Friday, October 28, 2011

Big Damn Heroes swap

I got my package from Aranov!!! I was very happy when I got home yesterday to find a soaking wet box, which luckily kept everything inside of it dry.

I got two balls of Serenity Yarns in Yo-Saf-Bridge, which is totally closer to Kaylee’s parasol!
A pair of fingerless mitts in a cotton yarn that are really interesting, with ties up the side.
A tin with my favorite rebel-turned-smuggler instead of the smuggler-turned-rebel,
And a super awesome olive green bag with Kaylee’s bear patch, geisha lining and safety belt strap. I wore it last night to No Refund Theater's presentation of Little Shop Of Horrors and my friends loved it.

This was a non-secret swap, which was kind of difficult! How can you stalk someone and ask questions, if they know you're asking directly of them? In the end, I used a friend of hers that was also in the swap as my mole. I sent her:

A very cunning shrug, two dinosaurs, chocolate and some Shimmer.

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