Monday, February 8, 2010

I got it!!!

So while everybody was being drowned by the Snowpocalypse this weekend, I was fretting as to what to make with my wonderful new Wollmeis that came in the mail on friday.

The colors are gorgeous! Limone was exactly what I expected, but Terra was a lot truer to the name then the picture I'd seen. Which is good for the yarn, but bad for the shawl I wanted to make with both of them. Oh well, back to the pattern archives!

The yarn is quite thin, as sock yarn is want to be, and very intimidating. I want to make something lacy, and really want to actually design it, but I get lost looking at books and charts and am way too scared to ever commit to anything.

Oh! I managed to reap one of the benefits of having a programmer for a roommate. He fixed my blog! It is now the red I wanted, and wide enough to fit two pictures side by side ^_^
Maybe someday I can get the text justified :/

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