Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Calculations

At my lowest weight, I went from 185 to 145 lbs. A year ago, I gained 10 lbs during the holidays and maintained myself between 155-165 all year. Today, after two months off of keto, I weighed in at 168.8 (but managed to hit 172 last week). So, new year == new goals. I am telling myself (once again) that I will actually exercise five times a week and not cheat on keto and I WILL FUCKING LIFT GODDAMNIT IF IT KILLS ME. These are the numbers Dan helped me crunch:

essential fatty acids (std female and male numbers)
- alpha-linolenic acid 1.1gr (1.6)
- linoleic acid 12gr (17)
- docosahexaenoic acid 250mg-2g (blend DHA/EHA 500 mg fish oil capsules) 
- gamma-linolenic acid

protein 80-170 grams (one scoop powder ~24 gr)
125 gr protein (5 scoops powder, 6 chicken breasts) = 500 cals
up to a maximum of 80 additional grams of protein before damage

Hemp oil contains:
20% alpha 5.5-8 gr
60% linoleic 20-28 gr
1 TBS hemp oil ~ 200 cals

500-860 calories come from minimum protein and essential fatty acids


Basal Metabolic Rate

Exercise None Light Moderate
Kc at 168lbs 1,560 1,872 2,145
Kc at 140lbs 1,440 1,728 1,980

1000 calories left over:
fat = 111 g fat max (10 tbs butter)
fibrous plant matter (total net carbs < 15 - 20g/day)

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