Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Pretty Pretty Pain Cave

I started a Six Week Shred that Dan suggested I do.


It is designed as a six days for six weeks lifting routine where you do 8-10 exercises a day for 10x10 @ 50% of 10/15RM (50% of the maximum weight I can lift ten or fifteen times) or three sets of 10/15RM.  I really like it, except for the part where I need to do 100 reps of a single exercise and it takes FOR FUCKING EVER.  I'm five days in (sporadically since 9/25) and doing as much as I can for 1.5 hours.  

Finding my max weights has been a trial, since I haven't lifted regularly since I can't remember when.  But now that I'm starting to repeat exercises, I'm doing much better.

Today I squatted 115 (10 10 10) 95 (10 10) and did a hundred fucking calf raises at 130 lbs because fuck you that's why.  My calves are freaks.

So far, these are the maxes I've found:
- Bench press 65x12
- Incline dumbbell press 20x11
- Cable crossover 15x14
- Lat pull down 55x26
- Bent over barbell row 75x9.5
- Straight arm pull down 30x18
- Deadlift 155x11

- Squat 185x1 136x6
- Leg press 180x20
- Leg curl 90x18
- Leg extension 110x15
- Calf raises 130x15
- Seated calf raises 90x45

- Overhead press 25x7
- Lat raises 7.5x11.5
- Bent over delt raise 7.5x15
- Shrugs 27.5x23
- Bicep curl 12.5x20
- Incline curl 15x3

- Incline flyes 7.5x15
- One arm rows 15x20
- Reverse crunches 10

- Lunges 27.5x3 fuck lunges
- Romanian deadlifts 95x5 grip won't hold
- Tricep pulldown 25x10
- Overhead tricep extension 15x15

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