Friday, November 22, 2013

Dress everyday like you'd run away with the Doctor in those clothes.

I think I'd end up scaring several aliens with my technicolor skull tights, Zim boatneck sweatshirt, and grey thigh high socks.  The makeup wouldn't be that appealing, either.  I really liked this at home, with the warm bathroom lights, but I kind of feel like Mimi out in public.

First, I went to Ulta yesterday to buy NYX High Definition Eyeshadow Base, thanks to this article with really good comparisons!  It had a thicker texture than the ELF one I'd been using, but went on smoothly enough.  I don't really know yet if it is making any difference, since mineral eye shadows have been staying on me pretty well, even through derby, until I just rub it off my face.

Second: the positive.  I really love how I overlapped the liner and the shadow.  It makes it a bit more dynamic and interesting.

Third:  The negative.  Yeah, the colors are not really my thing.  You'd think Femme Fatale's Sunfire would be EXACTLY what I would want to wear.  Instead, it is salmon.  I don't like salmon.  It isn't pink (which some can be decent) and it isn't orange.  And it didn't have the gold flecks from the picture, either!  Waaaa.  The blue is Riptide.  It was a bit more cobalt in the bag than on the site, but really nice and trippy.  On my face it looks pretty blah and thin.  I even tried layering it a few times to make it more intense!  But it didn't really make a difference.

So yeah.  Learning experience.

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  1. I *really* appreciate the title of this one. I'm going to have to keep this in mind, sorta like a motto for a good long while.