Sunday, September 4, 2011

Second Annual Buffy Swap

I am still putting the finishing touches on my steampunk swap, and I've already had my Buffy partner for two weeks -_-;; I know exactly what I'm making (still kind of dubious on the yarn), so I shouldn't be too far behind. Since BDK will be announcing partners tonight, I better get a crackin'.

Here will be my compilation of questions asked in both Buffy swap threads. Don't forget to look through the rest of my blog if you have any other curiosities!

1) What kind of crafting do you do?
Knit, crochet, spin and sew, mainly.

2) Fav colors/combinations
Check the blog and the wishlist, but I love blood red, autumn/fire colors, and jewel tones. Anything that is strong!

3) Least favorite colors
pastels and pink

4) Favorite fibers/yarns
anything natural, with a maximum of 20% nylon if need be (for socks).
Check the yarn post I made a couple of days ago.

5) List some Small items you would like to have
I can never have enough stitch markers or bags of all sizes!

7) Things you don’t need or want
Other knitting notions are already taken care of.

8) List as many sizes as you can
Full body measurements are also on blog

9) What is something you would like to receive in this swap? (keep price limits in mind
something creative, definitely useful, preferably wearable. I don’t have display space, and my cat eats everything. I’d love something that showed off my love of the Buffyverse to the whole world!

10) Would you like the package to be a more detailed buffy theme or random buffy?
Either can be interesting.

11) Where do you stand on things like make up, nail polish, jewelry, and hair items?
I very rarely wear make up (and I have more than enough!) or nail polish (though I love it) or jewelry (no necklaces, please), but I love stuff for my hair! I also specifically don’t use bath products or lip balm/gloss that I didn’t make myself because (I am a dirty hippie) the scents are almost always too overpowering. If you make it yourself, go right ahead!

12) Do you have any hobbies (other then fiber ones lol ex: reading, writing, photography, drawing ect.)
Roller derby and reading.

13) Do you have pets or children who like to receive little things as well?
No thanks, he’s more than spoiled already!

14) List anything else you think useful (we want your partner to have as much to go on as possible in order to make your package amazing and just right for you!)
My blog is pretty indicative of who I am.

15) Do you promise to be a good partner, fulfill all obligations, and send out a package made with just as much time care and love as the one you would like to receive?
You’re darn tootin!

Partner Assignment
1) What are your favorite snacks, treats or drinks?
I am currently on a ketogenic diet, so I don’t eat any carbs or sugars. I wouldn’t trust anything premade, since even diabetic candies are only -low- in sugar, but have much more than I can eat. Um, no-carb protein shakes and bars? Yeah, sorry about that.

2) What types of things do you knit or crochet?
I mostly knit for swaps and other people. I love lace and texture, and stay away from self striping yarns or yarns with quick and abrupt color changes. Amigurumis, shawls, scarfs, socks, gloves, whatever project is required!

3) What one pattern from your faves or queue are you itching to make but you haven’t the time, skill or supplies?
I have a huge stash, so supplies have never been an issue, but I’ve never had time to knit anything bigger than a hat for myself. I’d love one of the MMario shawls or a sweater.

4) And if you have a wishlist somewhere else like etsy, amazon, knitpicks, etc. please post a link for easy stalking. :-)
I don’t have any wishlists, but my blog is pretty indicative of what I like. I’ve started posts that list yarns that I want and things that I want for swaps.

5) Do you have an anti-wish list? Like allergies, annoyances, colors/fibers and overstocked notions.
I don’t do art yarn or fun fur or acrylic. Yarns components need to be > 80% natural, but I don’t mind their nature or origin. As far as colors, I knit with solid, semi-solid, transitional/gradients, or anything that won’t look odd when knit in a lacy fashion. As far as allergies, I am very sensitive to scents and soaps, so please no bath products, chapsticks, or highly scented things.

September 3
1) Fav Buffy character/ why
While I am quite passionate about the whole ensemble, and have an intense love/hate relationship with each one of the characters, Anyanka is the one I have found the most to relate to. I’ve been living in the US for six years now, and I still can’t quite put my finger on how people function here. I’m just that perpetual outsider that constantly manages to stick a foot in her mouth.

2) Fav season
I’m big on 6. I love how everything that is happening is just -normal-. Yeah, it’s great to have evilness with super powers, but it’s surviving the little things that really matters.

3) Fav episode
One? Damn. OMwF? I love all of the classics, like Hush, Dopplegangland, Zeppo, Band Candy, Smile Time. The Body makes me cry like a little baby every single time.

4) Have you read or would you be interested in the comics?
I have the first couple of comics and have been meaning to read them, but can’t seem to get around to them. I wouldn’t mind a compilation of them.

5) Buffy books?
Never read any of them. Color me intrigued.

6) Buffyverse Quotes you use often?
OMG, did it sing?
Don’t speak latin infront of the books!
Beer good.
The hardest part of life is living it.
They got the mustard out.
Bored now.

7) Fav big bad?

8) Do you like the show Angel as well as Buffy?
Angel had wonderful standalone episodes and characters, and the first and last season were really good, but there were several main plots I just didn’t care for.

9) Do you like buffy with Angle or Spike?

10) Do you have any other fav character relationships?
This goes back to me loving/hating everybody on the show. After the fifth watch through, you really notice everybody’s flaws. Willow/Oz, then that stupid werewolf interferes. Willow/Tara, then Willow becomes a junkie. Buffy/Angel, then he gets all mopey and leaves. Buffy/Spike, but she never allows herself to let go and feel. Giles/Joyce, then they kill her. Xander/Anya, but he’s an idiot. Xander/Cordelia, but he’s an idiot. Spike/Dru, but then she is insane… Fred/Wesley, but then she goes all demony and crap.

Handmades: I love ALL handmades! I’m a bit obsessed. And since I always end up giving away the things I make, I don’t really have many for myself. I’m in PA, and it snows 7/12 months. I love anything shawl/glove/hat related, but wool socks make my feet swampy. I’m willing to try something thin, like cotton or bamboo ones, but I do love leg warmers!As far as toys, I have a huge cat that devours EVERYTHING. So please no toys, and especially no dust catcher! (unless it is a Smile Time puppet, then I can be persuaded)

Collect: I love things that are useful, and if anything I collect big mugs.

Media: I have the Buffy and Angel sets, and the first couple of comics. I’d love anything else!

Do you have any specifications for how you like you gloves, socks, hats or shawls? i.e. length, thickness, materials
As far as socks, 100% wool makes my feet swampy, but I'd love to try any other more breathable/wicking material. Any length would be nice. I also like them tighter rather than looser. Gloves are all ok, preferably at least mid forearm or longer. Hats are very nice, and I like them like anything I've already knit or in my queue. Shawls are also all wonderful!

How do you feel about blingy, sparkly, or other “novelty” yarns? Not just typical novelties like fun fur, but also those with stellina content (Blue Heron Rayon Metallic, DIC Starry, Stroll Glimmer) or other “additives.”
I normally hate novelty yarns, but I'm ok with stellina and minor additives. As long as it looks even as I knit it, I'm fine. I've also been jonesing for Astral in Sexy and Regenerate.

Do you like/will you use straight knitting needles? Are you a circ only fan? How bout DPNs?
I only use circs and DPNs. I have an AddiClick set and a few AddiCircs for socks. Straight needles just always felt cumbersome, since I can always use DPNs for smaller projects and circs for heavier ones.

If you have a pattern book (or any book) on a wishlist, will you accept a gently used version?
I am a dirty hippy, so anything that has been pre-loved (well, ok, there are definitely a couple of things that don’t apply…) is always a plus. I especially love used books that have annotations in them, since I love trying to imagine what the previous owner was thinking when they wrote it.

Would you like your swap partner to knit/crochet/create something out of your favorites, or should we leave that stuff to you?
Ooo, favorites. When I tag something as favorite, it doesn’t necessarily mean I want it for myself. I normally am appreciating the work or like some detail from it. My queue, on the other hand, is well tagged with things I actually want for myself. I would love something from my queue! I “plan” on making them one day, but unless it is already on my project page, I don’t actually have -plans- to make it.

Would you like to receive something by/starring a cast/crew member of Buffy? For example and SMG film, other Joss project etc?
I make an effort to watch things that involve Whedonites. I have Buffy and Angel, and have already watched/bought most SMG movies. “Timer” was really cool, too! As much as I enjoy these random productions, it’s not the same if Joss isn’t part of it. I absolutely adore Roseanne, Firefly, DHSAB and Dollhouse, so anything that might sneak in is fine.And Buffy Staked Edward, The End.I love the saying, but I already have the shirt :P I wouldn’t mind it on anything else, though!

Scarves: As well as shawls, I like them all. It snows 7/12 months here and they are predicting a harsh winter this year. As long as it isn’t too stiff, I likes ^_^

Coasters/potholders: I’ll toss in washcloths/scrubbies and say no thank you.

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