Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to school

So I decided to re-enroll in the PhD program so I could accept the NSF fellowship, and am now taking three Education classes. They aren't bad, and are even interesting, but I am so out of practice when it comes to being a student. I keep on forgetting I need to do that whole "homework" thing. But I'm trying. Now, if only I could shake this horrible headache I've had for two days. I mean, I never get headaches, but I have a feeling I have a sinus infection coming on, pressing on my eyeball.

On the good side of life, I went to RD practice monday and thursday, and will be going again on saturday. Some girls from Pittsburgh are coming to coach us. The new skates are really nice, and make such a difference compared to the rentals! Though I think I need to tighten the right one, since we were doing this thing where you skate on one foot, and raise the other one and your arms out like you're flying. I could do this ok with the left foot, but not the right, and that's my dominant foot, so I should have better balance and shit. But anyway. Really awesome.

I ran the 25/5 on monday and managed 20 laps! And then I did a couple of scrimmages yesterday that I am very proud of. The first two I was blocking, and managed to throw out a really good jammer once. But the best thing was when I jammed, and had two spindly little blockers try to stop me, and then just bounced off ^_^ Hooray for mass! Now, I know they were pulling their punches, me having scrimmaged a total of five times, but I love that I'm not afraid, and that I just want to keep on testing myself and pushing my limits. I really think I can be good at this! There were at least two laps that I managed to get through without any trouble, and their team was all experienced, while ours had I think three new ones.

I use the term "experienced" lightly. The Williamsport group was barely formed in June. But if they have been able to get that much better (than me currently) in two months, I feel quite confidant. The two teams are the Little Skull Crushers (pink and black. blej.) and the Trauma Queens (pink and yellow, currently under revision). There was some talk after practice yesterday that LSC seems to be pulling in all the new, experienced skaters, while TQ kind of has all the Fresh Meat. I originally thought that this was on purpose and that they were forming an A team and a B team, but apparently not. They want to have two A teams, and a spill over B team for FM. It sounds like a good goal. My only concern is that I don't want to be FM.

I mean, yeah, I still need to really improve my speed and form, but I'm a Dive In Head First kind of gal. I want to be out there, showing them that I am a force to be reckoned with! And one of the main things I want to work on is feeling comfortable with the contact of the pack. There were a couple of times a girl tried giving me a boost that just completely confused me until after. But the more I skate packed in, the less afraid I am of tripping, so I want to do this more! And it is totally different from when you are just doing laps; I just can't bring myself close to someone that isn't expecting to get bumped.

On other, slightly related news, Dory and Quentin gave me a late birthday present. The new Bullet for my Valentine CD (which I'm about half way through), a BfmV tee shirt, and two pairs of derby socks ^_^

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  1. "pink and black. blej."?!?!?! What kind of Penn Stater are you to mock pink and black? For shame. ;)