Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Any ideas?

I am a horrible, horrible human being, I just realized I haven't given thanks for my Dr. Horrible swap formally, since this is the only place that I have that can host pictures. That will be my next post. For now, I will continue to be selfish and brag about my new toy.

I got a new iPhone 4 ^_^ I've had a first gen for two and a half years, and many, many, many falls, and since the button wasn't working on it too well (or at all, when the mood sat it) I was already looking for an upgrade. A few times during that period, I would just completely freak out at my bill and swear that I was going to throw it in the crick and go back to my PEBL, but then I lost my iPhone a couple of weeks ago and had to do just that. It was torture! I have become so addicted to checking my email when I'm in bed, right before turning off the lights and going to sleep, that I started to panic now that I couldn't.

Enter my mad dash, after only four days, to order an iPhone 4. Of course, the next day, my roommate found my old one in the couch >.< But still, I need an upgrade, and I got it yesterday!!!!!1!11!!one!!!squeeeeee!!!!! I am so happy. I've tried many, many ways to hold it and drop signal/calls, and I think people are just full of crap. Haters be hatin'!

So now I'm looking for a scratchproof skin, since the cases always get in my way. I'd love to get this H. R. Giger picture, but I have no clue what it is called, nor how I would go about getting the rights to get it printed on a skin. But it is so cool! I mean, I love how the alien is all curious. I identify with it ^_^ Does anybody know what it is called?

ETA: Tammy was cool to tell me that it is called The Reedemer, or Der Auslöser. It is acrylic on paper on wood, 70x50 cm, 1983-1987! Now to find a way to make this legally :/

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