Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to the Skew

As always, now that I've finished knitting everything for everybody else (yeah, yeah, I'll post about it this weekend, maybe) I'm picking up the damned skews again. Unlike previous times, where I'm constantly wearing Docs, today I was wearing espadrils, which I quickly removed at the busstop (where I do most of my knitting) and tried the sock on.

Well... It fits my foot perfectly, but it's a bitch to pull on. There are notes as to how to make the ankle larger, but I've already done 50 rows past that point, and I really just want to get them over with! Ugh. I'm so conflicted. It's my first Wollemeise, and It feels really nice, but I'm starting to be afraid I'm never going to be able to wear them :/


  1. *grumble* Blogger just ate my comment - damn you, internets!

    I hate that moment where you have to decide whether to rip back or not. I usually just barge on regardless and hope that I learn to live with the issue, but I'm trying to reform my wicked ways on that front. But then again, it doesn't usually involve 50+ rows of fingering weight yarn... Any chance of them stretching out with wear?

  2. I don't know, it's my fist pair of socks -_-;;
    I'd be less weary if they weren't knit on the diagonal, since that apparently makes the stretch much less, and the Wollmeise feels like a very sturdy, ungiving yarn.