Sunday, March 21, 2010

[WIP] Attack of the killer sock needles

So I've been working on my VB socks, and finally managed to turn the second heel yesterday during D&D. Of course, since I fail at knitting in a constant tension, my second sock is this time half an inch shorter than the first. It was interesting when I tried them on and my addi turbo decided to solve my problem, by cutting half an inch off my big toe. The best part was that I was explaining the back story of the socks earlier, and my friend said something about vampires with a foot fetish, and how it must really be annoying having your toes hurt all the time.

So now they are going to the corner to think what they have done, and I'm cracking out the Skews and frogging the first one (which is 1/2" narrower and 10 rows longer than the second, for the same length). Or should I grab the zauberball I started in september and only knit up 3"? Will I ever finish a pair of socks for myself?

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