Wednesday, July 21, 2010

[swap] Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog recieved!

Remember how I said I am a horrible, horrible human being? Well, here I am, trying to make amends! A couple of weeks ago, I got an amazing package from hethen13 for the Dr. Horrible Singalong Blog swap over at Odd Ducks. It was soooo cool!!! Here is what I put in the thank you thread, which was left lacking because I hadn't managed to do This Damned Post so I could use a picture:

(Saturday, July 10)
heathen13’s DRHSAB arrived yesterday!!! After a week of almost 100F weather, and during a biblical rainstorm… But luckily, only the box was moist. All of those little packages she took a picture of? Completely perfect! I’m on my way out of town, so I’ll post pictures when I get back, but in the meantime:
  • “goodness, look at my wrist”: lovely wristwarmers and a counting bracelet that I really, really needed!

  • “You need anything dampened, or made soggy?”: Kiss My Face soap, hand knit face cloth and Wet Ones that will be very handy on my camping trip in august!

  • “and she may cry but her tears will dry when I hand her the keys to a shiny new Australia”: A wonderful pencil case, australian style strawberry chewy candies and a cherry chocolate that I absolutely love, and a double sided hook for repairs. And that key stamp? Opens up and says “this really is the key to australia”. Love!

  • “and sometimes there’s a third, even deeper level. and that one is the same as the top surface one. like with pie.”: hammer iron on patch, with polka dots. Have I told you how much I love polka dots?

  • “With my freeze ray I will stop the world”: adorable blaster necklace and water blaster ^_^

  • “laundry day, see you there. Under things. Tumbling.”: My very first Soak, and a beautiful paisley like bag! And the piece de resistance (that the cat insisted on helping me open)

  • “The world is a mess and I just need to rule it”: a bag with cascade lace yarn in a gorgeous red and black (my favorite colors!) and a knitpicks sock also in a deep red, an addi lace 1mm (squee!!!)

Oh yeah! Everything had their respective pins, and then there was an adorable card with a roller derby key chain which is immediately going on my backpack! Well, as soon as I swing by my office and pick up my lap top and camera...


Not pictured: the wonderful blaster necklace I've been wearing, until the chain broke >.<, the roller girl keychain that is already on my bakcpack, and the delish Australian Strawberry gummy things from Target that vanished in a heartbeat! The counting bracelet has already been making the rounds with my Firefly project bag, covered in all the cool pins ^_^

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