Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No-poo and trees!!!

I'm keeing up with the no-pooing. Saturday, after three gym visits, I washed my hair with only 2 tbs white vinegar in a cup of water. Out of the 8" of hair I have, 7 were perfect, 1/2" was dry, and the other was... well, not oily, but it definitely felt sweatyish. I tried brushing my hair out with a natural bristle brush, and I don't know if it made any difference. Through the three days, my hair felt progressively better, for some reason.

Yesterday, I tried sprinkling a tsp of BS on my dry roots, and then rinsing with 1/2 c WV and 1/2 c water. I don't know if there was enough BS to make any difference, but the WV felt nice. Again, the ends felt a bit dry, but the roots felt less sweaty (I think the main culprit for them feeling wrong on saturday is that it was muggy as all hell, and it took my hair forever to dry!) and I had a ridiculous amount of volume! I don't completely dislike the feel of my hair, but it is definitely different than what I'm used to. I am hesitant to use more BS, after that overdose last week, but I might need it.

In the tooth department, I posted over on Naturalliving on LJ about all this, and someone responded with this amazing list of the abrasiveness of many toothpastes!

In completely unrelated news, I HAVE TREES!!! We bought them on saturday, and they delivered them yesterday morning ^_^

This is Dan, jumping on the shovel like a pogo stick.

This is not a corpse, but a network of very healthy, 3" wide roots that were exactly where we wanted to put the tree, and couldn't tell until we'd already removed 10" of dirt. They belonged to a maple that got chopped down three years ago o.O I think it was a dwarven tree canopy, of those underground dwarven trees, which of course Dan would be forced by his dwarven nature to find. (Dan is a D&D dwarf. Honest! He has all the stats.)

Lightning bug ^_^ and the house ^_^

The tree on the left is a redbud, and the one on the right is a magnolia. Hopefully, within a year, they will be big enough to offer shade to that bay window that is our dining room/nerd quarters.


  1. Congrats for going no-poo. I'm not there yet, but I use solid sls-free shampoo at the moment and 90% of the time I'm conditioner free and use apple cider vinegar as a substitute. :)

    I popped over from Sew Much Ado! Feel free to visit me over at

  2. Oh that sounds so exciting! Magnolia trees are so beautiful, it will be fun to see how they have grown in a years' time too.

  3. Yay for trees!!
    Going to look gorgeous!!
    Sorry I only just noticed your last comment on my blog - dude! I didn't know Hanson had a newie out either! I recieved a fans newsletter that I had subscribed to in ancient times telling me about it! Crazy isn't it!
    Word of warning - Don't watch the video for the new single with a hot beverage in hand. You'll end up with some major spillage courtesy of the cringing and shaking from embarressed laughter you'll go through from watching it.
    I may or may not be speaking from personal experience there...
    Lee xox