Monday, September 12, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things.

I am a nerd. Seriously, nerdy things make me extremely giddy. If something related to any of these things finds itself into one of my packages, I will squee very loud.

- Buffy
- Firefly
- Dollhouse
- Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog
- Anything Joss Whedon (including Roseanne)
- New Doctor Who (someday I'll pay more attention to the old stuff)
- Star Wars
- Dungeons and Dragons (though not 4E)
- Society for Creative Anachronism, focusing on early 16th century Spain, preferably Basque
- Spiderman
- Wolverine
- Rogue
- Phoenix
- the rest of the X-Men
- Iron Man
- the new series of movies leading up to the Avengers
- Hello Kitty
- Metroid (Samus Aran has green hair bob damnit!)
- treehugging
- more fiber crafts than I will ever have time to complete
- cooking
- force feeding people

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