do you wear jewelery? If so, what kind? Any metal allergies?
I forget to wear jewelry, but I love bracelets and have no allergies. I wouldn’t mind nolawriter’s ring, which is beyond gorgeous! Congrats!!!

Do you like cephalopods? With or without monacles/mustaches/top hats?
I am indifferent to cephalopods other than cephalogal, which I think would look nifty with a monacle.

Do you like the brown/bronze/brass color scheme, or is it overdone?
Lurves it. One of my favorites, but I also love the addition of pewter and burgundy.

How or when did you become interested in Steampunk?
I can’t place a finger on it. I was addicted to Egypt when in elementary school, then really fell for Art Nouveau in high school. It wasn’t until college that I realized that I also adored the greater Victorian set of aesthetics, too. Now, to make it actually steampunk: I’ve always been uber intrigued by science and engineering, and a compulsive crafter, so to make smart things pretty has always been right up my alley. As far as the term “steampunk”, I’ve probably been familiar with it for a decade or so.

What music within the genre do you like?
I went to a Rasputina/Voltaire concert last month that was a blast, and I’ve had them and some Abney Park on my iPod for ten years… It isn’t exactly a genre I ever thought to actively pursue, though I do like it. I always just thought they were a goth subculture.

Whoever I’m spoiling, I hope they don’t mind plastic cogs. The plan is for the cogs to be unseen anyway, as part of a working Thing.
Woohoo!!! I love things that work.

Your Steampunkiness… Chevy or VW?
Precision German engineering all the way!

If your spoiler makes you a wearable steampunk item, would you be more interested in a costume piece or something you could wear in more mundane circumstances?
I make little distinction in my everyday wears.

What is your favored mode of transport? Dirigible, submarine, railless train, Steam Man of the Plains?
really, really fast desert walker

Are you a spinner? Would you like spinnable fiber? I would lurves some.

Do you like handknit socks? What size are your feet, if so?
Wool socks make my feet swampy, but I’d love to try cotton. My feet are 10” long, size 10/42

Did anybody ever watch “The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne” on the Sci-Fi channel, back when they had original programming? Nope.

Do you sew?
Since before I properly knew what numbers are between 11 and 19, and I would love period patterns!

In your opinion is ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ steam punk?
In the sense that it is all about curiosity and exploring, yes, but not much else.

Did anyone else ever play Syberia? nope

How do you feel about legwarmers/spats? Lurve

How do you feel about armwarmers? Lurves them too

What scents would you associate with Steampunk? Leather and eels?

What scents do you prefer? I’m sensitive to scents, so none please.

Do you drink tea? And if so, what forms? Bags, loose, iced, decaf only? I drink tea-free infusions in any presentation.

Are you more of a Wild-West coffee drinker? Again, what’s the method of your perfred poison?
I can’t stand american standards for burnt coffee, but I love coffee nonetheless. The girlier the better.

If Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is steampunk, is The Great Race steampunk? lolwut?

favorite animal? Pretty much anything that is fuzzy and I can love and squeeze and hug to pieces.

for those that spin or would like to…. drop spindles? yay or nay? I love drop spindles, but most I have are on the heavy side. I’d love something for lace.

any opposition to animal based materials in the construction of your gifties like leather? fossils? nope, not at all

Okay, so another question: would you like to receive petticoat/bloomers/underskirt type paraphernalia? Yes, please and thank you.

Do you like graphic novels? meh.

Do you have any ‘Steampunk’ graphic novels? no

So is an aviator scarf cool bamboo so it drapes and shines like silk or warm soft wool so it actually keeps you warm on the airplane/hot air balloon? Either works.

is there any military insignia/war memorabilia that you do NOT want included in your gifties? Anything you do want?
While I can appreciate the technological advances that have come from military research, I really don’t like anything military. Though I do love olive drab.

Hair Toys - yeay or nay? My hair is finally long enough, so yes please!!!

A lot of folks have mentioned bags - project bags? Messinger bags? Medic bags? Yummy guys to deliver your next russack? What’s your need?
All of the above ^_^ I constantly need of more things to carry my crap in. Anything from a few inches to keep notions in, maybe 8” for small projects, or messenger bags for the whole shebang!

shawl pins, yes or no? What style do you like? I’ve been using tiny butterfly clips because I don’t have any, but I’d love one! Especially if it comes with a shawl :P

I’ve got yet another question (or two). Capes? And hats. Would you like? What type etc. Lurves them both!

Should we have a question about bust size in case people want to make waistcoats or peplum jackets or other knitted over-the-bust thingies for their Steampunk spoilees? 5’10”, 180 lbs, 36DD, very short torso.. I'll try to get more thorough measurements later if needed.

Do you own a doll that you dress up? Not just no, but HELL NO.

Do you like steampunk/antique/neo-voctorian things for your house?
Yes and no. I’d love them, but I can’t have anything that isn’t functional, since I live in a rental and I have a cat that eats EVERYTHING.

would you use a quill pen/dip pen/nib pen? (or whatever those things are called in English that you dip into the ink in order to write)
I’d prefer one with a reservoir (a fountain pen) since I don’t have a desk, but I love writing with nibs!

What if a blank book were to be filled with altered history? science? ect… This is interesting…

If you have a garden/houseplants would you like steampunk/antique/neo-voctorian things for your garden/houseplants?
Can you make them cat/groundhog/chipmunk/woodpecker proof?

So whats a goodly number of stitch markers for a swap giftie?
I normally make ten or twenty stitch markers at a time (five or six if they are out of expensive parts). I rarely need stitch markers, but when I do, I need a lot!

What better way to personalize a swap package than to include some small item featuring a steampunk-stylized version of a "personal emblem"? What do you think? I know we are all crafty types, but would this be unrealistic for our time and budget constraints? Umm, spirals, I guess...

What do you anticipate this to be?
OHMYBOBWANT!!! I would love that as a notions organizer.

What are your feelings on a working Steamie Clock? Dinner plate size?
A steampunk clock would also be cool, since we seem to collect them (along with sepia toned maps) in this house.

Buttons: Matching or mismatched?
Yes please.

Straps: Useful or decorative?
Useful is better, but either work.

Should your spoiler include a small item or two for the other members of your household? If so, what should it be: candy for kids, pet toys, etc?
MINE, ALL MINE!!! Cat is spoiled enough.

Your feelings towards frou frou? Lace? Lurves.

Would you like a “fascinater”? Probably not a dinky hat, but yes a barrette or headband or other hairpiece.

How do you feel about crafted toys?
Meh, I can’t really have anything the cat will eat.

Shawls, wraps? Bulky, lacy, elegant, practical? What say you?
All of the above! Especially lacy, pretty and functional. I’m finally making my first triangle shawl for myself with little lace TARDISees ^_^

favorite flower to look at? all of them?

would you like a steampunky cover for an electronic device? (kindle, laptop, cellphone etc)
YES!!!! I have an iPhone 4 that would look nifty with a steampunk case, but I always keep it in my pocket, so it needs to be sleek and not catch in my pants. I also have an old black 13” MacBook that would look absolutely lovely in a steampunk case ^_^

Are ruffles steampunk? Who likes ruffles? Me!!!

What crafts don't you do?
I don’t do any papercrafts/scrapbooks, but that’s because I don’t care for them. The same with anything that is just “art”. I used to know many kinds of welding and metal work, and I know how to woodwork, but I don’t have any tools for them. I currently knit, crochet, spin and sew, a lot!

Rodents and insects? I really love rodents, and am pretty cool with bugs.

how do you feel about a “lolitta" spin to your costume attire? meh.

I have brewing in my mind a lil notions container…. made out of an empty chew can :) any objection (anyone?) to receiving a re purposed item like this?
I’m a dirty hippie. I hate chew, but I love repurposing things, so as long as the branding is gone, that would be fine.

If you have a steampunk character, he/she/it is travelling. How, and to where?
A challenge for you: If you already have an alternate persona, who are they and what do they do? If you do not, who would you like to be?
I don’t have one. I love dressing up and playing make believe, but I can’t even put together characters for d&d other than “I hit hard”.

Bustles? Yes, I said Bustles! Understandably not for everyone but are you one for them? Lurves these, also.

And what is your goggle/fascinator head measurement? I’m thinking they might be a little different than the usual hat measurements? Are you sure? I'll try to get all the measurements on the wish list later.

I spent the last week with a vender hall full of yarn and I didn’t know my spoilee’s favorite color. Rust? Purple? Grey? Peach? Deep Red? Chartreuse?
I’m pretty open to colors, as long as they are intense and not washed out. I knit lace, so I use solid or semi solid yarns, and I would love something that just screamed STEAMPUNK! I saw a yarn somewhere (probably Doctor Who themed) that was a rich midnight blue with minimal gold flecks that felt perfect. Or maybe something reminiscent of old maps or travel trunks, or automatons. I don’t really care as long as it can be justified as steampunk ^_^

Anyone got problems with black leather instead of brown? Only have black
I love leather, no matter what color.

How do you feel about receiving home baked goods? Cookies, muffins, toffee ect.
FOOOOOOODDDD!!!! My only reservations are against coconut flakes, artificial sweeteners (including splenda), and chocolate chips in my cookies (I know, I’m a godless heathen, but I don’t like things getting in the way of COOKIE). Ginger snaps and sugar cookies are my favorite, and I will do unmentionable acts for toffee.


What length necklace do you like? Meh, I don’t wear necklaces, honest! I’ve gotten at least three in swaps and I’ve never gotten around to wearing them other than the day I open the box.

Where would one find the things in your que/faves that are things YOU want for yourself?

Socks are lovely, as long as they aren’t wool (it makes my feet swampy). I love them in all lengths, and preferably thin. I just want them to be pretty, and I’ll find the right shoes/skates to wear them with ^_^

Tell me of yarn you like Favorite weights? Fibers? Colors? Anything that is a mostly solid color, with a mild gradient, or with Really Wide Stripes. I’m a color hoar, so anything that is intense and not washed out. Also, I’m a yarns snob, so for the love of Bob no acrylic!!! I’ll accept up to 20% in a sock yarn, but that’s it! pls.

Do you have a teapot? Bonus points for including dimensions. Nope, and don’t need one. I have a french press mug.

What are your feelings about purple velvet? o.O In what context? Fabric, ok. Chenille yarn, not so much.

Even a broken watch is right twice a day. What time is that for your broken watch? I don’t have a broken watch. I don’t have a functioning watch, either (hint, hint).

Fingerless mittens? Hand-things at all? If yes, please provide wrist measurements thnkyou. Yes, please and thank you (info coming soon)

Any chance I could get a waist measurement too? I don’t think that’s been asked yet. This will come soon, also. My five tape measures are all at home …

Do you like full goggle like these? Either works, as long as it is chem lab safe.

If you spin what do you spin on (wheel, top whorl/low whorl/supported spindle, weight etc)? I have a hitchhiker wheel and a few drop spindles.

If you have family members who would appreciate something, too, what are their favorite colors? Screw them, I’m a loner!

Dear spoilee, would you like fibre/yarn that has been natural dyed? There exits potential for phantom colour--something that fades with time. I’ve also got Maiwa dyes that are natural but less phantom such as cochineal and osage. Or would you be interested in natural dyes and uncoloured yarn so you can play yourself? All of the above? :D

Preferred sock length? Mid-calf? Thigh high? Yes, please.

Cowls or neckwarmers - yea or nay? I don’t have any, but I’m not opposed to them.

If you have a 9-5, interested in steamy things for work? I.e. decorated clipboards, staplers, pens, mouse pad, etc? Office supply stores make me giddy hehe plus I have a “bedazzler” in me (becogger, begoggler?) I work in a chem lab constantly mixing crap, analyzing it and collecting data. If you can make it work, I’d love it!

I know some ppl have talked about their long hair. What’s yours? (For hair accessory purposes) My ponytail is about 13” now, and growing ^_^


Knitpicks They are all pretty, but neither particularly sings out to me. It would all depend on what you’re using it for.

What is the essential item for your crafting toolkit? Do you lose your yarn needles? Do you need more needles/hooks? I have a pretty complete set of tools, and then some. I keep on getting things repeated in swaps, like the double ended crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches, which I don’t need because I just use the needles. Then I have five measuring tapes (two from the same sock club) which I can either never find, or find all at once. My KnitKit was really convenient, until it started breaking and falling apart, but I still really love the collapsible scissors (which is a word I can never spell)! I have a set of KP interchangeables, which I only use when my AddiClicks are otherwise indisposed. I guess I could do with a few more cables for the AddiClicks, and those end cap hearts I saw the other day… A bunch of durable stitch markers would also be nice (hint, hint) ^_^

Back to the nib pens… would you like a fully functional one or rather a pretty but useless one? In the magnificent words of PSG: I like my pens and any other gadgets like I like Data… fully functional.

So spoilee, would you like a USB drive that has been steampunked? That would be lovely!

You find yourself in a well-stocked kitchen. What do you do there? (Ie Eat peanut butter out of a jar? Bake cookies? Put things in alphabetical order? Sleep?) Be very, very happy. I’d probably start cooking random things.

would you like a USB drive that has been steampunked? Lovely!

Okay, if you were going to make or receive the A Lady’s Bumbershoot pattern by the amazing SanguineGryphon, What color would you like it to be?
Yes, yes, oh pretty please yes! I’d love black and/or cranberry/burgundy, or a rich and sparkly midnight blue like this, with a bit less of the orange spot:
Or any other steampunky color, for that matter. And as thesqueak said, Kaylee’s parasol would also be amazing.

If yarn is included in your box, do you need it pre-caked? I’m ok in any presentation. I really like the look of skeins, though.

For fingerless gloves, what about real leather gloves with the fingertips snipped off? Is that something you’d like? I wouldn’t say no. I love all kinds of gloves.

If your Spoiler were to make you long stockings, what fiber would you want them made from? Hrm… All I know is that wool makes my feet swampy, and I hate excessive acrylic.

How do you feel about wings? As decorative embellishments? As functional devices? Functional trumps decorative, but either is pretty.

Do beadazzlers have a place in the steampunk culture/lifestyle? Um, I don’t know. And I also don’t know if I should be afraid…

Do you have any interest in a Victorian era book or magazine (as in the real thing, not a reproduction)? If so, any particular subjects (crafts, poetry, fashion, news of the time, etc)? Yes, please and thank you! I’d love anything with patterns for crafts, mainly of a fibery persuasion.

Would you like a shawl, and if so, any preference on shape, size, and/or color? I’d love a shawl, and since I only have a thick, bright red triangle one, I’d love anything!

If you have a steampunk outfit you’d like accessories for, would you post a picture? Preferably with it being worn by you? I’m currently making this:

Would you mind a box full of handmades? Mind? I’d love for a box full of hand mades!

Love steampunk embroidery, what does everyone else think? The background is my favorit color, I love the cogs, it looks amazing, but the octopus isn’t really my thing.


handstuffs I like all kinds of fingerless handstuffs. I’d say my favorite configuration are the ones that hook under the thumb, with or without other finger stubs.

Do you like ‘Thing in a Jar’? While I think they are amazing, I have no display space.

Do you want any period undergarments to go with your steampunk clothing? Any specific items (bloomers, petticoat, crinoline, underskirt, chemise)? I would love any of them (especially bloomers or chemises that can be worn under a late 15th century Italian gown).


Knitpicks garment in Gloss DK or Swish?
ooOOOoooo… If it is like a sweater, I would go with (most convenient first) black, blackberry, cranberry, jade and admiral, or coal, garnet, indigo and moss. If it is a scarf or shawl or other accessory, I can do anything, and I love contrasts ^_^

Actually, let me add on to my answer. If it’s the sailor sweater previously mentioned, I would love it Sailor Jupiter themed! White base, emerald flap, white stripes and pink bow. If you make it tighterthrough the bust and then a tad loose through the torso, I would love you forever and ever! (and if you can send it to me before Otakon, I will be your slave!)

Dear spoilee, would you enjoy small cosmetic items in your box? Lipgloss in a tin? Bronzy nail polish? Nailpolish would be cool, but I don't use gloss or makeup.

Dearest pal, You had mentioned earlier that you would like some sort of lovely undergarment. Would you like it long? short and sassy? bustle-y? Knee length? What sort would you prefer? bloomers? petticoat? bustle cage? Oh, hmm... I don't know how much use I'd get out of a bustle cage. I'd love bloomers! Mid thigh should work.

Please spoilee can you check that you have updated your wishlist in your queue? It is quasi-updated... I don't know. I tend to search for patterns as I need them and add a couple, but I don't ever really knit from it -_-;;

If you’re interested in spats, is there any particular color you’d prefer? Spats sound like a blast. Knock yourself out!

Absinthe I’m not opposed to absinth, but I don’t go out of my way to drink it. My neighbor Cephalogal, on the other hand…

Cosmetics- Warm colors or Cool colors? None, thanks. Unless you find a very nifty way to paint a flame on my face :D

Jewelry - What kind do you prefer? Simple? Extravagant? Edgy? Geeky? Weird? Delicate? Chunky?? All but delicate. I love weird and geeky!

How would you like a belt? Utility? Waist Cincher? Belly Dancing? OMB I WANT THAT!!! I would kill for a utility underbusk. Though I do love anything that is useful.

Oh! Remember that question about hiding the gun from the beginning? I’d also love to have a utility garter for my wallet and phone :D

Do you want the left over oddments of materials used in the making of your gifties? Yarn, buttons, ect? That would be wonderful!

fingerless mitts: Of those, I’d prefer Veyla, though I’m not completely sold. I like the ones that have the separate wrist, but I also like pattern in the hand. I think I’d like them in brumalia or jonkanoo. Actually, I love those colors! And also spinach, ruby queen and serenity…

taffeta I love it and anything that can be made of it, like skirts, bags, dresses...

Eyelash thing Well, if it is novelty yarn, I can grow to love it (I wore my DdlM scarf every day last winter). But if it’s acrylic… I’d be afraid it will slip into the bottom of my scarf basket. Does it feel nice? Will it squeak? :(

Gradient yarn I am ever so in love with gradient yarns! Though I wish they didn’t start with such a pale shade :/
Geranium, sulfur or peacock, probably. If you could convince them to do a gradient from one color to another, I’d love a set that went from sulfur to geranium, like a flame :D

New questions will be harvested from


Wow, it's been some time since I blogged. Life has been... well... sucked. My fellowship ended yesterday, instead of at the end of August like I had originally been told. I was notified of this almost three months ago, after which I panicked, got horribly depressed, dropped out of derby, found out our league was chosen to play at ECDX, came back after only two weeks to have been stripped of every one of my positions/ranks, and then proceeded with my regularly scheduled life.

I've finally finished many projects, including the infamous baby blanket, a toddler dress, a hat for the Henson swap, I tested a pattern for mittens (which I want to remake in a rainbow mini mooci) for the wonderful Glenna C, and I have half a sweater and a good portion of a shawl. It's been nice to craft again, it has really helped me keep some kind of sanity.

East Coast Derby Extravaganza was a phenomenal time last weekend. I drove down to Harrisburg and caught a ride to Philly with some of their team, and pretty much just hung out with them from friday until late saturday when some of the girls from my team arrived. I was ecstatic! The amount of athleticism present was unbelievable and I got to learn so much. I finally got to play sunday morning, starting at 8 am in the Black and White Scrimmage. Girls of all levels got in one of two lines (depending on their shirt) and randomly went on the floor five at a time. It was cool because you had to pay attention to all the new people you were with, and you couldn't just depend on already knowing how they play.

My new derby crush from the B&W is Veronika Getsburger from the Wilksbare Roller Radicals. She's a bit bigger than me, and yet managed to be a wonderful jammer (a position normally held by tiny girls that are very fast but have no mass). She had such a powerful stride and agility, that I want to skate like her when I grow up. Though I mainly don't want to skate like myself. My stance in these pictures was atrocious! But at least I now have something to work on.

Later that afternoon, we finally got to play a half bout, SVDV vs HARD. The first jam was 3/4, then we had five jammerless jams (3/40), but then we managed to keep up the pace and end around 36/72 in spite of Fruit Trollop getting a gash on her temple and bloodying up the whole track. Luckily it wasn't bad, but it took them a good 8 minutes to clean and disinfect everything, and we were on a strict, only 30 minute schedule. So we only played 22 minutes and managed to almost match our mentors once we finally got our stride. They've challenged us to a "second period" in a couple of weeks, and I am really excited to see how well we can play. If my team can get its act together and field a full roster -_-;;

Up next, I have the third interleague bout next weekend, the second period on the 17th, and I joined the Steampunk Swap, due at the end of august. I am very excited, and will probably start flooding (in so much as I ever "flood") with swap info. It's a very chatty group! And I'll be going to Otakon dressed as the Doctor's Wife (I need to get on that dress...) July 26, and Pennsic the second week of august. Better get crafting!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wheel dying, pt 2

Yes, I actually went through with it. And they are gorgeous! I ended up returning the poly dye after many people saying it didn't work, and bought some regular liquid RIT in Scarlet. I placed my wheels in a 8x12" pyrex, filled it up with enough boiling water to cover them, took them out, added a good splash of dye, and put them back in. They sat for about 20 minutes, flipping after 10. I kept one wheel out for comparison, and they turned out such a gorgeous shade of dark red! I'm happy ^_^

And see? Crafty AND derby!
And they have held up quite fine for the past couple of weeks, without any marks on the sport court or anything.

Also, I have a horrible desire to BUY more skates and ALL OF THE WHEELS -_-;;