Friday, January 10, 2014

Keto progress notes

Six days doing keto and I am luckily back to the weight I was at Thanksgiving.  This is very refreshing because I'd just gotten a really cute wool jacket from Express that was too tight during the holidays.  And now that the weather WARMED UP TO FREEZING, I am happy I can wear it ^_^  And I'm glad it wasn't a permanent 10 lb gain like it was Holiday Season 2012.

I was flipping through MFP and I was only able to recover up to a year's worth of data, so I figured I should start keeping a log of mentionable experiences here when it comes to keto, taking advantage of me going back on after several months and actually being able to focus on the effects.

Day 1) Sunday I was cranky, but mostly because I really wanted leftover candycane marshmallows and potato chips.  I didn't feel anything keto-flu-like. 

Day 2) Monday was -17F.  Fuck That Shit.

Day 3) Tuesday was my first day back at the gym.  I killed it on the 10 minute elliptical breaks I had between lifting sets.

Day 4) Wednesday's Derby wasn't painful out of the ordinary.  I finally got the unquenchable thirst back!  That's one thing that annoyed me about being out of keto: I was never thirsty and drinking anything was a chore.

Day 5) Thursday I started to feel weak and tired.  I woke up with four really bad nerve pinches in my spine.  I'm glad that Dan managed to walk them out that night.  Went to bed with a mild headache I had most of the night.

Day 6) Friday I woke up feeling really weak.  I have a faint haze all over my body, like as if my muscles were about to fall asleep.  Not feeling too excited for the gym tonight.

I've been making an effort to try to keep to the numbers we calculated a few days ago.  The hardest thing for me has been managing to eat a minimum of 80 grams of protein.  I've been forcing myself to start the day with a protein shake and then eat some eggs or ALL OF THE BACON for dinner.

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