Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dory!

Yesterday was isilzha's birthday, and I made her a rainbow cake! This time, I actually made it in cake form, using Betty Crocker Super Moist Party Rainbow Chip mix, seltzer and food coloring, and the Omnomicon recipe I love so much. It came out very fluffy and moist (teehee, moist!) but seriously lacked structural integrity. Next time, I will include a bit of egg white.

So this was real easy. I poured the powder in to a 5c measuring cup, and slowly incorporated the 12 oz of seltzer with a fork. Once mixed, I poured one cup at a time into a smaller measuring cup and mixed in the food coloring. This was then split among both, very well buttered cake pans. After scraping as much as possible out of the cup, but without obsessing, I poured another cup of batter and mixed in the yellow. Minor color mixing doesn't really matter. I did the same with the remaining colors, adding a tad bit more seltzer to the last batch (I seem to not have mixed it as well as I thought the first time) and tapping the pans on the counter once pouring was done. I baked at "350" for 22 minutes, let cool (well, the second pan, after the first one completely crumbled out of the pan), flipped and frosted.

I'm very proud of how the colors came out, though, and how both layers lined up very nice when the cake was cut! Remember, all of the calories drift to the center, so beware the tip of the slice. Not using the oil and eggs also dropped the calories for 1/12 of the cake from 230 to 160. Pay no attention to the lemon icing that was the only thing keeping the lower layer together...

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