Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things I am thankful for.

I've been a bit down lately, so I decided to make a list of all the things I'm thankful that people have made for me.  It's a pretty long list, and I know I must be missing something...

Isilzha made me these fantastic socks that I've been wearing around lately.  They are a perfect fit!

I got Anya inspired stitch markers, scissors and a tape measure from knittinkitten13 that are currently in my project bag.

Nubsmom gave me a sock book that I've been addicted to the last month and chai tea that just vanished.

I still carry MediaPeruana's lunchbox in my car for all my protein shakes ^_^  And I finally got to use the DPN's she got me for those socks!

My TARDIS/Weeping Angels bag from meglw2008 is in regular rotation.

The purse I got from Aranov is THE BEST THING EVAR!!!  I have been using it non stop since I got it ^_^

meredithparker's spats are also fantastic!  They fit perfectly and I've been wearing them every day right now with this cold.  And I absolutely love the DHSAB shirt and stitch markers.

The yarn heathen13 sent me was perfect for a pair of gloves I test knit for GlennaC I swapped out, and I should still have enough to make them for me.

I wore this scarf a whole bunch last winter from Sparkleshan.  It was really good for keeping my shoulders from hunching up with the cold.

The first aid kit I got in my first swap from ladyval75 is in my car and the bag is constantly being used. Too bad the pins don't like staying on :/

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