Wednesday, July 10, 2013


August has historically been a difficult month for me to do keto for reasons like my birthday and Grange Faire.  On top of that, this year I have Pennsic the first week and a trip to Texas (driving back through Mississippi and Tennessee) the second.  So I decided to take the month off.

Last week, though, I was fantasizing so hard that I chose to start my liberation on the Fourth of July with a funnel cake and caramel apple.  It's been… odd.

I'm not too fond of HFCS, and I've noticed that most artificial sweeteners that aren't Splenda have horrible interactions with glucose and make me feel like there are stones churning in my stomach, so my beverage choices have been severely reduced and I am perpetually thirsty.  Fruit is orgasmic!  I need not say more.

As for exercise, it's a mixed bag.  Skating was peachy keen.  Weight lifting was a curse of the gods!  I lifted less than my max yesterday, didn't feel that typical exhaustion of working to your fullest, and still couldn't squat down to pick up my phone.  I was in bed and mostly asleep for ten hours and still woke up useless (and with dehydrated skin crinkles).  Even walking to my car after work yesterday when my glucose was low (protein shake fail) gave me calve needles.  My joints are ok, but my muscles feel like they have gravel in them.

My ass started high at 160, and in just seven days has made it to 165 -_-  And if the exercise issues weren't enough, I am perpetually hungry.  I mean, I can sit there and eat a pint of beans, be painfully full, and still be "hungry".  I am just never satiated.  And shit keeps getting stuck in my gums and making them swell.

So it's been a mixed bag.  I fucking LOVE eating anything I want again, but I'm paying for it in ways that really suck.  I'm going to give it two months, regardless, but I'll probably start reigning it in more and more if the decline gets any worse.


  1. I've only allowed myself one period of 'eat whatever' in the past few years (otherwise I'm constantly counting calories), and that was when I was on a trip to Tokyo. I figured I was going to come across culinary opportunities that I might not find again, so I didn't want to pass anything up.

    I don't regret a single calorie.

    1. That is such amazing willpower! I wasn't too bad for the past three years, but I do travel quite a bit (whether it be a weekend or an Event). I've done the logging and counting for large segments at a time, but I never found a point to all the data collection. Like, I never had a real goal, or a reason to choose one number over another. So I just ended up eating whatever quantity I felt like.