Monday, September 14, 2015

Adventures in Protein Balls

Dan goes through a shittone of Quest bars and one day discovered that they make an unflavored protein powder that is stable for baking. Being as how I fucking hate how sweet every motherfucking bar is, I figured this would be a fabulous thing to try out.  As a first impression, the Quest whey powder is atrocious by itself in shake form. Mixed up, though, it isn't half bad.

So first, Dan dissolved about 60 g inulin powder in hot water until getting a saturated syrup. He then mixed in 2 oz of Quest powder, 3 oz of milked almond pulp*, and 1 tbsp of dark cocoa powder. Mix well and divide into 12 balls, 1 tbsp each.

Per ball:
5 g inulin - 20 cals, 0 fat, 5g carbs (5g dietary fiber), 0 protein
1/3oz Quest powder - 33 cals, 0 fat, 0.3g carb, 8g protein
1/2oz almond pulp - 10 cal, 1g fat, 0.5g carb (0.28g fiber), 0.5g protein
1/12 tbsp cocoa powder - 0.8 cals, 0.4g fat, 0.25g carb (1/6g fiber), 1/12g protein

Total per ball -  61.8 cals, 1.4g fat, 6 carbs (5.5 fiber), 8.6g protein
Three balls (45g) - 185.4 cals, 4.2g fat, 18g carbs (16.5 fiber), 25.8g protein
Cookie dough Quest Bar (60g) - 190 cals, 9g fat, 20g carb (14g fiber (2g erithritol), >1g sugar), 21g protein

Well, the balls aren't OMG AWESOME, but they are definitely a fantastic first shot in the dark.  The next iteration will have more inulin, since these were a bit bland in the flavor department, and probably some form of nut butter to add flavor. I also want to add more almond pulp since it really doesn't offer many calories but does add volume.  Yay first try!

*The almond pulp was the solids leftover from when I made almond milk. Apparently all of the nutritional values are taken in the milk.

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