Thursday, January 30, 2014

More keto progress notes!

It's been 26 days since I went back on keto.  The first week or so was ABSOLUTE HELL, but it was pretty even with the debloating and stabilized around the 10th.  Now, I've been weighing pretty much the same for the past 21 days; 164.6 lbs.  I had a three pound dip the weekend of the 20th, though, but that was due to the flu and being dehydrated and in bed all day.

Skating is decent.  I've had a couple of days where I get tired, but it is mostly sunday mornings when I forget to eat before 10 am class.  Last night we did 1-8-1 pyramid sprints that I was able to survive without getting winded thanks to a very hefty cauliflower, cheese and bacon dinner, and more cream than I should have in my tea.

Lifting has also been good.  I've been able to work up to 105 lb squat, mostly focusing on form, and did 115 lb deadlift on my first time back.  Bench press was 50 last week and I hope to up it tonight.  I can easily bring a 35 lb plate up from my knees to over my head, and a 25 lb plate if I arc it.  And then I did weighted incline situps and haven't been able to move for a week -_-;;

I've reached that point where I'm half way to my goal and EXTREMELY BITCHY.  There's no real progress other than the initial debloat, and I have no faith that I'll ever be lean.  Tryouts for the travel team will be this sunday and next, so I'm sticking to it for the next two weeks.  I'll still probably follow through until the end of february as I initially declared, because I'm stubborn.  But I have no faith in the slightest.

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