Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Star Wars swap!!!

I am so excited that this swap finally came around! I've been really delinquent with my crafting since I transfered to Harrisburg, but I'm going to work my ass of for this one. I really, really, really hope it isn't a dud. Ceph still hasn't received her Burlesque box, and now that I'm packing everything to move I have found all the crap I'd specifically asked not to get in swaps. Well, hope springs eternal. I will be keeping all the questions and answers in the next post, for my spoiler's convenience. In the meantime:

Winter Madness December 2011 - MediaPeruana
meglw2008 > TARDIS September 2011 > Pinksonia
Big Damn Heroes September 2011 - Aranov
JustAKnitWit > Buffy August 2011 > maureenbr
meredithparker > Steampunk June 2011 > Caitinc

henchwench > Hennson April 2011 > Melinda77520
Sparkleshan > DotD September 2010 > JoanC2
Lalsox > zombie 2010 > therowantree
divamaglia > Buffy August 2010 > Saberpirate

Ocean angel July 2010 > lycanthropica
ladyval75 > Firefly May 2010 > drewbird
heathen13 > DHSAB May 2010 > swamps42
Twilight April 2010 - xmasangel69

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