Friday, July 1, 2011


Wow, it's been some time since I blogged. Life has been... well... sucked. My fellowship ended yesterday, instead of at the end of August like I had originally been told. I was notified of this almost three months ago, after which I panicked, got horribly depressed, dropped out of derby, found out our league was chosen to play at ECDX, came back after only two weeks to have been stripped of every one of my positions/ranks, and then proceeded with my regularly scheduled life.

I've finally finished many projects, including the infamous baby blanket, a toddler dress, a hat for the Henson swap, I tested a pattern for mittens (which I want to remake in a rainbow mini mooci) for the wonderful Glenna C, and I have half a sweater and a good portion of a shawl. It's been nice to craft again, it has really helped me keep some kind of sanity.

East Coast Derby Extravaganza was a phenomenal time last weekend. I drove down to Harrisburg and caught a ride to Philly with some of their team, and pretty much just hung out with them from friday until late saturday when some of the girls from my team arrived. I was ecstatic! The amount of athleticism present was unbelievable and I got to learn so much. I finally got to play sunday morning, starting at 8 am in the Black and White Scrimmage. Girls of all levels got in one of two lines (depending on their shirt) and randomly went on the floor five at a time. It was cool because you had to pay attention to all the new people you were with, and you couldn't just depend on already knowing how they play.

My new derby crush from the B&W is Veronika Getsburger from the Wilksbare Roller Radicals. She's a bit bigger than me, and yet managed to be a wonderful jammer (a position normally held by tiny girls that are very fast but have no mass). She had such a powerful stride and agility, that I want to skate like her when I grow up. Though I mainly don't want to skate like myself. My stance in these pictures was atrocious! But at least I now have something to work on.

Later that afternoon, we finally got to play a half bout, SVDV vs HARD. The first jam was 3/4, then we had five jammerless jams (3/40), but then we managed to keep up the pace and end around 36/72 in spite of Fruit Trollop getting a gash on her temple and bloodying up the whole track. Luckily it wasn't bad, but it took them a good 8 minutes to clean and disinfect everything, and we were on a strict, only 30 minute schedule. So we only played 22 minutes and managed to almost match our mentors once we finally got our stride. They've challenged us to a "second period" in a couple of weeks, and I am really excited to see how well we can play. If my team can get its act together and field a full roster -_-;;

Up next, I have the third interleague bout next weekend, the second period on the 17th, and I joined the Steampunk Swap, due at the end of august. I am very excited, and will probably start flooding (in so much as I ever "flood") with swap info. It's a very chatty group! And I'll be going to Otakon dressed as the Doctor's Wife (I need to get on that dress...) July 26, and Pennsic the second week of august. Better get crafting!

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