Friday, April 12, 2013

Sewn Purse

I've been sewing since before I learned to count.  We were so poor when I was little that I had one Barbie and my mother gave me an old blouse and a couple of fabric squares to make clothes for it.  I love sewing!  And yet, I never find time to do it.  It is less time consuming than knitting, but I'm forced to stay in one room for the entirety of the project.  Needless to say, I feel horribly guilty that I don't dedicate nearly enough time to My First Craft, other than the random drawstring bag for a swap here and there.  (In theory, Burn and I will be going to Pennsic this year, so I'll be needing to make a lot of garb in the next few months)

So, I finally did some blog-worthy sewing last night!  Tomorrow we're having an art auction for the musical I'll be in in two weeks (Evil Dead), and I'm making purses.  The first one is supposed to be a chainsaw, but it looks like a lunch sack and I'm not feeling it.  So I made this as a back up: 

I really liked the fabric ($10 remnant - 50%) and I lined it with some brown duck that I had from when I made the sofa cover.  It was exactly the width the pattern requested, and I didn't have to add any interfacing thanks to it being so stiff.

I'm happy with my workmanship, but not so much with the dimensions, since it is supposed to be a wristlet/clutch.  Keeping all the dimensions the same and just halfing the depth of the body should suffice.  I also didn't think to cut the zipper down to size (because I didn't want the pull to fall out) and it creates an odd bulge at the corners, but meh.  Overall, I'm happy at how I mathed the pleats ^_^

I really liked this pattern.  It was a bit confusing to follow (I had to highlight the step I was working on to keep my place), yet still well written.  I'm looking forward to making a rounded hobo bag with a face tonight if I have time after recording. 

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