Friday, May 7, 2010

me me me meeeeee!

I am currently participating in three swaps over on Rav, and I figured I'd set up something to help them out.

I am a very odd person with a much odder sense of humor. I love "morbid" things, in the sense that the human body fascinates me! I didn't study it because I'm lazy, but I love it when my friends who did tell me all about it. One of the highlights of last year was going to the National Forensics Symposium with my best friend that plays with dead bodies for a living.

My About Me has the list of all the crafts I have done in the past. I am all across the board! The only thing I've never gotten into is painting. I'm great at technical drawings and anything that involves capturing what I see, but I am by no means an artist and I have no idea how to "interpret my feelings" and shit. (did I mention that I am very badmouthed?) My current fixation is spinning and knitting. Not that you could tell, since my knitting meter hasn't gone up in the last several months. (I have a swap project I haven't recorded, and I don't add what I've ripped or haven't finished yet, so there are three incomplete pairs of socks missing, too. Also, a partial sweater sleeve and a shawl I just started.) As far as difficulty, I love to make my life impossible! I always end up recalculating and mixing and matching and changing patterns. There is no such thing as a difficult pattern! You just have to concentrate a bit more at first, and then it flows. So yeah, I love knitting lace!

As far as food, bacon makes it better! Chocolate covered bacon is one of my specialties ^_^ I will try anything twice, and the only things I can't go anywhere near are coconut and artificial sweeteners.

Colors: I love blood red! Or any tone of red, for that matter. I love rich, saturated colors and have no patience for pastels or barely dyed fibers. When it comes to variegated yarns, I love how they look in skein form, but I hate knitting them up, since they pretty much only look good in stockinette, and stockinette bores the crap out of me. I love long color sections and transitional yarns, and am in the eternal search of the perfect rainbow ^_^

Fibers, the more natural the better. I can only take polymers in less than 20%, and that is only for socks. I also have no patience for novelty yarns, as I have no clue how to knit them up. Regular yarns, I prefer in the thinner weights, as they can be doubled up and are more versatile. I don't have any allergies, but I do live with this fucker:

He's a were-bear parading as a 20 lb cat. And he's a dick. His name is Herbert, because I am a major dork, and I has a Herb. Speaking of my nerdities, where should I start? I have a passion for anything Joss Whedon, especially Buffy. I've been a fan since the movie and cried like a little girl when it ended. I know all of my current friends through the local Harry Potter club, which two of them started, which lead me to the SCA, and then the local LARP. I also D&D every Saturday, while I knit (because SOMEBODY gets distracted by the noise of the wheel). I love reading fantasy and supernatural books, and have read most (or all, multiple times) of HP, Anne Rice, Terry Prachet, *cough*Twilight*cough*, and am currently on the sixth of the True Bloods and second of Dresden Files.

Next sunday will be my graduation for a MS in Materials Science and Engineering (holy shit my family is coming up!!!) and I got my undergrad in Mexico (where I'm from) in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, with a focus on Mechatronics (I wanted to work for Jim Henson's Creature Shop) after a two year stint in Architecture. Hopefully, in the somewhat near future, I will be getting a job in the renewable/clean/efficient energy research field. Meanwhile, I will still be a lab rat for my adviser, running the IR Spectroscoper, some GC-MS, SEM, and other assorted experiments and data collections. Did I tell you how much I love collecting data? I just suck at concluding anything from it :/

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  1. Pleased to meet a fellow Pratchett and scifi fantasy fan even if she is a fkin badmouth :-D I always admire people who can knit really well as I am not so good at knitting. I make up for it with other stuff :-D I have always wanted a Dog called shithead but everyone says it is not fair on the Dog, so my last two Dogs had normal names and I called to them what ever I felt like at the time. I am going to follow your blog as you sound like fun :oD