Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Tablet Woven Garters

Holy crap was this a labor of love!

Weaving isn't a difficult task.  Yes, it takes some practice to get even tension and packing, but all in all, if you are doing a basic striped pattern, you can crank it out in a couple of days.  So I did, twice.

It took me a few weeks to find all of my materials.  I ordered 60/2 silk from in three colors and took a week to ball it all up.  I then strung it up on my inkle loom with poker cards, only two strands per card.  I made two and a half garters on this setup and hated every minute of it.  The string had no agency, so unless it was very tightly warped, the card corners would get caught in them and tangle up.  This chewed up the cards pretty bad and stretched out the packing, really messing up the design.

I managed to borrow some wooden cards and a weighted loom at Pennsic and then managed to crank them out a lot faster, and with an even packing.  The problems I had here were that I didn't take into account the warp shrinkage and adding waste to the setup.  So it didn't take me too long to do the actual weaving, but I did take three times as long to add some waste warp and everything else that deals with reorganizing and untwisting the warps.

In the end, the garters came out nice.  I attached them to some buckles I'd picked up at War Practice and they did their job.  But they were a bit on the short side after cutting them off.  Maybe some day I'll make a third attempt >.>

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