Thursday, November 14, 2013

Autumn in The Valley

I've been a bit sporadic in my updates...  But life has had its changes, and I will probably be getting back on track.  I flew down to Texas in August to empty out my mother's storage unit and drive her truck back to PA to sell.  It was amazing to be able to spend two days with Amalthea and Kakashidactyl, and to meet some of Burn's oldest friends.  And then I got home to a lot of bullshit and debt.  So, in order to get everything back in order, I decided to transfer back to SCAR.

So what am I supposed to do with 15 hours back into my week, no longer stuck in the car commuting 80 miles each way, three times a week?  I was a Phantom in Rocky Horror.

It was a blast!  It was also another three months of no life outside of Derby and rehearsals.  I'm the christmas ham on the left.  

As soon as the mic packs were off, we all ran to get pizza.  OMG, The Arena's pizza is SO GOOD!  Kuges got a whole series of pictures with people stuffing their faces with said delicacy.  It rocked.

So now that I "have time", I plan on updating the last three swaps I was in (Alice In Wonderland, Buffy and ... I could have sworn I'm missing a third one...), finishing all those half socks, and the sweater I started for Burn last winter.  And maybe I might even knit something for myself this year!  You can also expect to see a huge thanksgiving post coming in a few weeks MUAHAHA and a lot of makeup swatches.  Blame it on Cephalogal, who should be scheduling some Crafty Bitches shenanigans already.

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