Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You down with OPP?

(pictures coming soon, I promise!)

Yeah, I know, bad old song. But I figured I could use the acronym as a new tag: Other People's Projects. I have so many crafty friends that I really need to share! I already blogged about the wonderful roving I got dyed from Nanonukie, and this week I got presents from Nicole ^_^

She made me this wonderful necklace (that can be worn in either direction) and a Capri Sun craft bag that she made out of my addiction.

For now, I finished my Super Sekrit Swap Gift, which I will post pictures of in a month, once I finally get it sent. It was binge knitting while watching Buffy for four days. I'm very proud of it! I brought it to Crafty Bitches yesterday and everybody liked it. I was afraid my gauge was too loose, but everybody preferred it that way. And even though I really, really, really want to get started on my O W L S sweater, I pulled my Skews out of detention and reclaimed the needles from the Vampire Boyfriends. I am so not looking forward to frogging the first sock down to the toe and having to rewind the ball.

Oh! I also spent money at Spinners that I should be saving up for MDSW, but they had my Addi Clicks in!!! Damn, they are sexy. I was really not liking my Knitpicks interchangeables because all the chrome was rubbing off the palms (which is just an aesthetic annoyance) and the key hole on one of the cables was very burry and kept rubbing the yarn the wrong way. I'm planning on keeping them anyway, for when I need spare needles for something tricky.

I also finally got two custom made spindles from Anne Grout: a turkish goat and a mexican jaguar. I lurves them! But I'm afraid to use the goat, since it is much heavier than anything I've ever used before, and I am notorious for spinning stupidly thin.


  1. You know Anne?! She made the goblets Julia commissioned for Dave and I as an engagement gift!

  2. Yes! We actually talked about you, and she complimented me on your necklace ^_^ She is very sweet.