Thursday, March 18, 2010

Roll Call!

If you look to the lower right, you will see I have added a blog list. Yeah, there's like 50 of them, and my computer hates me when I open them every morning. Most of them are from LSG and of the knitting variety, some cooking, hippie or assorted crafts. I try to keep separate my (drama)llamas from my (crafting)alpacas, so to speak. So if one of them belongs to you, which one? And why don't you update more often??? Also, is there any other blogs you recommend I read?

Have a happy almost-spring friday! Don't sneeze on the yarn, it might stain.


  1. Oi, Confessions is mine and you know it. And I DO update. So shush!

  2. Hehe...I'm Woolybug, (LadyLazarus from LSG). I swear I intend to start updating but I'm dreadful at coding and am trying to get the layout readable at the moment. ;)

    In my latest blog tidyup, I went from about 130 to 87. It seemed like I'd cut out tons too ><