Sunday, April 4, 2010

Firefly and Spinning

So I was informed yesterday that there will be a Firefly (the show, not the bug) themed swap on Ravelry in a month. When I went to sign up, I was presented with the questions of what are my favorite episode and character. Now, I'd only seen Firefly once all the way through (and the first episode five times...) so I figured rewatching it all was in order. And you know what was absolutely wonderful? Last tuesday we got the Netflix Wii disc in the mail, so we are now able to Watch It Now on the televsion without having to connect my computer!!!

And the best news of all? As of three days ago, they have all of Firefly, Buffy(!!!!!!), Angel and Dr. Horrible, along with all of Dollhouse and Doctor Who that has already come out on DVD.

So I spent the past two days watching all of Firefly, and spinning up this beauty on my Hitchhiker.

It is a braid (which I think is superwash merino) that I got from Nanonukie as a christmas present, which she hand dyed herself. It is really nice! You can't really tell the range of colors in the pictures, but it goes from teal to violet, through a really nice rich cobalt. I've managed to spin up 1/4 of what I think is a pound through about 11 of the episodes. It is terribly thin, so I hope that when I 2-ply it, I'll get a decent lace weight. I can definitely say it is a lot more even than things I've done before!

And not that you can tell from the damned pictures, but it matches my sock.


  1. Imagine the button... that color is beautiful! And fab job spinning lace weight!

  2. Thank you! Unfortunately, cobweb lace is the bane of my existence. I can't spin anything thicker even if my life depended on it :/
    I bought a novelty ish batt last week that I plan on practicing with to make something thicker.

  3. Gorgeous! I love spinning laceweight, even though it takes for~ev~er.

    How do you like the Hitchhiker? I'm shopping for my first wheel, and was wondering about that one.

  4. Thank you! And yes, it is definitely turning into a labor of love (I don't even want to think how long it will take me to knit -_-;;).

    As far as the Hitchhiker, I have mixed feelings on it. I kind of stopped spinning for a few months because I had several false starts last fall (also mainly because it was gift knitting season), but when I'm in an up swing, it goes really nice.

    There are times when my single will break, I'll pull a few inches out to rejoin, that will break, I'll pull some more, that breaks, and so on for about a meter or two (I think that is more because I underspun that section) but then I'll manage to get it started and spin for an hour straight. So far, I think my complaints are mainly due to my inexperience. Though I did buy it originally in conjunction with cephalogal, who absolutely hated it and got herself a fancy Ladybug.

    So yeah, I'll say it's a good starter wheel. My first frustration was figuring out that you need to make sure that your heel is hanging over the edge of the pedal, or else you can't lever it back up. I tried ishilza's Ashford Traditional, and I didn't like it more enough to justify the price jump, but I haven't tried any of the fancy ones.

    Good luck!