Thursday, September 8, 2011

Doctor Who Duck Pond swap

Favorite Doctor: Tennant was my first, but I am really loving Smith!

Favorite Companion: I loved Donna ever since I watched their RND skit, and Sara Jane Smith was very charismatic. I love Rory’s heart, and River just keeps getting better and better!

Favorite Baddie: Angels!

Favorite Master: 8.5 and his Dalek bumps!

Do you anti-love any Doctors, companions, or baddies? If I never see another Dalek or Ciberman, it will be too soon. Though the worst Who baddie is RTD.

Are you mainly a new Who fan (8 and up), a classic Who fan (1-8), or both? I love New Who, and have seen very little old, though I’d like to watch it all one day. I think Three was the one with a good ass…

Have you enjoyed Doctor Who in any medium besides the TV series (or fan-fiction or private musings)? Other than Brit!Torchwood and RND specials, no.

Do you like tea, coffee, and/or cocoa? Not particularly.

What do you like to nibble with your beverage(s) of choice? Get detailed. Go on, make us drool! While I do love any home made baked goods and candies, I am currently on a no-carb diet :(

Hrm, difficult. I’m not much of a planner, and I love just jumping in head first when I travel, so I’d very much love for the TARDIS to take me wherever she wants me to be. As far as which Doctor, Tennant would be very caring and educational, but Smith would be spastic and entertaining!

All of my electronics are already cozified, but I can always use more project bags of all sizes!This one is always difficult for me. I currently do many fiber crafts, including sew, knit, crochet, spin, drop spin, dye, and tablet/inkle weave. I have been known in the past to cross stitch, embroider, chainmail, fimo, blow glass and make jewelry for other people (including stitch markers). I will throw paint on a project and am really good at copying an image, but I don’t draw or paint for the sake of “art”.
I have touched so many bases in the past that I know how to appreciate all kinds of hand mades, and I wouldn’t mind glass beads for a change.

Chucks: Ditto with the red.

DVD regions I have machines for 1 and 4, but my roommate can play anything on his computer.

Cozies: I think everything is properly cozied at the moment. I have a black 15” MacBook which may or may not be replaced in the who knows how near future, and an iPhone4 that wouldn’t mind a proper protective skin or case.

Crafts: I try to limit myself to fiber crafts, since my basement is beginning to overflow with stash. I currently spin, knit/crochet and sew. I don’t need any random notions, but can always have more bags of all sizes, organizational cases, stitch markers, AddiCircs or books.

Yes, I love cosplaying. This Otakon I dressed up as Bellatrix, Kaylee and Idris. I was missing a couple of details, but I think I managed to get it pretty accurate. The bodice was a bit of a pain to fit completely because I didn’t have a dress form, but I finally remedied that at Pennsic. The Kaylee suit was only missing an accurate pink pagoda shirt, an accurate parasol, and the wooden flipflops, but a kid stopped by to take my picture at the same time as this one wearing a pair, overheard my lament and sold them to me! Next year, I’m making the pink frilly dress with all nine frills! And hopefully there’ll be another cool DW thing to dress up as.Other than Otakon, I am a SCAdian. I do early 16th century Spain, though I’d prefer to focus on Basque if only I could find enough info.With as much as I love Halloween, I never find any decent parties to go to, so I don’t do standard costumes, but my everyday wardrobe is pretty interesting and costumish. Those were originally my Going Out coveralls from when I was in college.

What’s your Whovian Rainbow, ie, what color/item combos say “Doctor Who” to you? And if there’s a color in there you want no part of, please say so!
Pink: I know there’s a chick around four or so that dresses up like the Doctor, only does it in pinks. This is cute, but I have watched very limited Old Who.
Red: This evokes the fez and the dress on the robot in The Girl In The Fireplace. I love red. I love red a lot. I even love red alot! It also reminds me of Donna. Oh! And yummy, yummy James Marsters!
Orange/peach: I don’t have a Whovian memory, but I likes. Probably Amy. The Flesh would be peach, but I felt they shouldn’t have taken two episodes on it.
Yellow: Regeneration.
Green: The forest and River’s name leaf. Smith’s screwdriver.
Teal: Well, the closest thing I can think of is Jack’s coat, which is a tealy grey.
Blue: TARDIS, Idris, space. Blue is wonderful in many of its shades and just essential to Who.
Purple: Reminds me of Rose and Martha. I love the color, but really don’t care for Rose.
Brown: Ten, most definitely Ten. And this is where the teal comes in! Derp.
White: Was it six or seven that had the sweater vest with the question marks? And I think the poodle was white.
Black: Black is also ever present in Who. I immediately think of the first two or three Doctors that were all somber looking, and Eckleston’s leather jacket.
Multicolor: The scarf and the technicolor dream coat. And then the skittle Daleks. I highly dislike the Daleks and their constant “oh you did away with all of us but they couldn’t think of another enemy for this week”ed ness.
I’m going to add Grey: The Angels! I love the Angels!
ETA: As far as what to wear, I love all colors as long as they commit to being a color. I’m not big on wishywashy.


Which other swaps have you been in at this point in your timeline? Please provide a link to the thread for any non-Duck swaps. Who were your spoiler and spoilee for the previous Odd Duck Who swap, if you participated?

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Twilight April 2010 - xmasangel69

Neighbors: cephalogal, isilzha
Friends IRL: nanonukie, snowpony

Are you willing to ship internationally/do you have shipping preferences? Not currently.

Please list your allergies (pets, smoke, spices, fibers, metals, alien technologies) Scents, smoke, baby melting acrylic.

Do you or anyone in your household smoke (tobacco or bio-combustive processes)? Nope

Do you or anyone in your household have pets? If so, what kind? C.A.T.

What is your favorite icon of the series? As in graphic design, or personality? Can I say Van Gohs' Exploding Tardis?

Do you welcome a small item or two for the other members of your household? If so, what should it be: something for your SO or roomies, candy for kids, pet toys, etc? Nope, the other two are too spoiled. All for me!!!

What’s your favorite DW episode (or 3) and what about them did you particularly like? Least favorite(s) and why? Blink and The Doctor's Wife. The first one was a perfect Monster Of the Week. Self contained, and can be understood by someone that has never encountered the mythos. The latter is just wonderfully written and directed. I am a huge fan of Moffat's writing, and I love what he is doing with Smith. I also really loved Tennant, and the strength that both of them portray. I very much hate RTD, the daleks and the cibermen, and find them to be cheap copouts for when they can't think of any interesting enemies.

Should your spoiler look in your fave patterns or queue for ideas of what to make? Are there tags s/he should look for? My faves are only things I like, but have nothing to do with me. My queue is well organized and has been tagged with "me" if I "plan" on making it, some with yarn ideas. I only put it into my projects when I've actually committed to making something.

What length is your hair, and do you like hair toys? Mid back, very thick and growing, and I love them!

Would you like to receive patterns from your wishlist? Would it disappoint you to get the pattern rather than the made-up item? Either would be lovely.

What are your favorite things about Dr. Who (the actors, the writing, the time-travel, the drama, the comedy…)? I love brit humor. I am dry and snarky and I love the imaginativeness of the show. I enjoy some stand alone episodes, but I am more passionate about the long story arks and trying to figure them out.

Type to me of jewelry. Do you wear earrings? Bracelets? Necklaces? Anklets? Belly chains? What styles do you like? Supply 3 adjectives as a starting point. What metals do/don’t you wear? Meh? I love jewelry, but always forget to wear it. I only wear one necklace that my mom gave me with a Mexican coin and my birthdate engraved in the back, but can pair it up with something very long. I prefer bracelets and rings and earrings, and functional is my favorite descriptor! No allergies.

Bowtie, scarf, both, or neither? Love both, have none.

What is your favorite yarn weight to use for yourself? lace - worsted, mostly sock.

Favorite color(s)? strong, vibrant colors

Favorite fiber(s)? NOT ACRYLIC

In honor of Amy Pond: nail polish? What colors do you want and which colors do you have enough of? I have tons of red, and many other colors. I'll take any!

How do you feel about yarn bowls? Small tray-plates for holding beads and stitch markers and such while you work? Are there any other craft supplies or working aids that you’d love in some Whovian version? No need for a bowl or plates, but I love any kind of beaded counter/marker.

What snacks do you like? I'm on a carb-free diet...

Measurements, and I mean the kind involving numbers, cuz “average” or “big” means totally different things to different people. Imagine a Silurian trying to make mitts for an “average” Slitheen! hands, wrists, feet, neck, head. lol. Check the blog.

Do you have wishlists at Etsy, Knitpicks, Amazon, Audible, or other online places your spoilee might like to see for a sampling of your tastes? If so, please provide linkage! Yarrrrn.

Anything else your spoiler should know about you and your interests? My blog is the best link to who I am, and I'll try to add stuff as it becomes pertinent.

Big reminder-type things:
Have you re-read the first two posts in this thread and the Odd Duck rules (page and thread!) and agree to follow them? Yus.
Do you agree to check for DMs and reply to any mod-passed-along questions at least weekly throughout the swap? Yus.
Do you agree to answer all questions in this thread by the next check-in date, which includes weekly checkins for the first month? This includes ALL questions in post #2’s summary, even if you’re pretty sure that they’re not from your spoiler due to geography. Yus!
Have you updated your Odd Duck wishlist within the last 3 months (requirement!!)? What number is your post in that thread? In process, but mostly accurate. #249
Do you agree to ship on time, use Delivery Confirmation (USPS requirement) and send that number to the mod when you ship, or, if you reallllly need an extension, to talk with the mod about that before the shipping deadline? Yus.
Do you understand that not fulfilling the big-reminder-type things may result in your being removed from the swap and cursed with a black spot (ie, blacklisted)? Yus.

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