Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cutting Time

So I tried to do paleo last month and it was a complete failure.  The lines were so blurry that I really can't justify not eating ice cream.  So I basically took the month off and ate anything I wanted.  But now that March has started, I have gone into a cutting phase.  

And let me tell you one thing, it sucks!  But desperate times call for desperate measures.

Dan found this Keto Calculator which helps you know how much you need of what macro nutrient depending on your weight, exercise level, and goals.  This is where I stood March 1st:

32/F/5'10" | CW 162.6 | 22.2% BF | moderate exercise
* 1363 kcal Goal (1362 min, 2374 max)
* 10g Carbohydrates
* 120g Protein (81g min, 158g max)
* 94-206g Fat

I've been trying to get 1400 kcals on days I don't do exercise, with the option to eat a few hundred more when I skate (there's a whole 1000 kcal window).  I weighed in at 158.8 this morning, almost four pounds less than four days ago, but I atribute them to debloating after getting off carbs.

My intention is to follow this through April and the end of the play, then alternating with bulking every six weeks after that.  If I don't finally lose that ponch after this, I will be very, very furious.

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  1. The reason you've got a ponch is tight hip flexors. If you stretch them out, it will relax the curve at the base of your spine and pull your lower belly back into position. You can find a few youtube videos with lots of exercises. If you stop by to visit, I'll show you what I do (which has also been a huge back saver this pregnancy).