Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Ewwww Goya >.<

Ok.  As far as I understand it, Paleo (in its original incarnation) was all about cutting out processed crap and eating things in their most natural state.  So why on earth do paleoers have such a huge anti-dairy rage boner?  Milk is one of the best things out there!  And I don't just mean because it is delicious, but because it is full of vitamins and fat that our bodys need.  But a lot of paleoers put milk on their Bad List and go out of their way to substitute it by any means possible.

Hey, I love almond milk, trust me.  But it isn't milk!  It can be substituted in some situations to achieve a similar effect, but it will never replace milk.  You can make almond milk by blending blanched almonds 1:3 with water.  Ok, I can put that in the "natural" column; I'm perfectly ok with blanching.  But coconut milk/cream/water?  Guys, when was the last time anything in those cans was ever actually part of a fruit (nut?)?  How much processing had to go into those poor coconuts to create these concoctions?  And how many preservatives had to be added before canning?  How long ago were they canned?  And how far did they have to travel?  See my issues here?

I mean, I'm perfectly ok with the idea of coconut stuffs, and though I haven't tried them yet for this purpose, there's a chance that I'll like them.  But unless you live in Hawaii, where you can make all this from scratch, on what planet is coconut substitutes paleo?

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