Monday, September 14, 2009

[FO] Quant!

This was a quick Knit-a-long that I had with my crafting group, the Centre County Crafting Bitches. It took me about a week to make while waiting for the bus. Probably a total of ten hours, including all the time spent on taking it out of the bag to do a row, and then stuffing it all back in.

I used . Knitpicks' Pallete in Tidepool Heather, and according to my wonderful lab scale, only 17.2703 g of it, so it cost me a whopping 69¢ to make!

The pattern was a free download from Knitty.

This was the first knit object that I have finished in probably a decade and a half, or so. The first actual memories that I have of knitting were with my grandmother in 1991, though I might have learned before, I can't remember :/ But for some reason, I would always try to make a scarf and get so damned bored with it, that I still have half of one that is a good seven years old. I've made several things in crochet since then, but all the knits just sink to the bottom of the list.

Until the knit-a-long. I am now addicted, and have spent something like $250 in the last month on sock yarns and circular needles -_-;; Which, by the way, I need to remember to return, but I'll hopefully remember to make a review post about them soon. So yeah, I used to be a hooker, and now I share needles...

I didn't encounter any problems with the pattern, but I'm known to jump head first into projects. It's so much easier to do things when you don't know that you don't know how, and when you don't know it's supposed to be "difficult"! I did hear, though, that there was a problem with picking up stitches for someone in the group.

Both ends of the quant are different, and it's rumored that there is a pattern mod out there to make them the same.

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